Medical Genius Chapter 1246

 Everyone on the scene froze, no one had expected that He Qianxue would really pick up the cold ice compulsion and run away.

                Even the compulsion leader was confused.

                He had deliberately said those words to scare He Qianxue away.

                Who would have thought that He Qianxue would actually put her life on the line for Lin Mo!

                Lin Zhaoge looked at He Qianxue's back and couldn't help but change his face sharply, "Qianxue! Qianxue!"

                There was no answer, and not long afterwards, the crowd heard a sound of a fall to the ground from the distance.

                It was obvious that He Qianxue couldn't hold on anymore.

                However, Lin Mo knew that this was the result of the cold ice compulsion entering his body.

                He Qianxue was now frozen!

                There was a dead silence on the scene.

                After a moment, Lin Zhao was the first to roar out in anger.

                His face was red and his whole body was trembling, his eyes were staring straight at He Qianyue's direction, and a beast-like hiss came out of his mouth.

                However, no matter how much he hissed, he could not stand up.

                The Qi and Blood Pill had exhausted all his strength and he could only collapse to the ground.

                The Companions and Qin Wuyi were, however, furious to the extreme.

                "Damn, this woman, she's sick in the head, isn't she?"

                "That's a cold ice compulsion, is she looking for death?"

                The compulsion venerable denounced angrily.

                Qin Wuyi gritted his teeth, "Compulsion Exalted, do you have any other compulsions?"

                "Kill them both first!"

                Compulsion Dignitary: "Nonsense, do you think I don't want to?"

                "Both of them have jade pearls left behind by the Mother of Companions, which can ward off the vast majority of the companions in Miaojiang."

                "Of the parasites on my body, only the cold ice parasite is not afraid of this jade pendant!"

                Qin Wuyi's face turned cold as he stopped speaking and concentrated on his strength to begin to recover.

                He knew that once Lin Shao and Lin Mo stood up before them, then they would both be finished.

                Lin Mo did not make a single sound, however, his fists were slowly clenched together.

                He gritted his teeth, desperately suppressing the pain in his heart.

                He raised his Creation Skill to the extreme as he tried to regain his strength.

                He no longer cared about the death of Compass Zun and Qin Wuyi now, he only wanted to know what was happening to He Qianxue now!

                The Creation Technique ran wildly, and the powerful force, constantly tore at Lin Mo's meridians.

                This kind of pain was simply not something that an ordinary person could endure.

                Moreover, doing so was a complete overdraft of power, which would cause irreparable damage to one's meridians and affect one's cultivation in the future.

                But Lin Mo could no longer care so much!

                The meridians were constantly being torn apart, and the powerful force was causing blood to seep out of almost every pore in his body.

                On his chest was a jade pendant, the very same jade pendant that had been passed down from the Lin family's ancestors.

                At this moment, it was as if that jade pendant had felt Lin Mo's pain, and surprisingly, it slowly absorbed the nearby qi and blood.

                The jade pendant dazzled with a faint blood light, and at this moment, some heat flow surprisingly began to pour into Lin Mo's body, mending his injured meridians.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but stare, he didn't expect that the jade pendant would have such a wonderful use!

                At this moment, some slight tremors gradually appeared on Lin Zhaoge's side as well.

                He was also struggling with all his might to get up!

                Seeing such a situation, Qin Wuyi could not help but feel a little desperate.

                Once Lin Zhaoge stood up first, they would be dead!

                The Compass Emperor also realised that the situation was not right, and his face changed rapidly.

                Seeing Lin Zhaoge trying to get up little by little, Compass Zun suddenly clenched his teeth, as if he had made an important decision.

                He let out a low whistle, and the undying compulsion that he had originally withdrawn, unexpectedly crawled out again.

                The Undying Compulsion crawled to the side of Compass Zun's mouth, and Compass Zun opened his mouth and bit off a part of the Undying Compulsion with a hard bite.

                The undying compulsion let out a sad cry, but did not struggle. The parasite was absolutely loyal to its master!

                As the undying compulsion was traumatised, the compulsion djinn's hair directly turned half white.

                However, at this moment, it seemed that the compulsion zun had regained a lot of strength, and he actually slowly stood up!