Medical Genius Chapter 1237

 Lin Ming directly blocked in front of Lin Mo: "Help is not necessary."

                "My Wu Zhai has an extremely large number of capable people, so there is no need to bother Mr. Lin with this small matter."

                "Mr. Lin, why don't you continue to talk to me about what happened just now?"

                Lin Mo frowned: "Lin Ming, what do you mean by that?"

                Lin Ming said in a cold voice: "I don't mean anything else, I just want to consult."

                "Since we all drank from the same pot of tea just now, why is it that only my righteous father was poisoned, but nothing happened to you?"

                At these words, everyone in the room looked at Lin Mo in unison.

                Lin Mo's face turned cold: "Lin Ming, are you doubting me now?"

                Lin Ming sneered, "I just want Mr. Lin to give me an answer."

                "Mr. Lin is so nervous, could it be that you are a little weak?"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "Why should I be fainthearted?"

                "What need is there for doubt in such matters?"

                "Although we are drinking from the same pot of tea, we are not using the same cup."

                "The person who poisoned it could have put the poison into the cup!"

                Lin Ming nodded: "This argument, it makes sense."

                "However, Mr. Lin, can you explain one more thing to me?"

                Saying that, Lin Ming looked at the crowd around him and said aloud, "I've heard about it all in Wu Zhai, and know that Mr. Lin Mo, is a divine doctor in Guangyang City."

                "Even the three needles of Lu in Haicheng are subservient to you!"

                "And with such medical skills as yours, for someone to try to poison themselves in front of you, that would simply be impossible!"

                "Mr. Lin Mo, why is it that my righteous father was poisoned in front of you and you didn't stop it at all?"

                The moment these words were spoken, the faces of the surrounding people changed.

                The eyes of these people looking at Lin Mo were also immediately filled with hostility.

                Even more, many of them had slowly gathered towards Lin Mo's side.

                It was obvious that these people had already taken Lin Mo as the person who had poisoned him.

                A sharp aura flashed across Lin Mo's eyes.

                Lin Ming's words were simply murderous and heartless.

                With this, everyone would definitely suspect him and might have to assume that he had administered the poison!

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "Even if I really am a divine doctor, then it is impossible for me to understand all the poisons in this world."

                "Besides, I am so far away from Mr. Lin Zhaoge, even if there was really something strange in his cup, I wouldn't be able to detect it in time!"

                Lin Ming sneered, "Are you unable to detect it or are you pretending not to know?"

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice: "Lin Ming, what do you mean by that?"

                "Are you suspecting me of poisoning?"

                Lin Ming said in a cold voice: "Such things are known to your own heart."

                "Mr. Lin, I don't want to talk nonsense to you either."

                "Before this matter is investigated clearly, I hope that you will cooperate with our Wu Zhai's investigation."

                Lin Mo: "No problem, I can cooperate with you!"

                Lin Ming nodded: "Very well!"

                "Someone, put Mr. Lin in shackles and send him to the dungeon!"

                Lin Mo's face was cold: "What do you mean by that?"

                Lin Ming: "Until this matter is investigated, you are a suspect."

                "Since you're a suspect, then we definitely have to lock you up."

                "Otherwise, once you run away, then how can we investigate?"

                Lin Mo was furious: "This kind of thing, there's still a need for shackles?"

                Lin Ming looked at him coldly, "Mr. Lin, if you didn't do it, you needn't worry."

                "We, Wu Zhai, will not spare any bad people, and we will definitely not wrong a good person!"

                "Does everyone say so?"

                The crowd around them all shouted in agreement, and they all looked at Lin Mo intently.

                It was obvious that if Lin Mo continued to refuse like this, then the crowd would decide that it was Lin Mo who had done this.

                At that time, these people would fight Lin Mo to the death.

                Lin Mo slowly nodded, "Good, then I will cooperate with you all!"

                With that, Lin Mo extended his hands.