Medical Genius Chapter 1229

 Lin Ming ran to the courtyard in anger, grabbed his whip and lashed out at Wu Xiong and the others.

                Soon, Wu Xiong and the others all fell to the ground with their flesh splitting open and wailing.

                Wu Xiong even knelt at Lin Ming's feet and said in a trembling voice, "Young Ming, Young Ming, please spare my life ......"

                "I ...... didn't know that this Lin Mo, had such a great ability, I was also unintentional."

                "Young Ming, just treat me like a dog and spare me, I ...... can give you money to compensate for your loss ......"

                Lin Ming was even more furious, grabbing the whip and hitting it headlessly.

                "Fuck you, do you think Laozi is blackmailing you?"

                "Laozi is the young proprietor of Wu Zhai, how much money have I not seen?"

                "You're fucking using money to insult Laozi?"

                The more he fought, the angrier he became, and Lin Ming finally simply grabbed a dagger, ready to stab Wu Xiong to death directly.

                Just then, a small flying insect suddenly landed on Wu Xiong's neck.

                As Lin Ming watched, this small flying insect, unexpectedly, bit through Wu Xiong's neck and drilled into Wu Xiong's body.

                Immediately afterwards, Wu Xiong let out a gruesome scream, as if he was suffering from great pain.

                He kept on scratching his neck with his hands, digging his hands into his skin, as if he was trying to pick out the insect.

                However, all his struggles were ultimately in vain.

                In the end, he almost broke his neck and fell to the ground covered in blood, dying a horrible death.

                Those who had followed him here were all screaming in terror, they had never seen such a horrible scene before!

                In particular, those young students who had followed him to Wu Zhai for excitement were now all regretting it.

                They had all heard Wu Xiong say that this side of Wu Zhai was very exciting, so they wanted to come over and learn more about it.

                But who would have thought that this side of Wu Zhai would be so terrifying.

                How could they, who had never seen the world, imagine how dangerous the outside world really was!

                Now, at this moment, they finally knew how cruel the outside world was, but it was too late for all that.

                These people all knelt on the ground, desperately begging Lin Ming not to kill them.

                And Lin Ming himself was dumbfounded, he didn't even know what was happening ah.

                A little flying insect, how could he have such great abilities?

                Just as he was wondering, this little flying insect, to his surprise, crawled out of Wu Xiong's neck.

                Immediately after, this little flying insect flew to another youth's neck.

                As it did, this youth also followed in Wu Xiong's footsteps and died tragically on the spot.

                Lin Ming's eyes were almost glazed over, he was completely shocked.

                Just then, some more small flying insects flew in.

                These little flying insects first tortured all of Wu Xiong's few people to death.

                Then, these little flying insects flew in front of Lin Ming.

                Lin Ming's sweat hairs stood up all over his body.

                If these little flying insects came to attack him, then he would be dead too!

                However, instead of attacking him, these little flying insects landed on the ground in front of him.

                These little flying insects slowly gathered together and, in the end, surprisingly formed three words - Forgotten Heart Pavilion!

                Lin Ming was even more wide-eyed, how could he not imagine this scene?

                He did know about the Pavilion of Forgotten Hearts, it was not far from the back of Wu Cottage, a very secluded place.

                But what did this little flying insects mean by forming this word?

                Did it mean that these little flying insects wanted to lure him to the Pavilion of Forgotten Hearts?

                But, why?

                With his doubts, Lin Ming finally got up and went to the Forgotten Heart Pavilion at the back of the mountain by himself.

                He knew very well that it would be easy for someone who could control these little flying insects to kill him.

                If he didn't go, then he might be in danger himself!

                When he arrived at the Forgotten Heart Pavilion, he saw a middle-aged man sitting in the pavilion from afar.

                If Lin Mo were here, he would have been able to recognise at a glance that this middle-aged man was the Compass Zun who had escaped from Guangyang City last time!