Medical Genius Chapter 1256

 Huo Tianhao's expression stalled.

                In Wu Zhai, he really couldn't do whatever he wanted.

                After a moment of silence, he gritted his teeth and said, "Master Lin, in this matter, you have to give us an explanation!"

                "You're insulting us by letting a little white man who eats soft food sit with us!"

                "Brother Chen, what do you think?"

                Chen Baiyu nodded slowly, glancing at Lin Mo with an unkind gaze.

                This Chen Baiyu was also an arrogant person, and learning that Lin Mo had no background or status, he would not put Lin Mo in his eyes.

                "This trash is not qualified to sit here at all!"

                "Master Lin, I hope you will throw him out!"

                "Otherwise, you are insulting my top ten families in Su Province!"

                Chen Baiyu said in a cold voice.

                Lin Zhaoge could not help but be angry and was just about to lash out.

                Just then, a disdainful voice suddenly came from outside: "Insulting your top ten families in Su Province?"

                "Fuck, Laozi is even punching your Top Ten Families of Su Province in the face today, so what can you do?"

                As they spoke, a group of people swaggered in.

                The leader of the group was none other than the Crown Prince.

                He still had that hangdog look and walked straight up to Chen Baiyu in full view of everyone.

                "Kid, do you still remember me?"

                Chen Baiyu's face instantly turned white.

                Of course he remembered the Crown Prince.

                Su Province was extremely close to Haicheng.

                Two years ago, when the Crown Prince got tired of playing in Haicheng, he ran away to Su Province to play.

                There had been many conflicts with those playboys in Suzhou Province.

                Chen Baiyu was one of them.

                At that time, the young masters of the ten major families in Suzhou Province joined together and prepared to clean up the Crown Prince.

                As a result, they were not able to clean up the Crown Prince, but were instead severely beaten up by him.

                Among them, there was also an heir of one of the great families who was even killed by the Crown Prince.

                That big family was furious and sent people to capture the Prince in the night to take revenge.

                As a result, the poisonous spider was angered.

                The poisonous spider brought his men into Suzhou that night and slaughtered that great family overnight.

                At that time, the other nine families in Su Province originally planned to unite against the Poison Spider.

                However, at that time, Huo Hua also arrived in Su Province, passing on a message from the King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu, asking them to rush to a meeting.

                How could they dare to disobey the King of the Southern Realm, Master Xue Wu, so they could only obediently run to the meeting.

                However, nothing was said at the meeting.

                When they returned, that great family had been completely wiped out.

                And at that time, they finally understood.

                Master Xue Wu, was backing up the Poison Spider.

                From then on, the people of the ten major families in Su Province were so jealous of the Poison Spider that they no longer dared to provoke it.

                As for the Crown Prince, he also ran rampant in Su Province and no one dared to mess with him.

                Chen Baiyu was a personal experience of that incident, and he knew very well the terror of the Crown Prince.

                Therefore, when he saw the Crown Prince, he instantly had the feeling of a mouse seeing a cat, and was directly scared and shivering.

                "Tai ...... Prince brother, how is it you?"

                "I'm really sorry, I ...... didn't know you were here and didn't have time to greet you, please forgive me!"

                Chen Baiyu nodded and smiled along, no longer the arrogance he had before.

                The prince spat at him disdainfully, "Rubbish thing, wasn't he quite arrogant just now!"

                "What's this about throwing people out, what's this about insulting your top ten families in Su Province?"

                Chen Baiyu said awkwardly, "Brother Prince, I ...... am not talking about you."

                "I was talking about that brat!"

                Chen Baiyu said, pointing his finger at Lin Mo and giving Lin Mo a hard glare, "Why don't you get out quickly?"

                "Don't affect Brother Prince's mood!"

                The prince sneered and walked directly in front of Lin Mo, putting his hand on Lin Mo's shoulder, "Oh yes, I forgot to introduce to you."

                "This is Lin Mo, he's my good brother!"

                "Listen carefully, a good brother, a real good brother!"

                "I'll never obey anyone in my life, just him!"

                "Are you sure, you were just going to tell him to get out?"