Medical Genius Chapter 1262

 The crowd nodded their heads and expressed their willingness to accompany these medicine farmers to pick medicine together.

                Just then, the crown prince suddenly said, "So, you have quite a few seven-leaf fire lotuses there, huh?"

                "Then how about you sell me this seven-leaf fire lotus?"

                The crowd at the scene was stunned, and everyone looked at the Crown Prince.

                Fatty Wang said awkwardly, "I'm really sorry."

                "Here, we only have this seven-leaf fire lotus."

                "This is the payment we promised to all of you, we can't sell it ......"

                The prince immediately waved his hand, "What can or cannot be sold?"

                "This is the only one left in your house, but aren't there many more in that field?"

                "I'll sell this one to me first, and when I get another one, I'll make up for it."

                Fatty Wang was about to say something when the prince said, "I know you're in a difficult position, you're afraid that the others won't be convinced, aren't you?"

                "How about this, let's be fair, let's ask everyone's opinion, how about that?"

                After saying that, the Crown Prince immediately looked at those other people and said loudly, "What I have just proposed, you won't oppose it, right?"

                The people from the top ten families in Su Province and Guang Province looked at each other, they all actually hated it in their hearts.

                However, no one really dared to speak out against it.

                After all, when the Crown Prince had come just now, he had given them a downward spiral.

                The prince shrugged, "Look, no one is opposed."

                "This matter, let it be settled."

                Those people around were on the verge of vomiting blood.

                It wasn't that they didn't want to oppose, but they didn't dare to.

                This prince was too strong!

                Fatty Wang was anxious: "Crown Prince, this ...... is not suitable!"

                The prince was furious: "Fuck, what's suitable or not?"

                "Laozi said, I'll use this strain first, and then I'll give you another one later on, won't that be the end of it."

                "Besides, no one is against it, so what the hell are you unsuitable for!"

                Fatty Wang looked embarrassed and hurriedly looked at Lin Zhaoge.

                Lin Zhaoge, on the other hand, did not say a word, watching his eyes and nose as if it had nothing to do with him.

                And the Crown Prince didn't care about that, he went straight over and carried that wooden box to Lin Mo.

                "Little Linzi, I see you keep staring at this seven-leaf fire lotus, do you want it badly?"

                "Here, you can take it and use it first."

                "Later, when the matter is finished, you can give me a replacement plant!"

                Lin Mo didn't expect that the Crown Prince had snatched this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus in this way.

                He couldn't help but glance at the Crown Prince gratefully, he needed this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus too much right now.

                With this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, He Qianxue would be safe.

                In fact, Lin Zhaoge did not stop because of this as well.

                He guessed that the Crown Prince was going to give Lin Mo the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, which was to be used to save his goddaughter, so how could he stop it?

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, he took the Seven Leaf Fire Lotus and arched his hand towards the crowd, "I want this Seven Leaf Fire Lotus, it's for saving someone."

                "Thank you all for your generosity!"

                "Don't worry guys, when I pick the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus this time, I will definitely return it twice as much!"

                The people from Su Province and Guang Province were all filled with black lines.

                Just then, Chen Baiyu suddenly said, "Brother Lin, there's no need to be polite!"

                "Since you're going to use it to save someone, won't we rob it from you?"

                "I, Su Province, have no problem with this matter!"

                The people of Su Province looked at Chen Baiyu in bewilderment.

                Chen Baiyu winked at them, and these people immediately understood what Chen Baiyu had in mind.

                Chen Baiyu's mind was simple, the Crown Prince was here, and they couldn't stop him.

                Since this was the case, they might as well do a favor, or at least leave some love behind.

                At once, the crowd said nothing more.

                Of course, the crowd on the side of the Canton Province, their faces were still darkening with defiance.

                One of the old men spat and said in a low voice, "Hmph, the rules of Wu Zhai are no more than that!"

                When the prince heard this, he became directly annoyed and slapped the case, "Damn it, old thing, just say what you have to say."

                "Hiding in the crowd like the old bastard you are, thinking I can't see you?"