Medical Genius Chapter 1241

 Lin Zhaoge and Lin Mo looked at each other.

                They could see that Compass Zun had deliberately lured them out, just to get them away from Wu Zhai, and then kill them outside.

                This place, extremely remote, the people of Wu Zhai would not be able to find this place for a while.

                Lin Zhaoge clenched his fists and slowly walked forward, "Compulsion Zun, just by yourself, you still want to kill me?"

                The Compulsion Djinn let out a wild laugh, "I know that Lin Mo must have given you an antidote to the poison pills that can restrain my compulsions."

                "With just me, it's definitely not enough."

                "However, with those few more people, there must be no problem!"

                As the words fell, a few people quietly walked out from the woods nearby.

                At the head of them was a short, fat man.

                Seeing this man, Lin Zhaoge's face changed: "Eight-faced Yan Lo, Qin Wuyi!?"

                If Lin Ming were here, he would have been confused.

                Because, this man, was not the assassin he had previously arranged to be in that villa where Lin Mo lived.

                He thought that the skinny man was Qin Wu Pardon, but he didn't know that the real Qin Wu Pardon, hadn't even made a move yet.

                In fact, from the very beginning, Song Ruize and the others hadn't even aimed to just kill Lin Mo.

                From the very beginning, they wanted to swallow Wu Zhai.

                Therefore, they had stirred up so many things just to kill Lin Zhaoxing and Lin Mo both.

                The skinny man sent out earlier was Qin Wu Amnesty's disciple, not Qin Wu Amnesty himself.

                Qin Wu Amnesty had only agreed to fight for the Song family once, so of course Song Rize had to choose the best opportunity and not waste it.

                Tonight, Song Rize had devised two plans.

                If they could just use the poisoned wine to kill Lin Zhaoge and then dungeon to kill Lin Mo, then they would not have to bother Qin Wu Amnesty, and Qin Wu Amnesty would still owe the Song family a favour.

                However, if that plan didn't work, then they would lure Lin Zhaoge Lin Mo here and kill them directly here!

                The Companions laughed out loud, "That's right, it's the number one assassin in the Canton Province, the eight-faced Yan Lo Qin Wu Amnesty!"

                "He promised the Song Family that he would strike once for them."

                "This time, of course we have to make good use of this opportunity!"

                "How about it, with them, there's no difficulty in trying to kill you, right?"

                Lin Zhaoge's face was cold.

                The Companions themselves weren't weak, and with the addition of a Qin Wuyi, it really wasn't a good fight!

                He looked towards Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo slowly nodded his head.

                Lin Zhaoge gritted his teeth, "Since we're here, it looks like we can't even fight without it!"

                "Since that's the case, tonight, let's settle this matter once and for all!"

                With those words, he directly ripped off his jacket and shouted, "Lin Mo, hold out as long as you can!"

                "I'll kill the Compulsion Zun first!"

                As he spoke, Lin Zhaoge was like a cannonball out of the bore, directly rushing towards Compulsion Zun.

                The Zun of Compulsion did not dare to be careless and hurriedly put out a hand to defend against it.

                The two of them exchanged blows, and the body of the Compulsion Venerable visibly shook for a moment.

                And without any nonsense, Lin Zhaoge struck out with all his might, his two fists wildly blasting at Compass Zun, ready to take him down first.

                At this moment, a cold laugh escaped from Qin Wuyi's mouth, and several of his disciples around him quickly rushed out.

                "Your opponent is me!"

                Lin Mo shouted coldly and rushed straight up, stopping these few disciples of Qin Wu Pardon.

                These few disciples of Qin Wu Amnesty were not weak, and surrounded Lin Mo in the middle, fighting for a while.

                Qin Wu Amnesty laughed disdainfully, "This little trick, you still want to mantle your arm as a chariot?"

                "When I kill Lin Zhaoge, I will come back for your dog's life!"

                He let out a long whistle and pounced straight at Lin Zhaoge.

                Lin Mo let out a roar and fiercely forced a few people around him back, rushed forward with great strides and punched Qin Wu Amnesty from behind.

                Qin Wu Pardon's face changed and he reversed his body to block Lin Mo's blow.

                However, Lin Mo was also on top of him and his fists kept attacking him, making it impossible for him to separate from his body.

                Qin Wu Amnesty was furious: "Kid, since you are bent on seeking death, then I will fulfil you!"

                "I'll kill you first!"