Medical Genius Chapter 1248

 The Compass Master hissed and was about to strike.

                At that moment, however, a shouting voice suddenly came from afar: "Walled Master? Walled City Master?"

                "Are you here?"

                The four people at the scene all changed their faces.

                Qin Wu Pardon said urgently, "It's Wu Zhai's people!?"

                "They've come looking for us!"

                Compass Zun's eyes widened as he looked into the distance, finally gritting his teeth, grabbing Qin Wu Amnesty and turning around to run.

                He didn't know how much strength Lin Mo had recovered, nor did he know how long this battle would be delayed.

                But the problem was, once Wu Zhai's people surrounded them, then they would definitely die!

                After all, Compass Zun hadn't recovered his strength yet.

                As he watched Compass Zun run away, Lin Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief.

                He hurriedly ran to the woods over there, searched a bit, and finally found He Qianxue lying on the ground.

                Her whole body was snow white, as if she was covered in a layer of frost, and even her eyebrows were frozen with ice.

                At this moment, even her breathing had stopped!

                Lin Mo's heart ached, and he immediately ran over and held He Qianxue in his arms.

                Without saying a word, he poured the internal energy of the Creation Skill into her body in a continuous stream, temporarily protecting her heart and veins first.

                Fortunately, the cold ice compulsion only froze people, and did not kill them.

                He Qianxue's heartbeat remained the same.

                Lin Mo used his internal energy to hold her heartbeat up, then picked her up and returned to Lin Zhao's side.

                It wasn't long before Wu Zhai's people also found their way over.

                They were all shocked to see the scene and hurriedly helped to bring the three back.

                Back at the Wu Cottage, Lin Mo took Lin Zhao a small rejuvenating pill, and then Lin Zhao's people arranged a large cauldron and a large wooden barrel for him.

                After that, Lin Mo went back to his room and took out those herbs he had bought during the day.

                Then, he wrote another list and asked Lin Zhaoge to look for some herbs.

                Lin Zhaoge didn't say a word and immediately sent his own people out to gather all these herbs.

                When everything was arranged, Lin Mo boiled a large pot of water and threw these herbs in.

                After the water boiled, the medicinal smell was strong and smoky.

                Lin Mo let the crowd out, then picked up the boiling cauldron with both hands and poured all the medicinal water inside, into the huge wooden bucket.

                Then, he carried He Qianxue over.

                Looking at He Qianxue, who was still covered in frost, Lin Mo took a deep breath and slowly removed the clothes from her body, revealing He Qianxue's beautiful body.

                He slowly placed He Qianxue inside the large wooden barrel, the medicinal water soaking her entire body, leaving only her head exposed.

                Afterwards, Lin Mo added more water to the cauldron and continued to boil it.

                Even before this second pot of water boiled, the frost on He Qianxue's body began to slowly melt away, and her breathing gradually returned.

                Seeing such a situation, Lin Mo finally breathed a sigh of relief.

                He knew that He Qianxue could still be saved!

                After that, he walked out of the room and asked Lin Zhao to arrange for a few maids to go in and serve him.

                His request was simple: every two hours, he had to change He Qianxue's potion with a new one.

                The medicinal herbs, once a day, would be fine.

                This was, after all, Lin Zhao's beloved daughter, so he didn't say a word and arranged for all the maids on his side to go in and serve He Qianxue.

                Lin Zhaoge had taken the Little Returning Pill and had recovered from her injuries.

                Lin Mo walked into the living room and sat with him, and both of them fell into silence.

                After a long time, Lin Zhaoge said in a low voice, "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry for what happened this time."

                "I really didn't expect that the righteous son I raised single-handedly would do such a thing!"


                Lin Zhaoge sighed longingly, his heart was also hard.

                Lin Ming was dead, but this was the child he had raised after all.

                Lin Mo ignored the topic, he stared at Lin Zhaoge for a moment before suddenly saying, "Lin Zhaoge, what is your ...... relationship with the Lin family in the North?"