Medical Genius Chapter 1221

 When the people around saw this scene, they were even more stunned.

                Those who had wanted to see He Qianxue's joke before were all confused now.

                They thought that He Qianyue was bragging and had thought of words to mock He Qianyue.

                Now, they finally knew that He Qianyue wasn't bragging at all, what she said was all true.

                The car that came to pick her up was really much better than the car that Wu Xiong had rented!

                The girl who was yelling the loudest just now, with wide eyes, muttered, "This ...... how is this possible? How is this possible?"

                "Where did they rent so many luxury cars?"

                "Which car rental company, doesn't have so many luxury cars either!"

                Wu Xiong looked straight at the young man who was giving flowers, his face suddenly changed and he whispered urgently, "This car is not a rental!"

                The girl couldn't help but stare, "It's not a rental?"

                "Then ...... how did that come about?"

                "Don't tell me, it's all their own car!"

                Wu Xiong glanced at her and said in a deep voice, "Do you know who this man is?"

                "I'm telling you, he's Lin Ming, Lin Zhao's righteous son, and he's the young proprietor of Wu Zhai!"

                "He wants to use some luxury cars, does he still need to go and rent them?"

                The girl's eyes widened, "This ...... this really?"

                Wu Xiong nodded his head, "Of course it's true."

                "I had the pleasure of meeting him once before when I came to Wu Zhai."

                "I'm sure I can't be mistaken!"

                The girl was confused, she finally knew just how strong this youth was.

                And her expression became even more resigned, "Lin Zhao's righteous son, how ...... could he know these two people?"

                Everyone else was also filled with bewilderment.

                He Qianxue and Lin Mo, both dressed in ordinary clothes, didn't look anything special.

                Why would Lin Zhaoge's righteous son come to greet them with such fanfare?

                Wu Xiong frowned slightly, he really couldn't understand either.

                Although He Qianxue was pretty, it wasn't enough for Lin Ming to come to greet her with such fanfare!

                He did not know that under Lin Zhao's knee, there were a total of three righteous sons like Lin Ming.

                However, Lin Zhao's goddaughter was only He Qianxue.

                Moreover, Lin Zhao also had a daughter in his early years, but unfortunately, she was killed in an accident.

                Lin Zhao was most fond of He Qianxue.

                These three sons knew very well that whoever could marry He Qianxue would definitely be able to take over from Lin Zhaoge.

                Therefore, these three sons were all very attentive to He Qianxue.

                Usually, these sons were not at Wu Zhai, but this time, when Lin Ming learned that He Qianxue was coming, he deliberately rushed back early and made such a big show to welcome He Qianxue.

                However, He Qianxue only glanced at him and did not bother to receive the bouquet of flowers.

                She beamed and said discontentedly, "How come it's you who's here?"

                "Where's my godfather?"

                "He was promised to come and pick me up, why didn't he come?"

                Wu Xiong's heart twitched, could it be that Lin Ming knew He Qianxue's godfather and that's why he gave He Qianxue such face?

                Lin Ming was slightly embarrassed and said with a smile, "Yi-father had an important matter and just went out last night."

                "However, he explained that he told me to treat sister Qianxue well."

                Hearing these words, Wu Xiong's face changed.

                He Qianxue's godfather was actually Lin Ming's righteous father?

                Wouldn't that mean that He Qianxue, was Lin Zhaoge's goddaughter?

                In this instant, Wu Xiong only felt a chill run down his vest.

                He had just, unexpectedly, flaunted his wealth in front of Lin Zhaoge's goddaughter, wasn't that seeking death?

                At this moment, the girl from earlier came over again and said with a disdainful expression, "Senior, this girl, I don't think she's any good either."

                "And she's going around admitting her godfather?"

                "Heh, probably a mistress for some big shot ......"

                Not waiting for her to finish, Wu Xiong threw a slap directly at her face and whispered, "Shut up, you bitch!"

                "How dare you insult Mr. Lin Zhao's goddaughter, do you want to seek death?"