Medical Genius Chapter 1254

 Lin Zhao said, "Your grandfather, nowadays, has a high status in the capital as well."

                "If we seek his help, perhaps, it will be easier to investigate the Lin family's affairs."

                Lin Mo pondered for a long time and slowly shook his head, "Forget it, don't tell him for now."

                "My mother escaped from the Northern Realm at that time, and instead of going to my grandfather, she came to Guangyang City, there must be a reason for her to do so."

                "Perhaps, she didn't want to bring the calamity to my grandfather!"

                Lin Zhaoge sighed and slowly nodded his head.

                After a while, Lin Zhaoge said with some concern again, "Young master, Qianxue ...... Qianxue, is she still saved?"

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed: "The cold ice compulsion, it is incurable!"

                Lin Zhaoge was anxious: "Then ...... what can we do about Qianxue?"

                "Does it mean that for the rest of her life, she will be frozen like this?"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "The cold ice compulsion is the most yin causing cold, I can try and find a most yang and hot thing to counteract the coldness of the cold ice compulsion."

                "However, this would only suppress her cold qi and allow her to move."

                "But there will be alternating cold and heat in her body, and this pain will also be hard to bear."

                Lin Zhaoge hung his head in dismay, he regarded He Qianxue as his own daughter.

                If He Qianxue was really hopeless, it would be hard for him to accept it in his heart.

                Lin Mo said softly, "Uncle Lin, you don't have to worry too much."

                "Although it's unlikely, no matter what, I have to give it a try."

                Lin Zhaoge sighed and nodded his head slowly.

                At this point in time, this was all that could be done.

                After that, Lin Zhaoge had almost recovered from his injuries, and he went out to start arranging security for Wu Zhai.

                Both the Companions and Qin Wuyi were still alive, and Song Rize and the others were watching intently, so they might sneak in again at some point.

                He had to ensure that Wu Zhai's side was absolutely safe.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, went back to his room upstairs.

                At this moment, He Qianxue was still in that large bucket.

                The water in the bucket was gurgling and steaming, while He Qianxue sat in it, her lips still frozen purple.

                If it wasn't for this bucket of boiling hot medicinal water, one would have feared that He Qianxue would have frozen into a block of ice.

                In this potion, He Qianxue finally regained some of her senses.

                She opened her eyes, saw Lin Mo, and squeezed out a smile on her face with difficulty.

                "Brother Lin, you ...... are fine, it's wonderful ......"

                She said with a trembling voice.

                Lin Mo's heart felt as if something had gripped it.

                He walked to the side and whispered, "Why are you so silly?"

                "Do you know that for the rest of your life, you might not be able to move!"

                He Qianxue still smiled, "I ...... I'm not stupid!"

                "If I were to do otherwise, would you ...... you stay by my side like this?"

                Lin Mo's eyes were red, she paid for everything, just for this request?

                He suddenly found that this girl, was not joking with him.

                She really loved him!

                Lin Mo held He Qianxue's hand and said in a low voice, "No matter what, I will definitely cure you!"

                A cunning look flashed in He Qianxue's eyes as she suddenly whispered, "Brother Lin, is it pretty?"

                Lin Mo froze for a moment, "What's pretty?"

                He Qianxue: "Me!"

                Lin Mo was at a loss, what did this mean?

                "I asked them, they said that you helped me take off my clothes."

                "Me, do I look good?"

                He Qianxue said with a smirk.

                Lin Mo almost spat blood, what time is it, you're still in the mood to flirt with me?

                "You, just stop thinking nonsense."

                "Get some rest, tomorrow I'll think of a way to help you lift the ice seal first!"

                Lin Mo said in a low voice.

                He got up to leave, He Qianxue struggled hard: "You ...... you don't want to go ......"

                "Can you stay here with me?"

                "I'm scared ......"

                Lin Mo turned his head and looked at He Qianxue, whose eyes were red, and finally sighed and chose to stay in the house.