Medical Genius Chapter 1233

 Although this woman was wearing He Qianxue's clothes, her weight differed greatly from He Qianxue's.

                Lin Mo had just picked her up when he sensed that something was wrong.

                But at this point, it was already a little too late.

                He felt a pain in his chest area and a sharp blade stabbed him directly in the heart area.

                It was also Lin Mo who reacted quickly enough and quickly threw the woman out, moving his own body a little to the side.

                This stab missed his heart, but it also cut a huge wound in his chest, and blood gushed out directly.

                The woman landed on the ground and rolled as if she was an ape, leaping backwards and attacking Lin Mo again.

                Lin Mo retreated as he dodged the woman's attack.

                But the woman was too fast, and with Lin Mo's injuries, his movements were much slower.

                In a few jumps, the woman had already made a few more cuts on Lin Mo's body.

                Lin Mo managed to seize the opportunity to take a few steps back, but the woman pressed on and quickly rushed forward.

                The dagger in her hand was like a maggot in her torso, following Lin Mo closely.

                As long as Lin Mo was one step slower, this dagger would have pierced his heart!

                Lin Mo dodged several times, seized the opportunity and stuffed two pills into his mouth.

                A Small Returning Pill, to temporarily heal his injuries.

                A Qi and Blood Pill, to boost his strength!

                When the Qi and Blood Pill entered his belly, Lin Mo's Qi and blood rapidly rushed up. His strength also rapidly increased immediately afterwards!

                Lin Mo threw a heavy punch, forcing the woman to take a few steps back.

                And he also moved forward with the momentum, his fists coming out in unison as he battled with the woman.

                This woman's strength really wasn't weak.

                Lin Mo had taken the Qi and Blood Pill, and she was still able to fight with Lin Mo.

                The most crucial thing was that this woman's strikes were really bizarre and she was obviously a highly trained killer.

                Lin Mo almost suffered several times, plus his wounds kept bleeding, if he continued like this, Lin Mo would sooner or later run out of strength.

                After a few moments of fighting, Lin Mo suddenly remembered something.

                He quickly struck out and kept breaking the glass objects inside the house, making a loud noise.

                The woman's face on the other side changed instantly, she could see Lin Mo's intention, this was to make a commotion and attract the people of Wu Zhai.

                Sure enough, not long after, several men in black rushed in from outside, all of them from Wu Zhai.

                These men turned on the lights and Lin Mo finally got a good look at the woman's appearance.

                This was not a woman, it was simply a man of short stature!

                Only, he was wearing a wig and He Qianxue's clothes, making people mistake him for a woman.

                Seeing that the situation was not right, the man did not delay and quickly jumped out of the window to escape.

                Lin Mo did not chase after him either, as he hurriedly ran to the first floor.

                In He Qianxue's room, He Qianxue was unconscious on the bed, she was not hurt in any way.

                It looked like this killer had knocked her out, put on her clothes and came downstairs to sneak up on Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

                He woke He Qianxue up, and when He Qianxue saw Lin Mo's wounds, she hugged him and cried straight away.

                Not long afterwards, Lin Zhaoge rushed over.

                Seeing the scene, Lin Zhaoge was furious, he smashed the table inside the house with a slap and roared, "Find out who, exactly, had the audacity to assassinate my guest in Wu Zhai!"

                "Also, block all the exits of Wu Cottage."

                "I want this person to be able to enter Wu Cottage and not be able to leave!"

                The group of men quickly ran out and started investigating the matter.

                Lin Zhao walked over and when he saw Lin Mo's injuries, his face turned even colder.

                He actually didn't care if Lin Mo lived or died.

                However, for the other party to kill someone on his turf, that was breaking his rules!

                "Mr. Lin, don't worry."

                "In this matter, I will definitely give you a satisfactory answer!"

                Lin Zhao said in a deep voice, his eyes filled with anger.