Medical Genius Chapter 1228

 As the saying goes, those who speak have no intention, but those who listen have a heart.

                Lin Mo immediately said, "Lord Lin Zhai, this Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, is it true or not?"

                Lin Zhaoge glanced at Lin Mo and smiled, "Mr. Lin also knows about the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus?"

                Lin Mo nodded his head with a faint smile.

                He Qianxue immediately came over, "Brother Lin, what is the seven-leaf fire lotus?"

                Lin Mo said softly, "Seven-leaved Fire Lotus, a particularly rare medicinal herb."

                "It blossoms once every three hundred years, and its medicinal effects are divine, not much worse than those thousand year snow lotus and thousand year ginseng."

                "Moreover, the most crucial thing is that the seven-leaved fire lotus, has particularly high requirements for the growing environment."

                "This kind of fire lotus is fire-loving and must live in the midst of fire and earth, which is often referred to as near volcanic rocks."

                "Moreover, this volcanic rock must also remain hot all year round, otherwise, this fire lotus will not be able to survive."

                "Therefore, the rarity of the seven-leaf fire lotus is much higher than the thousand-year snow lotus and thousand-year ginseng."

                "This medicinal herb can truly be called worth a fortune!"

                He Qianxue's eyes widened, "There's still such a miraculous medicinal herb, huh?"

                Lin Zhaoge, on the other hand, gave Lin Mo a deep look, he didn't expect that Lin Mo would actually know about the Seven Leaf Fire Lotus!

                "It seems that Mr. Lin is also a high achiever in this."

                "I wonder if Mr. Lin would be interested in staying here to see what all the fuss is about?"

                "When those medicine farmers come over tomorrow, they will not only bring the Seven-leaf Fire Lotus, but also many rare medicinal herbs!"

                Lin Zhao laughed.

                Lin Mo immediately nodded, "Good, then I'll wait here for a day!"

                He Qianxue was overjoyed.

                If Lin Mo could stay here for one more day, it would be like spending one more day alone with her, which was something she was most happy about.

                Next, Lin Zhaoge invited the two to lunch.

                It was obvious that Lin Zhaoge regarded Lin Mo as a big shot in Guangyang City, just doing his best as a host, and still did not regard Lin Mo as a friend.

                After eating, Lin Zhaoge had someone arrange a detached villa for Lin Mo and He Qianxue to stay in.

                If it was before, Lin Zhaoge would not have let He Qianxue get too close to Lin Mo.

                Now that Lin Mo had demonstrated his strength, he felt that it would not be a bad thing for He Qianyue to get closer to Lin Mo.

                He Qianxue was naturally overjoyed, but Lin Mo was helpless.

                If he had to live in the same villa as He Qianyue, there was no telling what kind of trouble would arise.

                On this side, Lin Zhaoge sent Lin Mo and He Qianxue away, and went straight to the backyard.

                Lin Ming was sitting in the backyard, while in front of him, Wu Xiong and the others were kneeling on the ground.

                These men were all covered in bloodstains and kept trembling and begging Lin Ming to spare them.

                Lin Ming was filled with rage and simply ignored these people.

                Lin Zhaoge walked over and sighed when he saw Lin Ming's half-swollen face.

                "Ming'er, how many times have I told you."

                "Don't be too impulsive when you do something."

                "Why do you just not listen to me?"

                Lin Zhao scolded.

                Lin Ming was filled with resignation, "Righteous Father, how ...... did I know that that Lin Mo was actually so capable?"

                "Righteous father, is this ...... really not a mistake?"

                "He really took down the top ten families in Guangyang City?"

                Lin Zhaoge slowly nodded his head and told what had happened in Guangyang City recently.

                After hearing this, Lin Ming was directly dumbfounded.

                He did not expect that Lin Mo really had such a great ability.

                Lin Zhaoge said in a cold voice, "I know that you are furious with him."

                "But I advise you one thing, don't mess with him anymore."

                "This young man, is very uncomplicated."

                "Even Nanba Tian, admires him greatly."

                "You'd better break your mind about seeking revenge on him."

                "Otherwise, if you cause any more trouble, humph, I won't let you go either!"

                Lin Zhao finished speaking and turned to leave with his hands folded.

                A look of resentment flashed across Lin Ming's eyes, and he was resentful in his heart.

                Angry at Lin Mo for causing him to lose face, and even angrier at Lin Zhaoge for sitting back and doing nothing!