Medical Genius Chapter 1230

 Lin Ming looked at Compass Zun in surprise.

                "This gentleman, are you the one looking for me?"

                He asked respectfully.

                After all, those who could remotely control those little flying insects to kill people were by no means ordinary people.

                Compass Zun nodded calmly and casually pointed to the stone bench next to him, "Sit!"

                Lin Ming walked over and sat down, his face full of caution.

                Zun Zong looked at him and asked, "Do you want to kill Lin Mo?"

                Lin Ming's heart twitched and a sharp aura flashed across his eyes.

                However, in the end, he held back and did not say a word.

                The Compass Zun sneered, "Not saying anything?"

                "Heh, then let me change the question."

                "Do you want to replace Lin Zhaoge and become the true master of this Wu Cottage?"

                Hearing this, Lin Ming stood up straight away, his face full of anger: "Who are you?"

                "How dare you speak to me with such great disrespect?"

                "My righteous father is the master of Wu Zhai, if you ask me to replace him, wouldn't that be asking me to betray him?"

                "You are simply dreaming!"

                The Companions glanced at him disdainfully, "You really are a waste!"

                "You don't even dare to admit what's in your heart, and you still want to become the master of Wu Zhai?"

                "Heh, for the rest of your life, don't even dream of that!"

                Lin Ming looked embarrassed and said indignantly, "You ...... you are talking nonsense!"

                "I've never thought of such a thing ......"

                The compulsion zun sneered, "Thinking about it or not, you know it in your own heart."

                "However, I will also tell you the truth."

                "The heir in Lin Zhaoge's heart is definitely not you."

                Lin Ming couldn't help but be furious: "You're talking nonsense!"

                Compass Zun: "Am I just being nonsense, or are you just being stupid?"

                "If Lin Zhaoge really wanted you to be the heir, then today, he wouldn't have let you lose so much face in front of He Qianxue!"

                Lin Ming said sharply, "I ...... How did I lose face?"

                "I did something wrong and gave an apology, then ...... that's what I should do ......"

                Compose Zun sneered, "Is that so?"

                "You should know that in Lin Zhao's heart, in Guangyang City, only Nanba Tian can be put in his eyes."

                "The rest, what with the ten clans, he doesn't give a damn!"

                "If that's the case, then why did he ask you to apologise to that Lin Mo?"

                "To put it bluntly, your position in his heart is not important at all!"

                "You're not the future heir of Wu Zhai, so your face, too, is not important, understand?"

                Lin Ming was a little confused for a moment.

                He knew that Lin Zhaoge didn't even put the top ten families of Guangyang City in his eyes.

                This was also the reason why he had always been very unconvinced of Lin Mo.

                In his opinion, Lin Mo was nothing even if he defeated the Ten Great Families, and could not be compared to Wu Zhai at all.

                Now, with some words from the Companions, he couldn't help but begin to wonder as well.

                Why did Lin Zhaoge ask him to apologise if he didn't care about Lin Mo?

                Could it be that Lin Zhaoge really didn't care about his face?

                Thinking of this, Lin Ming's face darkened a little, and he couldn't help but feel a little more resentment towards Lin Zhaoge in his heart.

                Seeing this, Compass Zun directly laughed lightly and said, "Lin Ming, the opportunity is now before you."

                "As long as you are willing to cooperate with me, I will guarantee that you will be able to kill Lin Mo and become the heir of Wu Zhai!"

                "Not only that, I can also make He Qianxue die to you and do anything for you willingly!"

                A brilliant aura flashed across Lin Ming's eyes.

                With every word, Compass Zun was tugging at the most sensitive line in his heart, and he was truly heartened.

                He glanced at Compass Zun and said in a low voice, "Heh, these are all your words, how can I believe you?"

                "Other than that, it's not even an easy thing to kill Lin Mo!"

                Zun Zong tilted his head and laughed, suddenly clapping his hands, "Come out!"

                Lin Ming's face changed, all around here, there were others? Then wouldn't what they had said have been leaked?

                Just at that moment, a group of people walked out from the woods next to them.

                This group was none other than Song Ruize and the others!