Medical Genius Chapter 124-126

 Chapter 124

"What ...... have you done?" Master Tiger said sharply.

                Lin Mo sneered, "I broke your meridians."

                "In this life, you won't be able to stand up!"

                Master Tiger's eyes widened as he broke into a curse, "Damn it, who are you scaring?"

                "Two stabs with two needles and you're saying you've broken my meridians?"

                "You fucking think meridians are balloons? You think it's just a balloon?"

                "Fuck, do you think I'm scared?"

                "You wait!"

                "My brothers will come over later and kill you!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "I'm just waiting!"

                Not long after that, six men also came running behind them.

                "Master Tiger, what's wrong?"

                Master Tiger took a look and was overjoyed, pointing at Lin Mo and roaring, "Damn it, break both of this bastard's legs for me first!"

                The six men immediately rushed over.

                Deng Jun's face changed sharply and hesitated for a moment before suddenly picking up a slate from the side and blocking Lin Mo behind him.

                "Lin Mo, you run first, I'll help you stop them!"

                Lin Mo's eyes were once again red.

                When he was at school, this was how Deng Jun had blocked that group of punks for him and ended up breaking a leg.

                After so many years, when it came to danger, Deng Jun still hadn't changed at all.

                He was still the same as before, standing up for him in times of danger.

                That's what a true brother is!

                Only, this time, brother, it was my turn to stand in front of you!

                Six men roared and rushed forward.

                The woman was so excited that she screamed, "Kill him! Beat him to death! Beat him to death!"

                "Kill the two bastards, kill them all, leave no one behind."

                "Two poor bastards, you dare to fight with my husband, I'll see how you die!"

                Lin Mo pulled Deng Jun behind him and dashed forward, punching the man at the front hard on the bridge of his nose.

                The man fell to the ground, his nose was broken, his teeth fell out, and he spat blood from his mouth.

                Immediately afterwards, Lin Mo gave another kick, sending the next person flying into the flower bed behind him.

                With both hands out, he grabbed the two youths by the neck and slammed their heads together so hard that the two youths directly fainted to the ground.

                The remaining two, seeing that something was wrong, turned around and tried to run.

                Lin Mo rushed up with a single arrow step and kicked one of them in the face.

                With another kick, he swept across and broke the leg bone of the other youth.

                In less than a minute's time, all six of them were lying on the ground, unable to get up.

                Several people looked dumbfounded, no one could have imagined that this would be the result of the battle.

                Deng Jun's eyes were staring out, "Lin Mo, you ...... you practice martial arts?"

                Lin Mo smiled faintly and walked up to Master Tiger: "Now, are you willing to apologize?"

                Master Tiger's face was fierce: "Apologize for your mother!"

                "You can beat six people, but can you beat sixty or six hundred?"

                "Damn it, when my brothers come later, let's see how I'll kill you!"

                Lin Mo shook his head, "I think you really don't know how to live or die!"

                "In that case, then you can just lie here!"

                "When you've figured it out, come beg me again!"

                Lin Mo dragged Deng Jun away, with Master Tiger still cursing angrily behind him, "Who the hell are you scaring?"

                "When I go to the hospital and get my leg fixed, I'll kill you with my own hands!"

                "Wait for me!"

                Deng Jun looked terrified, "Lin Mo, why don't we ...... let's apologize to Master Tiger ......"

                "Master Tiger is Chen Shengyuan's cousin, that Chen Shengyuan of the Shengyuan Group. This kind of person, we ...... we can't afford to offend ah ......"

Chapter 125

Hearing this, Lin Mo smiled instead of being shocked.

                "Chen Shengyuan?"

                "That's interesting!"

                "Alright, then let's wait for this Chen Shengyuan to come to us!"

                Deng Jun was bewildered, Chen Shengyuan had a great reputation in Guangyang City, was Lin Mo not afraid at all?

                "By the way, how did you get into this mess?"

                "Where have you been these past few years?"

                "Who was that woman just now?"

                Lin Mo asked as he walked.

                Deng Jun sighed and told his situation.

                When Lin Mo had dropped out of school due to a change in his family, Deng Jun had muddled through school for another year and got his diploma.

                Later, he went out to do business and met the woman Wu Qian.

                The two of them got married with a license and had a daughter.

                The year before last, the daughter was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, which wiped out the family's savings.

                Wu Qian could not bear the family poverty, divorced him directly, took away all the family assets, gave the sick daughter to Deng Jun.

                Deng Jun kept working at the construction site and struggled to treat his daughter's illness.

                However, his daughter's condition was getting worse and worse.

                The doctor has given a notice that his daughter will not live for more than a month.

                His daughter's greatest wish was to see her mother again.

                Deng Jun then came to Wu Qian and begged her to go back to see his daughter.

                But I never thought that this woman would be so heartless.

                A year after the divorce, she has not gone back once to see her daughter.

                Not only that, when she heard that her daughter was dying, she avoided Deng Jun as if she was a plague.

                Today, Deng Jun had a hard time blocking her, so he planned to beg her on his knees to fulfill his daughter's wish as well.

                As he said this, Deng Jun, a seven-foot man, also had red and swollen eyes.

                Looking at Deng Jun's haggard appearance, Lin Mo couldn't help but sigh.

                Where was this still the same spirited young man from back then!

                Lin Mo: "Let's go!"

                Deng Jun was puzzled, "Where to?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "To see my great niece!"

