Medical Genius Chapter 1232

 In the afternoon, Lin Mo and He Qianxue went around Wu Zhai.

                Lin Mo bought some more medicinal herbs, had dinner, and went back to the villa with He Qianxue.

                He Qianxue sat next to Lin Mo, watched him sorting those herbs and asked curiously, "Brother Lin, this seven-leaf fire lotus, is it really that precious?"

                Lin Mo: "It depends on who it's for."

                "If one doesn't know the effects of the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, then this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus is just a tonic comparable to a thousand-year-old ginseng."

                "If one knows the efficacy of the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, then this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, can be extremely useful!"

                He Qianxue came to life: "Really?"

                "Brother Lin, then do you know the efficacy of the seven-leaf fire lotus?"

                Lin Mo didn't answer, how could he not know the efficacy of the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus?

                This Seven Leaf Fire Lotus, within the jade pendant's record, was also an extremely rare medicinal material.

                The seven-leaf fire lotus was able to be used to refine a Yuan Condensation Pill.

                And this kind of Yuan Condensation Pill was of great significance to those who practiced martial arts.

                A Yuan Condensation Pill can allow one's internal energy to coalesce, thus allowing one's internal energy to be further enhanced.

                To put it simply, a Yuan Condensation Pill, could make one's cultivation twice as effective with half the effort.

                If Lin Mo could have a Yuan Condensation Pill, his strength would definitely be much stronger than it is now!

                Lin Mo had always wanted to find herbs that could speed up his cultivation, and this time, he had finally come across them.

                Therefore, he was completely desperate to obtain this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus!

                Looking at Lin Mo's expression, He Qianxue suddenly came over, "Brother Lin, you really want this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, don't you?"

                "Why don't I discuss it with Godfather and ask him to bring this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus directly to you?"

                Lin Mo waved his hand, "Miss He, I accept your feelings."

                "But, this time, I'm afraid it's not something Lin Zhaoge can decide!"

                "The fact that this group of medicine farmers took out the Seven Leaf Fire Lotus to seek help means that what they have encountered is definitely not simple."

                "It's probably not easy to get this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus!"

                He Qianxue was instantly confused, "Huh? Then ...... what should we do then?"

                Lin Mo smiled, "There must be a way before the car reaches the mountain, let's see what happens then!"

                Saying that, Lin Mo picked up the packed herbs.

                "Miss He, you should go back and rest first."

                "We still have to get up early tomorrow!"

                Lin Mo laughed.

                A hint of scarlet wiped across He Qianxue's face as she moved closer to Lin Mo and said with a smile, "I'm staying upstairs alone, huh?"

                "I'm afraid of the dark!"

                "Why don't you come up and keep me company?"

                Lin Mo suddenly had a black face, this He Qianxue, was really too reckless.

                In the end, the two of them rested separately.

                Lin Mo was in his room downstairs, and He Qianxue went to her room upstairs.

                Lin Mo sat down on his knees inside the room and cultivated the Creation Skill.

                Today, he was doing his best to improve his strength.

                Not long after he sat down, there was suddenly a light sound of footsteps outside the door.

                Lin Mo frowned slightly, this He Qianxue, still dead set on changing her mind, huh? Trying to come down and molest him again?

                However, Lin Mo had already unlocked the door to his room.

                The footsteps stopped when they reached the door, the door handle was twisted a few times and did not open.

                A few more knocks came from outside, but Lin Mo always ignored them.

                Just when Lin Mo thought that He Qianxue was about to leave, a soft sound suddenly came from the window of his room.

                Lin Mo turned his head, only to see a few small flying insects crashing through the window and flying in.

                His face suddenly changed, these were parasites!

                Looking at the strength of these little flying insects, they must have been personally cultivated by the Compulsion Exalted.

                How could the Zun of Compulsions have arrived here too?

                He didn't have time to think about it, so he immediately jumped up, opened the door of the room and rushed out.

                He wasn't afraid of the parasites, but He Qianxue was different.

                At the door stood a woman dressed in white.

                Lin Mo opened the door and directly pounced on her, picking her up by the waist and preparing to take her away.

                However, when he picked up the woman, his face suddenly changed.

                Because, this woman, was not He Qianxue!