Medical Genius Chapter 1255

 The next day.

                At around nine in the morning, a group of people arrived at Wu Zhai.

                This group of people was the group of medicine farmers that Lin Zhaoge had mentioned.

                Lin Mo went to see them first because, in the hands of this group of medicine farmers, there were seven-leaf fire lotuses.

                This seven-leaf fire lotus was a kind of medicine that was extremely yang and hot, and was vital to He Qianxue nowadays.

                Lin Mo intended to pay a heavy sum of money to buy their seven-leaf fire lotus directly, but was refused by these medicine farmers.

                Their purpose was clear: they wanted to use the seven-leaf fire lotus as a reward to find someone to do a job for them.

                And the amount of money was not important to them.

                In other words, Lin Mo had to compete with several other groups of people to get this seven-leaf fire lotus.

                Lin Mo had no choice but to wait.

                During this moment of work, Lin Mo also approached Lin Zhao in passing to find out more about the situation.

                This time, Lin Zhaoge had contacted a total of three groups of people.

                Among them, one batch was from Guang Province.

                This batch of people were sent out by the ten major families in Guang Province, representing the ten major families in Guang Province.

                The other two batches, one batch came from Su Province and were representatives of the Ten Great Families of Su Province.

                Another batch, on the other hand, came from Haicheng.

                At eleven o'clock, the people from both Guang Province and Su Province arrived.

                When he saw the group from Guang Province, Lin Mo had only four words in his head - "The injustice is in the way!

                The people from Guang Province this time were led by the Huo family.

                After all, the Huo family was a medicinal family, and they were also imperative in obtaining the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus.

                The one leading the group, named Huo Tianhao, was considered Huo Tiancheng's cousin.

                After Huo Tiancheng's death, he was the one who took over Huo Tiancheng's position as the heir.

                This Huo Tianhao was much more arrogant than Huo Tiancheng.

                When he saw Lin Mo, a hint of disdain wiped across his face.

                "Master Lin Zhai, what is this?"

                "You invited us here to do something, why do you put every kind of cat and dog here?"

                "Are you looking down on our Top Ten Families of Guang Province or the Top Ten Families of Su Province?"

                Huo Tianhao said grimly.

                The one leading the Ten Great Families of Suzhou Province was also a young man named Chen Baiyu.

                He didn't know Lin Mo, and upon hearing this, he couldn't help but wonder, "Brother Huo, what is this?"

                Huo Tianhao pointed at Lin Mo, "This kid, from Guang Province, is the son-in-law of a small family in Guang Province."

                "To put it bluntly, he's a soft-earned wimp!"

                "Brother Chen, I am a representative of one of the top ten families in Guang Province and you are a representative of one of the top ten families in Su Province."

                "We're here to talk about business, and as a result, there's a little white man who cheats women out of money sitting at this table."

                "You say, is this an insult to us?"

                Chen Baiyu smiled, his brows immediately furrowed and he looked at Lin Mo with dissatisfaction.

                Lin Zhaoge's face was chilled.

                If it was in the past, he wouldn't even care about these things, after all, that was a personal grudge between Lin Mo and them.

                But now Lin Mo was Lin Xiao's son, and insulting Lin Mo was tantamount to insulting him.

                Lin Zhaoge was just about to speak, but Lin Mo spoke up first.

                "Huo Tianhao, your Huo family, you really do remember what you ate but not what you beat."

                "Have you forgotten how your cousin died in Guangyang City?"

                "Heh, it's true that I'm a door-to-door son-in-law. But what can your Huo family do to me?"

                "So many people died in the Huo family, but in the end, didn't they still have to meekly bow down to me?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand at Lin Zhaoge, signalling for him to ignore the matter.

                He did not want to reveal his relationship with Lin Zhaoge.

                Huo Tianhao burst into a rage, slapping his hand and pointing at Lin Mo, shouting angrily, "Surnamed Lin, who the fuck are you talking to?"

                "Do you really think I'm afraid of you?"

                "Believe it or not, I'll kill you here first!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Huo Tianhao, don't forget that this is Wu Zhai."

                "Wu Zhai has the rules of Wu Zhai, do you think you can disregard the rules of Wu Zhai?"

                Lin Zhaoge smiled and immediately grunted to show his majesty.