Medical Genius Chapter 1253

 Lin Zhao said, "Nanba Tian was originally a servant of the number one family in China, the Nalan family in the capital."

                "Because of his exquisite bones, he was given the opportunity to be able to train martial arts under Martial Emperor Xie Wenjia."

                "Later, he fell in love with the Nalan family's eldest lady."

                "But in the eyes of the Nalan family, Nanba Tian was always a servant."

                "A servant falling in love with a young lady is simply a disgrace to the Nalan family."

                "Therefore, the Nalan family wants to kill Nan Baitian and break up the lovebirds."

                Lin Mo sighed, he didn't expect that this first king of Guangyang would have that kind of tragic experience.

                And with Nan Baitian's strength and his achievements today, he was still being treated like a servant, how strong must this Nalan family be?

                Lin Zhaoge continued, "That young lady from the Nalan family was pregnant, and for the sake of love, she followed Nanba Tian and eloped, fleeing all the way."

                "The Nalan family chased after her several times, and even put out the word that they would kill that young lady along with her to set the family straight."

                "During the escape, that young lady was injured."

                "Nanba Tian ran to find big brother in order to save her."

                "But by then it was too late, and in the end only the child was saved, but that young lady from the Nalan family did not survive."

                "It just so happened that at that time, that young lady of the Nalan family's elder brother, the later King of the Desert North, Nalan Jie, arrived to kill."

                "The elder brother was angry with the Nalan family for striking too hard, so he hit Nalan Jie hard."

                "It was because of his sister's death that Nalan Jie let it be known that he would not stop with the Lin family until death!"

                "To put it mildly, this is a misunderstanding."

                "But, Nalan Jie has always been radical in his actions."

                "He left the Nalan family in anger because of his sister's death, entered the Desert North, and became the king of the Desert North in three years."

                "Later, everything was directed at the North, and indeed he did quite a few things that were detrimental to the North!"

                At this moment, Lin Mo finally knew exactly what Nanba Tian had gone through back then.

                No wonder he said that his enemies were too powerful.

                This Nalan family's strength, I'm afraid, was truly terrifying!

                For a random descendant to walk out and become the king of a party, it was evident that it was strong.

                "According to you, the Nalan family has a lot of hatred for Nanba Tian, huh?"

                "Then why has the Nalan family not come looking for Nanba Tian after he's been in Guangyang City for so long?"

                Lin Mo wondered.

                Lin Zhaoge: "This matter is mainly because of Nan Baitian's daughter."

                "At that time, Nan Batian's wife passed away, leaving behind this daughter."

                "The Nalan family did want to drive her out, but this matter, was met with extreme opposition from some members of the family."

                "I just said that it was because of this matter that Nalan Jie left the Nalan family and entered the desert north."

                "Also, the eldest princess, Nalan Mingzhu, who is the most popular in the capital today, is Nan Bing'er's own sister-in-law."

                "She also strongly protected Nan Bing'er and even came to Guangyang City to personally see Nan Bing'er despite the family's opposition."

                "Forced by these people's opposition, in the end, the Nalan family could only turn a blind eye."

                "However, the premise was that Nan Baitian would no longer enter the capital, not to mention that he must not provoke the Nalan family!"

                "Some time ago, Nanba Tian injured Nalan Yong, I'm afraid that this matter, cannot end well!"

                Lin Mo finally understood the cause and effect of this.

                After that, Lin Zhaoge spoke of a few more suspicious characters.

                However, compared to Nangong Jingliu and Nalan Jie, those other people were not worth mentioning.

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "If we want to figure out who it really is, the key still lies in the Compulsion Zun!"

                "He worked with the man behind the curtain in the first place, as long as we catch him, we'll be able to find out who's behind the curtain!"

                Lin Zhao nodded, he looked at Lin Mo and whispered, "Right, young master, should I tell your grandfather about you?"

                Lin Mo froze for a moment, "My grandfather?"

                He had been living in the Northern Realm since he was born.

                There wasn't much memory of his grandfather, and even, he didn't even know who his grandfather actually was.