Medical Genius Chapter 1252

 Lin Mo glanced at Lin Zhao and said softly, "Uncle Lin, you don't need to be so polite to me."

                "You are my father's brother, which means you are my uncle's generation."

                "Wu Zhai is yours and will always be yours, I won't take it!"

                "I only hope that you can help me and help me take revenge!"

                Lin Zhao immediately nodded, "Young master, don't worry."

                "This blood feud, even without you, I will definitely take revenge!"

                "With you here, then I have much more confidence!"

                Lin Mo: "One more thing, my identity, cannot be revealed!"

                Lin Zhaoge: "I understand."

                "Young master, we still don't know who the person behind the curtain really is, so indeed we can't reveal your identity."

                Lin Mo nodded, and then whirled, "Oh, right."

                "I've heard that there is some connection between the compulsion zun and what happened to the Lin family back then, is this true?"

                Lin Zhaoge nodded, "It's true."

                "Later on, someone examined the corpses of several important members of the Lin family and found that they all had compulsion poison left in their bodies."

                "Moreover, when the Lin family tragedy first happened, the compulsion djinn happened to be there."

                "I suspect that it was the Compulsion Djinn who first poisoned our Lin family members in the first place before those behind the scenes made the sneak attack on the Lin family."

                "Otherwise, with our Lin Family's strength, even if the people behind the curtain were well-prepared, it would be impossible to exterminate the entire Lin Family!"

                Lin Mo clenched his fist, it really was related to Compulsion Zun!

                It seemed that by capturing the Compulsion Djinn, he would be able to figure out who this person behind the curtain was.

                Lin Zhaoge said, "Right, I suspect that those people who killed my wife and injured my daughter in the first place are also related to the person behind the curtain."

                "I thought about it carefully later, I was actually an insignificant person at that time, so why would someone want to come against me."

                "Later I realised that his aim, was not to deal with me, but to make big brother have a feud with the Companions."

                "Big brother went into Miaojiang and defeated Compass Zun, and it was only because Compass Zun held a grudge that he came out against the Lin family."

                "To put it bluntly, all of this is a trap by the person behind the curtain!"

                Lin Mo's face changed, he didn't expect that the scheming of the man behind the curtain would be so far-reaching.

                Every step from the beginning was in his planning, this man behind the curtain, was really not simple!

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment and said in a low voice, "Uncle Lin, in your heart, is there anyone you suspect?"

                Lin Zhao scratched his head and said in a low voice, "Young Lord, I do have a few objects of suspicion."

                "But, this is something that I ...... I don't dare to say, after all, it's too involved!"

                Lin Mo: "There is no harm for you to say it."

                "At least, I have to do it in my heart!"

                Lin Zhaoge nodded: "My biggest suspect is the King of the Sea East, Nangong Jingliu!"

                "This man, along with big brother, is known as the Six Kings of the World."

                "And Hai Dong, which is connected to my Northern Realm in many ways, has many conflicting interests and many conflicts with each other."

                "Nangong Jingliu has the style of a great lord, acts in a brutal and domineering manner, has a knack for yang plots and intrigues, the most likely!"

                Lin Mo took this name to heart, it had become his imaginary enemy.

                Lin Mo asked, "What else?"

                Lin Zhaoge: "Then, there is the King of the Desert North, Nalan Jie!"

                "Back then, he chased after Nanba Tian and entered the Northern Realm, and was repelled by big brother."

                "Moreover, his own sister, was the one who died in the Northern Realm, and he kept threatening to make big brother pay."

                Lin Mo frowned, this matter had even involved Nanba Tian?

                The King of the North of the Desert, Nalan Jie, why did he want to hunt down and kill Nan Baitian?

                Also, how did Nalan Jie's own sister die in the Northern Realm? What was going on here?

                Then linking it to the matter of Nanba Tian wanting to leave Guangyang City, Lin Mo vaguely felt that the matter of Nanba Tian was not simple either ah.

                "What's going on with Nanba Tian?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Lin Zhaoge sighed, "He's a poor man too!"