Medical Genius Chapter 1249

 Lin Zhaoge could not help but stare as he frowned at Lin Mo: "What are you trying to say?"

                This matter, it was as if it had touched his bottom line.

                Lin Mo said softly, "Perhaps I should ask a different question."

                "What is your relationship with Lin Xiao, the King of the Northern Realm?"

                Lin Zhaoge was furious and slapped his palm on the table, "Lin Mo, you've crossed the line!"

                "I let you stay in Wu Zhai for the sake of Qianxue, it doesn't mean you can do whatever you want here!"

                "You're not qualified to ask about my affairs, let alone interfere!"

                "A word of advice, don't ask too many questions."

                "Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you!"

                Lin Mo did not show the slightest fear, instead he stared straight at him.

                "Master Lin Mo, how did you and Compulsion Zun meet?"

                "Why didn't you kill Compulsion Zun in the first place?"

                "Also, what is the connection between Compulsion Zun and Lin Xiao's death?"

                With every question Lin Mo asked, Lin Xiao's face turned a little colder.

                In the end, Lin Xiao simply shot up and pointed at Lin Mo and shouted, "You want to seek death?"

                "I can fulfil you!"

                Facing Lin Zhaoge, whose aura was extremely strong, Lin Mo was not the least bit afraid.

                He looked at Lin Zhaoge and said word for word, "You, are you a traitor to the Lin family!?"

                Lin Zhaoge finally couldn't bear it anymore and roared out in anger, punching Lin Mo heavily.

                Lin Mo dodged and avoided it, saying loudly, "Are you unwilling to answer, or are you afraid to answer?"

                "Lin Zhaoge, the Lin family was exterminated, why are you alive alone?"

                "Those who exterminated the Lin family in the first place drove the entire Lin family to extinction, but why did they not kill you?"

                "Do you know that the Lin family was slaughtered from the old man in his nineties down to the infant still in swaddling clothes?"

                "And you, what exactly did you do in this?"

                After hearing these words, Lin Zhaoge simply ended up standing in place.

                Instead of going after Lin Mo again, he covered his face, and this man of steel was actually crying without a sound at this moment.

                Lin Mo looked at Lin Zhaoge coldly, without the slightest bit of pity on his face.

                He did not know how Lin Zhaoge had survived, but he could be certain that Lin Zhaoge was a member of the Lin family.

                And with everyone in the Lin family dead and Lin Zhaoge the only one alive, could he not be suspicious?

                After a long time, Lin Zhaoge only gradually calmed down.

                He did not chase after Lin Mo again, but stared at him for a long time before suddenly saying, "Who the hell are you?"

                "How do you know about the Lin family?"

                Lin Mo: "I asked you first, you should be the one to answer my question first!"

                Lin Zhao clenched his teeth, "I'm not obliged to answer your question!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "You can not answer."

                "However, can you get past your own conscience?"

                "So many members of the Lin family died in battle, yet you survived and are still making a fool of yourself in Wu Zhai?"

                "Are you worthy of this surname?"

                Lin Zhao was enraged once again, "Why can't I live up to my conscience?"

                "How have I wronged this surname?"

                "Listen to me clearly, it's not that I'm sorry for this surname, it's this surname that's sorry for me!"

                At the end of his sentence, he was almost shouting.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised, what did this mean? Had the family done something wrong to him?

                Thinking for a moment, Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "This surname has wronged you, so you have done something to betray the family?"

                "Colluding with outsiders and exterminating the entire family?"

                "This is your revenge on the family!"

                Lin Zhaoge was furious: "Bullshit!"

                "I, Lin Zhaoge, stand tall against the sky, how could I possibly do such a thing!"

                "Even if the family had wronged me, there's no way I would take revenge on the family!"

                Lin Mo stared at him with a deadly stare, "Then tell me, how did the Lin family get wiped out?"

                Lin Zhaoge broke down a little as he clutched his head and said loudly, "How would I know?"

                "If I knew, I would have put my life on the line to avenge my family!"