Medical Genius Chapter 1226

 Lin Zhao gave an angry rebuke, and the crowd at the scene immediately stopped.

                And Lin Zhaoge turned to Lin Mo at the same time, arching his hand and saying, "Mr. Lin, I'm really sorry."

                "These people may have misunderstood you in some way and offended you, so I'm here to say sorry!"

                Lin Mo nodded calmly, and he had to say that this time when he came over again, Lin Zhao's attitude towards him was much better.

                Lin Ming, on the other hand, turned pale and said sharply, "Righteous Father, this is a little white man who specialises in cheating women!"

                "He even compelled sister Qianxue, why should you be polite to such a person?"

                Lin Zhao immediately glared at him, "Shut up!"

                "What do you know?"

                "In Guangyang City, even the Ten Great Families have to treat him with respect now."

                "This kind of person, and you call him a liar?"

                Lin Ming couldn't help but stare in amazement and said curiously, "Righteous Father, how come you've been tricked by him too?"

                "Such lies, you believe them too?"

                "How could the top ten families in Guangyang City be respectful to such a person?"

                Lin Zhaoge was furious and threw a slap at Lin Ming's face, breaking into a curse, "You stupid bastard!"

                "You don't know anything and you dare to judge others at will here?"

                "Do you know that most of the top ten families in Guangyang City have already been replaced, such as into the city."

                "And the members of these new top ten families were all decided by Mr. Lin."

                Lin Ming was directly confused as he looked at Lin Mo with a dumbfounded expression of disbelief.

                According to these words of Lin Zhaoge, wouldn't that mean that Lin Mo was able to rule the life and death of the ten largest families in Guangyang City?

                "Righteous Father, are you ...... you mistaken?"

                "How is this possible?"

                "That's the top ten families in Guangyang City!"

                "This liar, how dare he lie like this?"

                "I ...... will call my friends in Guangyang City right now and expose his lies!"

                Lin Ming said sharply.

                Lin Zhaoge was furious and threw a slap at his face once again, "These things are the news I just got from Guangyang City!"

                "Moreover, it was Mr. Nanba Tian and Elder He Jinyan He who told me personally."

                "Do you think that Mr. Nanba Tian and Elder He, would join together to lie to me?"

                Lin Ming was instantly dumbfounded.

                When this came out of anyone else's mouth, it had all the elements of a lie.

                However, coming from the mouths of Nanba Tian and He Jinyan, then it certainly wouldn't be a lie.

                He looked at Lin Mo in disbelief, unable to understand what was going on.

                All the people around him were also stunned.

                Especially Wu Xiong and the others, in this instant, they were almost scared shitless.

                Originally, Wu Xiong had thought that Lin Mo was just a waste of time, so he wanted to clean him up and take his anger out.

                Who would have thought that Lin Mo's identity would be the most terrifying of all!

                Although Wu Xiong's family was the richest in a county, compared to the ten largest families in Guangyang City, they were nothing more than ants.

                Any one of the top ten families in Guangyang City could crush them.

                In other words, Lin Mo could have wiped them out with his bare hands if he wanted to.

                Wu Xiong now regretted to the extreme, he had nothing better to do than to mess with such an unbelievable big shot?

                This was not asking for death!

                Lin Zhaoge glared at Lin Ming with hatred, "What are you standing there for?"

                "Why don't you go and apologise to Mr. Lin!"

                Lin Ming was a little reluctant, but he still had to walk up to Lin Mo and whispered, "Mr. Lin, I'm sorry."

                Lin Mo's face was still cold: "An apology is not necessary."

                "Lin Ming, the two of us are considered to have no grudges or enemies."

                "You came up here and insulted my parents, these matters can't be solved with a word of apology!"

                Lin Ming's face changed: "Then ...... what do you want to do then?"

                Lin Mo didn't say anything, but went straight up and punched Lin Ming right in the mouth.

                Lin Ming was hit so hard that blood dripped down his mouth and a few teeth fell out.