Medical Genius Chapter 1222

 The girl was just jealous of He Qianxue and wanted to mock and smear her on purpose.

                Unexpectedly, she had angered Wu Xiong first.

                Looking at Wu Xiong's fierce and fierce look, the girl was so scared that she shivered and could not utter a word.

                Fortunately, they were standing far away.

                So, He Qianxue did not hear the girl's words either.

                She glanced at these people disdainfully, "Hey, still want me to ride in your broken car?"

                Wu Xiong and the others awkwardly accompanied with smiling faces, not daring to say a single extra word.

                In the end, He Qianxue ignored them and went straight to the car to leave.

                Wu Xiong breathed a long sigh of relief, his clothes were soaked with sweat after this moment's work.

                He glared angrily at the woman next to him and cursed, "Bitch, watch what you say from now on!"

                "You want to die, I don't want to die yet!"

                "Don't you fucking drag me down!"

                The woman's face was red, but she still said reluctantly, "Senior, why are you afraid of them?"

                "I just think that woman is not a good person!"

                "For no reason at all, admitting a godfather."

                "That what's-her-name Lin Ming just now, he obviously has a thing for her too."

                "As a result, she was just on the plane, and then she was pulling and pulling with that guy, what is this?"

                "This woman is simply a watery bitch, those men are all blind, how could they treat her so well?"

                Hearing these words, Wu Xiong, on the other hand, slowly frowned.

                Just now, when he looked at Lin Ming's expression, it was obvious that he was interested in He Qianxue.

                But what was the relationship between He Qianxue and Lin Mo, then?

                Could it be that He Qianxue had some sort of hook-up with Lin Mo behind Lin Ming's back?

                Thinking of this, his heart fiercely moved.

                If he told Lin Ming about this, then wouldn't he be able to give them a good beating?

                He immediately came to life and hurriedly led the crowd, heading straight for Wu Zhai.


                Inside the Rolls Royce car.

                Lin Ming originally intended to sit in the back with He Qianxue and chat with her by the way.

                As a result, He Qianxue directly pulled Lin Mo to sit in the back row, and he was instead driven to the front row.

                Lin Ming had carefully placed some fruits in the back row.

                Now, He Qianxue picked up a grape, carefully peeled the skin, and then handed it to Lin Mo's mouth next to him.

                Lin Ming's eyes were almost staring out.

                He Qianxue, this was to feed it to Lin Mo?

                At this moment, his heart lit up with jealousy.

                He had to know that Lin Ming, among Lin Zhao's three righteous sons, was the most handsome and the most capable one.

                He had always felt that everything Lin Zhaoge had would be his.

                And he had always regarded He Qianyue as his forbidden possession, and he knew very well that as long as he married He Qianyue, he would be able to get everything Lin Zhaoge had.

                Now, He Qianyue had actually treated Lin Mo in such a manner, which naturally made him furious to the extreme.

                Lin Mo was rendered speechless by He Qianxue, he waved his hand, "You can eat, I don't want to eat at the moment ......"

                Before the words left his mouth, He Qianxue had already stuffed that grape into his mouth with a swift movement.

                Lin Mo was dumbfounded, while He Qianxue had a smug smile on her face.

                Lin Ming, on the other hand, directly clenched his fists and a cold aura flashed in his eyes.

                However, he ultimately did not dare to get angry in front of He Qianyue.

                He glanced at Lin Mo and said with a leathery smile, "Qianxue, this, this is your friend, huh?"

                "Why don't you introduce him?"

                He Qianxue directly took Lin Mo's arm, "His name is Lin Mo, he's not my friend, he's the guy I like!"

                Lin Mo was speechless, this He Qianxue was really tongue-tied when she spoke.

                And with that one sentence, it also brought some more killing aura into Lin Ming's eyes.

                He stared at Lin Mo with a deadly stare and said in a deep voice, "Lin Mo?"

                "How come I've never heard of, in Guangyang City, any big family with the surname Lin, huh?"

                The implication was to say that Lin Mo was of humble origin.