Medical Genius Chapter 1244

 Qin Wu Pardon and Compulsion Zun joined forces and indeed forced Lin Zhaoge backwards continuously.

                These two were also overjoyed, to be able to kill Lin Zhaoge first, then Lin Mo would definitely die too!

                While Lin Zhaoge was retreating step by step, they failed to notice that Lin Zhaoge had already secretly taken the Qi Blood Pill given by Lin Mo.

                Lin Zhaoge had deliberately retreated to show his weakness, just waiting for his chance.

                Finally, Lin Zhaoge found an opportunity.

                He surged up and directly struck Qin Wuyi's chest with a palm strike, sending his entire body flying out.

                Immediately afterwards, he struck out with all his might, like a lion pouncing on a rabbit, swiftly pouncing on the Companions.

                Lin Zhaoge's strength had been boosted by the Qi and Blood Pill, so Compulsion Zun was no match for him.

                Seeing such a situation, Compulsion Zun was also taken aback.

                He hurriedly turned around to dodge, but how could he outrun Lin Zhaoge?

                Before long, he was also caught up by Lin Zhaoge and received a heavy blow from Lin Zhaoge.

                Having suffered this great loss, the Compass Djinn was also furious.

                He let out a whistle and opened his mouth to spit out the Immortality Compulsion.

                After this undying compulsion came out, it immediately entangled with Lin Zhaoge.

                The compulsion took the opportunity to sneak in and struck Lin Zhaoge several times.

                Lin Zhaoge was in pain and also extremely angry, so he grabbed the undying compulsion and struck it with several heavy blows.

                Even though it was a powerful undying compulsion, it was beaten to the point that black water dripped from its mouth.

                As the undying compulsion was injured, the compulsion's side also changed rapidly.

                His appearance, which was originally full of black hair, became white in this moment.

                He originally only had the appearance of a middle-aged man, but in this moment's time, wrinkles appeared on his forehead and he rapidly aged, turning into the appearance of an old man in his sixties.

                Lin Zhaoge couldn't help but be surprised, this situation had taken him completely by surprise.

                Lin Mo was clear on how this was happening.

                After all, Compass Zun was already over ninety years old.

                The fact that he could look so young was entirely due to the Immortality Compulsion, which had kept him young.

                And since the Immortal Compulsion was his original compulsion, if the Immortal Compulsion suffered a serious injury, then he would rapidly age.

                Moreover, this aging is still irreversible.

                In other words, in the future, even if the Immortal Compulsion returns to normal, he will still be so old.

                It was for this reason that the Compass Dignitary was reluctant to use the Immortality Compass when he fought against people.

                The cost of the Immortality Compulsion suffering heavy damage is something he really can't afford!

                However, now that this was a moment of life and death, he could only fight to the death.

                "Qin Wuyi!"

                The compulsion zun let out a hiss, "Fight!"

                "Otherwise, we both have to die here today!"

                Qin Wu Pardon vomited blood from his mouth, but at this moment, he had no choice but to hiss and lunge forward, joining forces with Compulsion Zun and the Undying Compulsion to attack Lin Zhaoge.

                A great battle that lasted for almost ten minutes.

                In the end, all three of them fell to the ground.

                Compulsion Zun Qin Wuyi was extremely injured, while Lin Zhaoge was also covered in blood, and the effects of the Qi and Blood Pill had run out, and he had no strength left.

                Several people fell to the ground, none of them able to stand up.

                But at that very moment, Compass Zun laughed out loud.

                "Lin Zhao, Lin Mo, you guys can't toss and turn anymore, can you?"

                "Hahahaha, finally, the one who can laugh till the end is always me!"

                As he spoke, Compass Zun let out a slight whistle.

                With this whistle, something bounced around his waist pocket.

                Not long after, this object jumped out and turned out to be a toad with a snow-white body.

                Seeing this toad, Lin Mo's face changed: "A cold ice compulsion?"

                The compulsion zun laughed loudly, "Lin Mo, you're quite solid, you can actually recognize this cold ice compulsion?"

                "That's right, this is my Miaojiang's Cold Ice Compulsion!"

                "Hehe, I know, on you all, you have the jade pendant given to you by the Mother of Companions, which is able to ward off the Miaojiang Companions poison."

                "But this cold ice compulsion, without the poison, can you all resist it?"

                Lin Zhao hurriedly looked at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo's face was blue, this already said it all!

                Lin Zhaoge could not help but sigh and closed his eyes in despair.