Medical Genius Chapter 1257

 Chen Baiyu was directly dumbfounded.

                How could he have imagined that the Crown Prince was so close to Lin Mo!

                Moreover, the Crown Prince was a strange person with a temperamental personality.

                In all these years, he had never heard of him having any friends, let alone brothers.

                Now, he treated Lin Mo as a brother, what was going on?

                Chen Baiyu and Huo Tianhao looked at each other, both of them were at a loss ah.

                Huo Tianhao had also heard of the crown prince's reputation, and when faced with him, he didn't even dare to say a word.

                Lin Zhaoge was astonished, he hadn't expected that Lin Mo would be so close to the Crown Prince, the bastard king of the world!

                Chen Baiyu had an embarrassed look on his face, "Brother Crown Prince, don't tease me."

                "This kid, he's just a little white boy who eats soft rice in Guangyang City, what qualifications does he have to be friends with you, Brother Crown Prince?"

                "You must be joking with me!"

                The prince was furious and threw a slap at Chen Baiyu's face, "Fuck you!"

                "What the hell are you, worthy of me joking with you?"

                "You don't even have to take a piss to look at yourself!"

                Chen Baiyu's face turned white as he was hit, he gritted his teeth and said, "Prince, you ...... are going too far!"

                The prince kicked him again, "What's wrong with going too far?"

                "Even if I were to kill you here, would your Chen family dare to say a word?"

                "Fuck, have you forgotten how you knelt down in front of Laozi and begged for mercy back in Su Province?"

                "What, you haven't seen me for a few years, you think you've hardened your wings and dare to call my bluff?"

                The prince said, furiously rushing up and wanting to continue beating Chen Baiyu.

                Just at that moment, people from the ten major families in Su Province gathered around.

                An old man said in a deep voice, "Crown Prince, stop it in moderation!"

                "Baiyu is representing the Ten Great Families of Su Province this time, could it be that the Crown Prince thinks that all of my Ten Great Families of Su Province can be insulted by you at will?"

                The Crown Prince tilted his head and laughed, "Old thing, you're scaring me with the Ten Great Families of Su Province?"

                "Heh, fine."

                "I'll just ask you one thing, can you represent the Ten Great Families of Su Province?"

                "If you can represent the Ten Families of Suzhou, then I'll call my mother right now."

                "My mother happens to be bored these days and is looking for something fun to do!"

                "Why don't you tell her to go to Su Province and have some fun at your Ten Great Families?"

                The old man's face instantly turned ugly to the extreme.

                Poison Spider, that was a female devil that no one would want to mess with.

                She was extremely strong, but the most crucial thing was that she was extremely ruthless and would always take a life.

                Moreover, she has the backing of Huo Hua.

                The King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu, is the most respected person, and Master Xue Wu is definitely on Fire Hua's side.

                If the Ten Families of Suzhou Province really went to war with the Poison Spider, then even if the Ten Families of Suzhou Province could defeat the Poison Spider, would they be able to defeat Fire Hua?

                The old man gritted his teeth and ultimately chose to remain silent.

                To provoke the Poison Spider just for the sake of a Chen Baiyu, this was really something unwise!

                When the old man did not speak, everyone else was instantly silent as well.

                Chen Baiyu was instantly panicked.

                Without the backing of the Ten Families, he was nothing!

                With the Crown Prince's character, even if he killed him here, it would still be normal.

                "Brother Prince, Brother Prince, I ...... I was joking with you!"

                "Don't you be angry, I ...... I was just talking nonsense."

                "It's because I have eyes that don't know the mountain and offended your friend, you are magnanimous, don't ...... ever get angry ah ......"

                Chen Baiyu trembled and begged, he was really scared.

                Their group of fops in Su Province had really suffered a lot at the hands of the Crown Prince!

                The crown prince spat, "Damn, say you are not guilty of being a bitch, you have to let me beat you up to do so!"

                "Don't you want to die?"

                "Fine, come on, apologise to my buddy."

                "If my buddy forgives you, I'll let you go!"