Medical Genius Chapter 1227

 Next to him, Lin Zhao frowned and his expression became somewhat dissatisfied.

                As the saying goes, beating a dog still depends on its master.

                What's more, this was his righteous son!

                However, Lin Mo did not stop, but once again kicked Lin Ming in the jaw.

                Lin Ming's strength was too far away from Lin Mo's.

                In front of Lin Mo, he was powerless to resist.

                Seeing that the kick was about to reach him, Lin Zhao suddenly stepped out and blocked Lin Mo's kick.

                "Mr. Lin, stop it in moderation!"

                "Although Ming'er said the wrong thing, he has already apologised to you, and you have taught him a lesson."

                "This little matter, the crime is not too serious, right?"

                Lin Zhao said with a smirk, but among his eyes, there was a hint of essence.

                It was obvious that as long as Lin Mo was aggressive, then he was going to flip out with Lin Mo.

                Honestly, last time, he did not have much good feeling towards Lin Mo after learning that he was a door-to-door son-in-law.

                Although what happened afterwards made him impressed with Lin Mo, he never cared much for him in his heart.

                In his opinion, a man should stand up to the sky and the earth.

                To be a son-in-law is a disgrace.

                But who would have thought that it was this son-in-law who had stirred up the entire Guangyang City.

                With his own power, he had replaced most of the ten families in Guangyang City.

                Even the Hai Cheng Poison Spider had returned in defeat at the hands of Lin Mo.

                This ability was enough to make Lin Zhao pay attention to it.

                However, just because he valued him, did not mean that he feared Lin Mo.

                The only people who could enter Lin Zhaoge's eyes were big names like Nanba Tian.

                In his eyes, Lin Mo was just a junior with some skills.

                Just because he gave Lin Mo face did not mean that Lin Mo could do whatever he wanted with him!

                Lin Mo gave a faint smile and didn't say anything else.

                His second move was actually to test Lin Zhaoge's attitude.

                It was obvious that although Lin Zhaoge was polite to him, he did not show much respect.

                Lin Zhaoge had someone send Lin Ming away, and after roughly understanding what had happened earlier, he had someone drag Wu Xiong and the others away.

                The fact that things had come to this point this time was also all the result of Wu Xiong stirring up trouble. Next, Lin Ming would definitely not let him off the hook!

                And all of this was the result of Wu Xiong and the others taking the blame, no one would sympathise with them!

                Lin Zhao invited Lin Mo and He Qianxue to have lunch, but Lin Mo refused.

                He planned to go back first, and when those medicine farmers came over, he would come back to buy that batch of medicine.

                And when Lin Zhaoge learnt of these things, he directly stopped Lin Mo.

                "Mr. Lin, these medicine farmers, they will be at Wu Zhai tomorrow morning!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised, and He Qianxue was also at a loss: "Godfather, didn't you tell my grandfather that they would not arrive until two days later?"

                Lin Zhaoge: "The original plan was to come two days later."

                "However, when they were picking medicine over there, they encountered some changes."

                "So, through me, they wanted to find a group of people to go and pick up a batch of herbs for them."

                "I went out last night, just to help them contact various forces."

                "Tomorrow morning, they will come over and meet with all the forces to deal with this matter together!"

                He Qianxue wondered, "What have they encountered?"

                "And they have to invite all the powers to come and solve it? How big a matter is it?"

                Lin Zhaoge smiled, "I don't know exactly what the matter is."

                "As you know, I'm just a middleman, only responsible for pulling strings and collecting some intermediary fees."

                "As for what exactly is going on and how to deal with these matters, it has nothing to do with me!"

                He Qianxue scratched his head, "Godfather, to have you personally go out to find someone, this is certainly not a trivial matter."

                "This batch of medicine farmers, at least, must have commanded a very high price, right?"

                Lin Zhaoge laughed lightly and waved his hand, "Xue'er, for those forces I contacted this time, money is no longer important!"

                "These medicine farmers, they are willing to take out a Seven Leaf Fire Lotus as payment."

                Hearing these words, a sharp aura flickered in Lin Mo's eyes.