Medical Genius Chapter 1261

 The prince came over to Lin Mo and whispered, "Hey, Little Linzi, what is a guardian beast?"

                Lin Mo said, "A miraculous medicine that is born, will inevitably attract a foreign beast to accompany it."

                "Actually, the foreign beast, itself, is just an ordinary beast."

                "It's just that the beast follows the strange medicine for a long time, absorbs the medicinal properties of the strange medicine, gradually mutates and becomes a fey beast."

                "This kind of foreign beast is usually extremely strong and difficult to deal with. They guard next to the strange medicine, waiting for it to mature, and then swallow it to strengthen themselves!"

                "This kind of fey beast is known as a guardian beast!"

                The few medicine farmers opposite nodded their heads, and looked at Lin Mo with a little more respect.

                After all, these were things that ordinary people didn't know, only those of them who had been medicine farmers for generations knew about them.

                The prince was stunned, "There's still such a thing?"

                "Oops, that would be so much fun!"

                "Quick, quick, where is this place, I want to go I want to go!"

                Lin Mo had a helpless look on his face, "Prince, you should stop following the blind."

                "Guardian beasts grow as the miracle medicine grows, once the miracle medicine is about to mature, that guardian beast will also become extremely strong and hard to deal with!"

                "Many times, even swords and spears won't be able to harm the guardian beast!"

                The prince was even more enthused, "Is that so?"

                "The more you say the more I want to go and see it!"

                Lin Mo was speechless, this prince, he really liked to get together.

                At this moment, an old man from Su Province suddenly said, "Fatty Wang, I would like to ask, what is this strange medicine that you have planted?"

                "Why did you risk your lives and even take out the seven-leaf fire lotus as payment to get this strange medicine back?"

                "Could it be that this strange medicine is even more valuable than the seven-leaf fire lotus?"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, the old man's question was exactly what he wanted to ask.

                The seven-leaf fire lotus was already very rare.

                The fact that these medicine farmers were willing to take out a seven-leaf fire lotus as payment meant that the value of this strange medicine was far more valuable than the seven-leaf fire lotus.

                The fat man was slightly embarrassed as he and the few medicine farmers next to him exchanged glances before finally whispering, "Everyone, the strange medicine I'm talking about is actually the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus!"

                The crowd all stared, and the prince stared, "What do you mean?"

                "You took out one Seven-leaf Fire Lotus as payment and asked us to pick another Seven-leaf Fire Lotus?"

                "Are you sick?"

                The fatty immediately said, "Brother Prince, you've misunderstood."

                "The medicine we are going to pick is not a seven-leaf fire lotus, but a piece of it."

                At these words, the crowd was in an uproar.

                A single seven-leaf fire lotus was extremely rare, so if it was a piece of seven-leaf fire lotus from the ground, how high would it be in value?

                A sharp aura flashed in Lin Mo's eyes as well, and he gave these medicine farmers a deep look, but did not say anything.

                Fatty picked up, "Back then, our ancestor didn't plant a single seven-leaf fire lotus, but a field of seven-leaf fire lotuses."

                "But that guardian beast claimed the whole field for itself."

                "There's no choice but to come up with such a reward and ask for help."

                The crowd was suddenly enlightened.

                At this moment, Lin Zhao suddenly frowned and said, "Fatty Wang, it's a bit unreliable for you to do things like this!"

                "What you want is a whole field of Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, but you only take out one Seven-leaf Fire Lotus as payment, that's not quite right, is it?"

                Fatty Wang took a deep breath and nodded his head, "Master Zhaoge, I understand what you mean."

                "When we come out to do something, we also talk about the rules."

                "As long as we can take this land, we are willing to split all the seven-leaf fire lilies fifty-fifty."

                "I wonder what you all think?"

                Hearing these words, the crowd at the scene instantly became excited.

                Originally, a seven-leaf fire lotus was worth making people fight for their lives.

                Now, surprisingly, they were going to split a piece of land 50/50, so of course the crowd was happy to go.