Medical Genius Chapter 1225

 Lin Mo said in a cold voice: "The first name and surname are given by the parents."

                "Who are you to deny me the surname Lin?"

                Lin Ming sneered, "Given by your parents?"

                "Humph, did you come out to cheat and deceive, and were you taught by your parents too?"

                "That parent of yours, is also as uncultured and unqualified as you are?"

                Lin Mo's face turned cold: "Lin Ming, listen to me clearly."

                "Whatever misunderstanding there is between us, it is between us, you are not qualified to talk about my parents, let alone insult them!"

                Lin Ming smiled with his head held high, "Heh, you've got quite a character!"

                "Fuck, what the fuck are you, you dare to talk to me about qualifications or not?"

                "I'm telling you, I can say whatever I want, what can you do to me?"

                "Hmph, I said what's wrong with your parents? To be able to give birth to a trash like you, that parent of yours, is no better ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, Lin Mo suddenly took a step forward and directly reached out and clasped Lin Ming's neck.

                "I'll give you a chance to apologize to my parents!"

                "Otherwise, don't blame me for being ungracious!"

                Lin Mo gritted his teeth and said.

                Lin Ming didn't expect that Lin Mo would dare to make the first move.

                He had to know that he had followed Lin Zhao's martial arts training since he was a child.

                His strength, too, was quite not weak.

                And now, being choked by Lin Mo, he was actually powerless to resist.

                He was a little confused, this little white face, he actually had such powerful skills?

                At that very moment, those men he had brought with him rushed up with a roar and attacked Lin Mo in unison.

                Lin Mo dodged the attacks of several people, and Lin Ming took the opportunity to break free of Lin Mo's hand.

                He coughed a few times, his face full of anger, and pointed at Lin Mo, roaring furiously, "Damn it, you dare to touch Laozi?"

                "Fuck, get rid of him for me!"

                A dozen people around him immediately rushed up, ready to beat Lin Mo in a group.

                He Qianxue looked furious from the side, she stood up and tried to stop these people.

                Seeing this, Wu Xiong immediately winked at the girls and told them to cover He Qianxue's mouth and hold her down on a chair.

                In this way, without He Qianxue's interference, the scene of the battle broke out directly.

                Lin Mo originally did not want to start a fight with these people.

                However, these people simply pulled out their weapons, and their strikes were completely aimed at his life.

                Lin Mo was also enraged, and he was no longer polite in his strikes, quickly knocking all of these dozen people to the ground.

                Lin Ming stood at a distance, seeing this scene, his whole body was stunned.

                He had originally thought that Lin Mo was just an ordinary little white boy.

                He could have crushed a dozen of these little white guys with one hand.

                He had never imagined that Lin Mo would have such a great ability.

                These people around him were all Lin Zhao's trained fighters.

                As a result, a dozen of them were actually beaten down by Lin Mo?

                Seeing that Lin Mo was about to come towards him, Lin Ming also panicked a little.

                He immediately took out a firework from his pocket and quickly lit it.

                The firework burst in the air, directly alerting the entire Wu Cottage.

                This was a special distress signal for Wu Zhai.

                Upon seeing this firework, the people of Wu Zhai would come at the first opportunity.

                In fact, not long after Lin Ming's fireworks burst, many people rushed out of the market.

                Immediately after, outside the market, there were also many people running wildly.

                Seeing this scene, Lin Ming breathed a sigh of relief, and his face was filled with smugness.

                "Kid, you do have a couple of tricks up your sleeve!"

                "But, this is in Wu Zhai, your little tricks are useless!"

                "Here, I'll let you die, and even the gods can't save you!"

                With those words, Lin Ming waved his hand and shouted, "Kill him for me!"

                Hundreds of people rushed up.

                He Qianxue was going crazy with impatience, she hadn't expected that things would get this big.

                Lin Mo also frowned, did he really have to fight hard against these people?

                Just in the nick of time, a car sped up and directly blocked Lin Mo's path.

                One person got out of the car, and it was none other than Lin Zhao.

                He swept his gaze across the crowd and said angrily, "Have you gone mad? How dare you be so rude to Mr. Lin?"