                Following Deng Jun, the two of them ended up in a very remote slum area in the suburbs.

                In a dark, shabby, short house, Lin Mo finally saw Deng Jun's daughter.

                She was a three- or four-year-old girl with big eyes, but she was so thin and weak that her whole body was almost skin and bones.

                She was lying pitifully on the bed, and the smell of Chinese medicine permeated the room.

                "Daddy ......" the little girl's voice was heartbreakingly weak.

                Deng Jun's eyes reddened and he hurriedly walked over to take the little girl in his arms.

                "Nini, don't be afraid, daddy is here!"

                "Look, this is Uncle Lin Mo, Uncle is here to see you!"

                "Quick, call Uncle Lin!"

                Nini looked timidly at Lin Mo: "Uncle Lin ......"

                "Good boy!" Lin Mo's heart also ached.

                He reached out and gently stroked Nini's head.

                "Nini, uncle has brought you a present, guess what it is?"

                There was a slight glint in Nini's eyes, "Is it a big white rabbit milk candy?"

                Deng Jun's heart ached, his daughter had loved eating Big White Rabbit milk candies since she was a child.

                Unfortunately, he really didn't have the money to buy them.

                Lin Mo: "This time, although it's not Big White Rabbit Milk Candy, but, Uncle promises you that in the future, as much as you want to eat, Uncle will buy it for you!"

                "Oh." Nini was slightly disappointed and whispered, "Uncle Lin, then ...... then can you give it to me before my birthday?"

                "I ...... I have five days before my birthday, and Daddy said that this might be my last birthday ......"

                "Uncle Lin, what is the last birthday?"

                "When people grow up, don't they even have birthdays anymore?"

                "I've never seen my dad celebrate his birthday!"

                Teng Jun couldn't help the tears welling up in his eyes, he tried his best to hold back a choked sob, not wanting his daughter to see how he looked.

Chapter 126

Lin Mo glanced at Deng Jun and took out a Returning Yuan Pill and handed it over.

                "Your father lied to you!"

                "Nini will have many more birthdays in the future, and she will have to eat a big cake and buy many beautiful clothes for her birthday!"

                "Here, you eat this candy."

                "When it's your birthday, whatever you want, uncle will buy it for you!"

                Nini's eyes lit up, "Really?"

                "Uncle, then ...... then can you buy my daddy a pair of shoes ......"

                "People outside are saying that daddy is too dirty and his toes are showing outside his shoes ......"

                At this moment, Deng Jun was crying like a little child.

                Lin Mo's heart was also unbearable to the extreme as he gently stroked Nini's head.

                This poor little girl had been born into the most tragic fate.

                Yet, she hadn't cared for herself and had always cared for her father.

                In her short life, she hadn't even had the chance to see the colourful world outside, yet she was already saying goodbye to it.

                "Don't worry, with Uncle here, no one will bully you and Daddy in the future!"

                "You eat this candy first!"

                Nini obediently ate the little reversionary pill, and before long, she drifted off to sleep.

                Deng Jun didn't stop it, he knew that Lin Mo wouldn't have any malicious intent.

                "What kind of candy is this?"

                Deng Jun wondered.

                "It's not sugar, it's medicine!"

                "Medicine?" Deng Jun was surprised: "What kind of medicine?"

                Lin Mo: "Medicine to treat this disease of hers!"

                "I'm a doctor at the hospital now, I've treated many of these diseases."

                "I'll prescribe a few more doses of medicine for you in a while, after a week of taking it, Nini's illness will be completely cured!"

                Deng Jun was bewildered, "Lin Mo, did you mishear?"

                "My daughter is suffering from congenital heart disease!"

                "The doctor said that this kind of disease, congenital, can't be cured at all!"

                "Unless a heart is transplanted!"

                Lin Mo laughed lightly, "Just because others can't cure it, doesn't mean I can't cure it."

                "I'll get the medicine for you later, you can just boil it yourself."

                Deng Jun scratched his head, "It's better if you write the prescription for me and I'll go and get it myself."

                "I was out there a few years ago, in the herb business."

                "The prices of these things, I know more than you!"

                Lin Mo smiled, in this world, there was no one who knew more about medicinal herbs than he did.

                However, the fact that Deng Jun used to be in the herb business was out of his expectation.

                He couldn't help but think of Xu Pharmaceutical's medicinal herb company.

                Xu Hanxia was still having a headache as to who to let manage the herb company.

                Xu's Pharmaceuticals was mainly in drug research and development, and there were no talents in this area within the company.

                Now, it seemed that perhaps Deng Jun could be allowed to try.

                "Junzi, what are you doing now?"

                Lin Mo asked.

                Deng Jun: "On the construction site, helping people with some odd jobs."

                "It's mainly close to home, so it's easier to come back and look after the kids."

                Lin Mo nodded: "Do you still want to continue with the herb business?"

                "Why don't you come and help me?"

                Deng Jun froze for a moment: "You're in the herb business?"

                "Yes, I've just opened a herb company!"

                "This ......" Deng Jun was tempted.

                However, thinking of his daughter Nini, he hesitated again.

                Lin Mo saw what he meant and smiled, "There's no rush."

                "When Nini is well, we can talk about this matter!"

                Deng Jun breathed a sigh of relief, but his heart was sad.

                It was hard to say how many days his daughter would live, so how could she get well?