Medical Genius Chapter 1235

 The assassination of Lin Mo had shaken the entire Wu Cottage.

                One had to know that Wu Zhai had been under Lin Zhaoge's rules for so many years, and nothing had ever happened that violated the rules.

                And this time, someone had actually done it in Lin Zhao's VIP area, which was simply provoking Lin Zhao.

                That night, Lin Zhaoge sent out all the people of Wu Cottage to seal off Wu Cottage while searching the whole of Wu Cottage to find the person who had committed the murder.

                At the same time, Lin Zhaoge also called all those guards who were at the villa area that day to check them out one by one, he wanted to find out who had leaked the news about Lin Mo.

                Just after three in the morning, the squad Lin Ming led suddenly made a discovery.

                They found two sneaky men on the outskirts of Wu Zhai.

                Lin Ming and his men struck and killed one, while the other took advantage of the chaos to escape.

                When this news came, Lin Zhaoge immediately called Lin Mo together and told him to go and identify the men.

                Lin Mo rushed to Lin Zhaoge's villa and saw the corpse on the ground.

                "It's not this man!"

                Lin Mo said straight away.

                Lin Zhaoge was a little disappointed and surprised, "My men have withdrawn and searched the entire Wu Cottage, and nothing has been found yet."

                "Does it mean that the person who ambushed you has already left Wu Zhai?"

                Lin Mo looked at Lin Zhao and said softly, "Master Lin Zhai, this person may not have left."

                "If it is true that you have a mole here, as I expected, then it is not surprising that you cannot find this person!"

                Lin Zhaoge's face changed as he furrowed his brows tightly.

                After a moment of contemplation, Lin Zhaoge suddenly bellowed, "Lin Ming, pass on my orders."

                "Five guard teams, exchange 10% of their personnel with each other and withdraw to search Wu Zhai."

                "Also, everyone bring cameras, I want all records of the search!"

                Lin Ming was secretly shocked in his heart.

                The reason why he couldn't check these people was that he had deliberately let those people go.

                And now, Lin Zhaoge had given such an order.

                With five guards, swapping personnel like this, that was monitoring each other.

                Under such circumstances, even Lin Ming would never be able to let any of the suspicious people go.

                Song Ruize and the others were definitely going to be found out if they were at Wu Zhai.

                Once Song Ruize and the others were exposed, then Lin Ming would definitely have to go down with them.

                He nodded his head in agreement, but a cold aura flashed in his eyes as he turned around.

                He knew very well that this time, if he didn't solve Lin Zhaoge, then he would definitely die!

                He walked out first and gave the order to someone.

                Then, he walked to Lin Zhaoge's study.

                A woman was here gathering tea sets, and Lin Ming casually found an excuse to send her out.

                Then, Lin Ming picked up Lin Zhaoge's special tea cup and applied some fine powder to the inside of this tea cup.

                After these powders went in, nothing could be seen from the outside.

                After doing all this, Lin Ming immediately walked out of the study, pretending as if nothing had happened.

                The woman walked in and carried the tea set to the hall.

                Lin Zhaoge made the tea himself and washed several tea cups before making three cups of tea and handing them to Lin Mo and He Qianxue respectively.

                As for himself, he picked up his own special cup and savoured it slowly.

                Lin Zhaoge stood in the distant pavilion, his gaze ice-cold as he looked deadly at the three people in the hall.

                Those powders from before were given to him by Compass Zun.

                Zun Zong had made it very clear that these powders, had to be placed in Lin Zhaoge's teacup.

                Because, Lin Mo was a divine doctor, if these powders were placed in his teacup, Lin Mo would be able to detect it in the first place.

                Lin Zhaoge, on the other hand, would not have this ability!

                As long as they took down Lin Zhaoge, they would be able to immediately strike and kill Lin Mo.

                At that time, this Wu Walled City would be dominated by Lin Ming alone.

                Lin Ming was originally hesitant to do so, but with Lin Zhaoge's order for them to supervise each other, he knew that there was no way back!

                If he didn't do this, then sooner or later, it would come back to him!