Medical Genius Chapter 1236

 Lin Mo had been drinking two cups of tea with Lin Zhaoge when he suddenly noticed a greenish glow in Lin Zhaoge's eyes.

                His face changed violently and at the first opportunity he rushed to Lin Zhaoge's side and grabbed Lin Zhaoge's neck with one reach.

                Lin Zhaoge subconsciously tried to resist when Lin Mo whispered something in his ear.

                A brilliant aura flashed in Lin Zhaoge's eyes, and he immediately pushed Lin Mo away with a palm.

                Next to him, He Qianxue looked bewildered, "What are you two doing?"

                "Godfather, what's wrong with you?"

                Lin Zhaoge staggered up and backed away while hissing loudly, "Someone ...... come and help ......"

                "The water is poisoned ......"

                Immediately, a group of people rushed in outside the door.

                Seeing the scene, the crowd was also bewildered.

                Just at that moment, Lin Ming hurriedly brought people in.

                "Righteous father, righteous father, what happened to you?"

                "What's going on with this ......?"

                "How can the water be poisoned inside?"

                He hurriedly led his men to surround Lin Zhaoge in the middle.

                Lin Zhaoge's face was white at this time, and some white frost even appeared on the back of his hands, looking extremely bizarre.

                Taking advantage of the confusion, Lin Mo moved over to He Qianxue and whispered, "Pick up Lin Zhaoge and keep a close eye on him."

                "Tonight, Wu Zhai will be a mess!"

                He Qianxue looked bewildered, but still immediately ran to Lin Zhaoge's side.

                She wanted to pick up Lin Zhaoge, but when she touched Lin Zhaoge's arm, she only felt as if she was grabbing an ice cube, freezing her hand.

                "Godfather, you ...... What's wrong with you?"

                "Why is your body so cold?"

                He Qianxue with a crying voice, this was the godfather who doted on her the most.

                Lin Zhaoge did not say anything, he sat on the ground with his knees crossed, running his internal energy with all his might to resist this cold air, in case the cold air attacked his heart.

                Seeing such a situation, Lin Ming immediately waved his hand and said, "Someone, help my righteous father to rest in the inner chamber!"

                "Also, seal off this place, no one is allowed to leave!"

                The implication was that Lin Mo was to be sealed off here as well.

                His men immediately rushed up and seven-handedly tried to carry Lin Zhaoge away.

                He Qianxue clutched Lin Zhaoge's sleeve and followed behind.

                Seeing this, Lin Ming hurriedly said, "Sister Qianxue, you should not go over there."

                "Yi-fu has been poisoned and needs to rest ......"

                Tears welled up in He Qianxue's eyes as she shook her head vigorously, "I won't!"

                "I want to stay with godfather!"

                Lin Ming was anxious, He Qianxue kept following Lin Zhaoge, then he couldn't do anything ah.

                "Miss He, this is Wu Zhai, you have to abide by the rules of Wu Zhai!"

                "Righteous father was poisoned, the exact matter has not yet been investigated, you have to stay and cooperate with our investigation."

                Lin Ming's voice turned cold.

                When He Qianxue heard this, she couldn't help but be angry, "What do you mean?"

                "Are you suspecting that I have poisoned you?"

                At this moment, an old man next to him also said directly, "Young Master Ming, Miss is the most favoured daughter of the Walled City Lord, how could she possibly do such a thing?"

                "The stronghold master is in a crisis right now, and it is normal for the young lady to follow."

                Everyone else also looked straight at Lin Ming.

                When Lin Ming saw this, he knew that it was impossible to branch out He Qianxue, so he could only nod, "Sorry, uncles."

                "I'm also too worried about my righteous father's situation."

                "Sister Qianxue, then ...... then I'll trouble you to take care of your righteous father ......"

                He Qianxue gritted her teeth without saying anything and led Lin Zhaoge to the inner room with the crowd.

                Lin Ming watched these people walk away, then he turned his head directly to look at Lin Mo.

                "Mr. Lin, can you please tell us what exactly happened just now?"

                Lin Ming asked in a cold voice.

                Lin Mo told what had happened before, and finally said in a deep voice, "After drinking two cups of tea just now, I suddenly noticed that something was not right with Master Lin Zhai."

                "I wanted to go over and check it out, but, Cottage Master Lin pushed me away."

                "So, I'm not quite sure what exactly is going on with Cottage Master Lin."

                "Why don't I follow you over and take a look, I know a little bit about medicine, so I might be able to help."