Medical Genius Chapter 1223

 He Qianxue directly gave Lin Ming a white look, "You haven't heard of it, that's because you're ignorant!"

                "Let me tell you, brother Lin Mo is a Guang Yang City ......"

                She originally wanted to say something about Lin Mo, but was directly interrupted by Lin Mo.

                "My hometown is not from Guangyang City."

                "Brother Lin M, don't mind, Miss He is joking with you."

                "We are just friends, I have a wife."

                These words caused Lin Ming to breathe a sigh of relief.

                However, He Qianxue was not at all impressed and said perkily, "So what if you're married?"

                "The fact that I like you has nothing to do with whether you are married or not!"

                "Even if you have someone you love, it doesn't stop me from loving you!"

                Lin Mo was speechless, he couldn't even refute these words, ah.

                Lin Ming was so furious at hearing this that he almost went straight into a rage.

                He really couldn't understand why Lin Mo, an ordinary looking man, had caused He Qianxue to treat him in such a manner!

                Soon, they arrived at Wu Zhai.

                Lin Ming was still ready to invite He Qianxue to the villa he had prepared to rest.

                As a result, once He Qianxue got out of the car, she pulled Lin Mo's arm and walked away, ignoring him at all, making Lin Ming even angrier.

                On this side, not long after Lin Mo and He Qianxue had left, Wu Xiong and the others arrived here.

                Wu Xiong had met Lin Ming once and was considered to know him.

                He ran all the way to Lin Ming and greeted him with a sarcastic smile.

                Lin Ming didn't give him a second thought and just exchanged a few casual pleasantries.

                Just as he was about to leave, Wu Xiong suddenly came up and whispered, "Young Ming, forgive me for taking the liberty of asking."

                "What exactly is your relationship with that Miss He just now?"

                Lin Ming's face was cold as he looked at Wu Xiong with cold eyes, and there was even some more killing aura in his eyes.

                Wu Xiong shivered in fear and hurriedly said, "Young Ming, I don't mean anything else."

                "It's just that we just flew over together, saw some things and learned a bit."

                "No, I'm worried that you're still in the dark, so I wanted to remind you of that."

                "This man, he's no good, he kept pulling and tangling with Miss He on the plane, ah!"

                Hearing these words, Lin Ming was outright furious.

                He grabbed Wu Xiong's collar and said through clenched teeth, "Are you telling the truth?"

                Wu Xiong immediately nodded, "Young Ming, even if I had the guts to do so, I wouldn't dare lie to you!"

                "We all saw it with our own eyes!"

                Several people around Wu Xiong nodded their heads.

                Lin Ming was so furious that he almost wanted to go straight to Lin Mo to settle the score.

                However, in the end, he was still a bit more sensible.

                He first got his own men and first asked them to investigate Lin Mo's situation.

                As it happened, when Lin Mo had come last time, the people on Wu Zhai's side, had some general knowledge of him.

                These people told them what they knew last time.

                When Lin Mo came last time, he was still not very well known in Guangyang City.

                The people of Wu Zhai only knew that he was a door-to-door son-in-law and did not yet know how much he was capable of.

                When Lin Ming heard about these things, he went straight into a rage: "Fuck me, a soft-boiled wimp who dares to steal a woman from me?"

                "What's wrong with Qianxue? How dare she fall for such a loser?"

                Wu Xiong's eyes also flashed with a fine aura, and immediately said, "Young Ming, Miss He, she's probably been cheated."

                "Nowadays, out there, there are many of these little white faces, professionally trained and specialised in coaxing girls."

                A cold aura immediately flashed across Lin Ming's eyes as he gritted his teeth and said, "That's definitely the case!"

                "Fuck me, this kind of trash, how dare he come to my Wu Cottage."

                "If I don't let him kneel on the ground and kowtow to me today, I won't have to be in the business from now on!"

                With those words, Lin Ming directly got up and rushed out with his men in a rage.

                A few of Wu Xiong's men immediately followed suit, all of them full of smugness and wanting to see a lively scene.