Medical Genius Chapter 1242

 Qin Wuyi turned around and fought Lin Mo with all his might.

                It had to be said that the strength of this number one assassin in Guangdong Province was really very terrifying.

                Not only was Qin Wu Amnesty's move unpredictable, but most crucially, his strength was also much stronger than Lin Mo's.

                It was not long after they had exchanged blows that Lin Mo was struck with a punch by Qin Wu Amnesty.

                Lin Mo only felt a sweetness in his throat and a mouthful of fresh blood almost spurted out.

                However, he swallowed this mouthful of blood and at the same time ran his True Qi of Creation Skill to gradually remove the power of the slap.

                Before the battle, Lin Mo had also consumed a Small Returning Pill, just to prevent such a situation.

                And it turned out that Lin Mo's approach was correct.

                He had taken several punches from Qin Wuyi one after another, but he had held strong.

                Not only that, he also saw the opportunity to seriously injure one of Qin Wu Amnesty's disciples.

                Qin Wu Pardon didn't have Lin Mo in his sights at all.

                As a result, he and several disciples joined hands to besiege Lin Mo, but instead, he lost a disciple on his own side, which made him extremely angry.

                "Kid, I want your dog's life!"

                Qin Wuyi roared in anger, and his strikes were even more frantic, constantly attacking Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo's brow furrowed as he did not fight Qin Wu Amnesty head on, instead choosing to meander and avoid him.

                With Qin Wu Amnesty's strength, Lin Mo would definitely be the one to lose out if he fought him with all his might.

                However, by meandering around like this, Qin Wu Amnesty would not be able to deal with him for a while.

                Qin Wu Amnesty was now furious, as several of his attacks had been dodged by Lin Mo, which made him even more furious and frantically chased after him.

                Lin Mo simply did not engage him and instead led him around the scene in circles.

                Over there, Compass Zun was gradually in a downward spiral and was fighting quite hard.

                Seeing such a situation over here, he couldn't help but become anxious: "Qin Wuyi, what are you doing?"

                "That kid is deliberately provoking you and leading you around in circles, you're really following him around, huh?"

                Only then did Qin Wu Pardon realise that the situation was not right.

                He immediately turned around and tried to go help Compass Zun.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, took the opportunity to pounce on him and continued to pester him.

                As this went on several times, Qin Wu Amnesty was once again enraged and hissed to kill Lin Mo.

                On the other hand, Lin Zhaoge seized the opportunity and struck the Compulsion Djinn in the chest.

                The compulsion djinn vomited out a mouthful of blood and almost collapsed.

                "Qin Wu Pardon!"

                The compulsion djinn roared.

                Qin Wu Pardon was suddenly startled when he saw what happened to Compass Zun.

                "Kid, you're so shameless!"

                "Old me won't play with you anymore!"

                With those words, he turned around and pounced on Lin Zhao.

                Lin Mo hurriedly went to stop him, but Qin Wuyi was now in a completely desperate state.

                He braced himself to take a blow from Lin Mo, and ignored Lin Mo's entanglement, rushing forward hard and joining forces with the Companions to fight Lin Zhao.

                Lin Zhaoge was surrounded by these two men, and the pressure immediately increased.

                Lin Mo, on the other hand, was surrounded by several of Qin Wuyi's disciples, unable to reinforce him.

                If this continued, Lin Zhaoge would surely die in battle first!

                Lin Mo gritted his teeth as he suddenly took out a Qi Blood Pill and swallowed it straight away.

                Now, he had no choice but to fight for his life against these people!

                With the Qi and Blood Pill in his belly, Lin Mo's strength instantly increased by a large margin.

                He forced several of Qin Wu Pardon's disciples back and quickly rushed up to stop Qin Wu Pardon once again.

                Qin Wu Amnesty and Lin Mo exchanged a few blows and could not help but change their faces, "You ...... your strength we enhanced so much?"

                Lin Mo also did not talk nonsense with him, but fought him with all his might.

                At this moment, Qin Wuyi also did not dare to underestimate Lin Mo, and concentrated on fighting with him.

                Over there, Compass Zun once again fell into a disadvantage, being chased by Lin Zhao all the way.

                Lin Zhaoge was also quite amazed, Lin Mo's strength had increased too quickly, right?

                However, Lin Mo himself was unable to speak of his suffering.

                He knew very well that his Qi and Blood Pill would not last long.

                Once the effect of the Qi and Blood Pill was gone, then he would lose all his strength and would not be able to move at all.

                At that point, he would only be at the mercy of others!