Medical Genius Chapter 1243

 Lin Mo was now also grasping at straws, desperately fighting against Qin Wuyi.

                As long as Lin Zhaoge could kill Compulsion Zun before the effects of the medicine wore off, then he would have hope!

                However, the Compulsion Zun over there could also see Lin Mo's situation.

                He suddenly exclaimed, "Qin Wu Pardon, don't worry!"

                "This brat has taken the pills that increase his qi and blood, it won't last long."

                "When the pills' effects have worn off, he'll be a ruined man!"

                "Hold on for a while, they're dead!"

                Qin Wuyi was so overjoyed that he simply turned and ran away, not fighting Lin Mo head on.

                Lin Mo chased after him for a while, unable to catch up with Qin Wu Amnesty, he could only finish off all of Qin Wu Amnesty's several disciples first.

                And Qin Wu Amnesty watched as several of his disciples were badly injured, but paid no attention to them, only stalling for time, wanting to wait for Lin Mo's medicine to completely eliminate its effects.

                Lin Mo could also feel that the qi and blood in his body was gradually recovering.

                In other words, the medicinal effect of this Qi and Blood Pill was basically almost gone.

                Once this Qi and Blood Pill had expired and both Qin Wuyi and Compass Zun were still alive, then Lin Mo and Lin Zhaoge would be dead.

                Lin Mo knew that the situation was critical, so he took a deep breath and suddenly turned around and pounced on Zun Zun.

                The Compulsion Djinn was dodging Lin Zhaoge and did not expect Lin Mo to suddenly strike out at him, so he was startled.

                However, this Compass Zun was considered extremely experienced in combat.

                In spite of his status, he rolled on the ground and crawled through Lin Mo's crotch, avoiding the blow.

                And Lin Mo took the opportunity to rush to Lin Zhao's side and handed a Qi and Blood Pill into Lin Zhao's hand.

                The whole process was so quick that, to an outsider, it looked like Lin Mo had just brushed past Lin Zhao.

                Qin Wuyi immediately rushed up and blocked Lin Mo, continuing to stall for time.

                After another almost five minutes had passed, the blood colour on Lin Mo's body gradually receded, while his movements became slower and slower.

                Eventually, Lin Mo seemed to have lost all his strength and sat down on the ground.

                Seeing this, Zun Zong was overjoyed, "Great, the effect of the medicine is gone, he is now a waste, he has no power to resist at all!"

                "Kill him!"

                Qin Wuyi's eyes showed a fierce light as he jumped straight at Lin Mo, the dagger in his hand slashed directly at Lin Mo's neck.

                Lin Zhao was shocked at the sight and hurriedly tried to come over to help.

                However, the companions were now trying their best to hold Lin Zhaoge back, not giving him the chance to help.

                Seeing that Lin Mo was about to have his throat slit by this blow from Qin Wuyi.

                Just then, Lin Mo's hands that had been hanging down suddenly lifted up.

                Without waiting for Qin Wu Pardon to react, Lin Mo had already grabbed his wrist and snatched the dagger out of his hand.

                Immediately after, Lin Mo backhanded a slash.

                Qin Wu Amnesty was shocked and subconsciously raised his arm to resist.

                This cut directly cut off all three fingers of his left hand.

                Qin Wu Amnesty roared in pain and quickly turned around to avoid it, staring at Lin Mo from afar, his eyes full of vigilance.

                Only now did he realise that just now, Lin Mo was completely pretending!

                In fact, with Qin Wu Amnesty's strength, it was not that easy for Lin Mo to injure him.

                However, this Qin Wu Amnesty had decided that Lin Mo was defenceless, so he did not take Lin Mo seriously at all.

                As a result, he was attacked by Lin Mo in return and lost three of his fingers.

                After this blow, Lin Mo completely collapsed to the ground, powerless to resist.

                However, even so, Qin Wuyi did not dare to attack him again.

                Having suffered a loss just now had left Qin Wu Amnesty now terrified in his heart.

                He stared at Lin Mo for a while, but in the end, he rushed over and joined forces with the Companions to deal with Lin Zhaoge.

                He did not know if Lin Mo was really exhausted, but he could stall for time, and it would be best to take advantage of this time to deal with Lin Zhaoge.

                In fact, Lin Mo really did not have any strength left.

                He fell to the ground and looked at Lin Zhaoge, who was being pinned down by two experts, and his brow furrowed tightly.

                Would Lin Zhaoge alone be able to fight these two men?