Medical Genius Chapter 1220

 He Qianxue still wanted to speak, but was pulled back by Lin Mo.

                He was too lazy to argue with these people about such things.

                "Alright, let's go."

                "I still have important things to do!"

                Lin Mo said.

                He Qianxue brushed aside her mouth and followed Lin Mo straight out the door.

                However, the girl did not relent.

                She followed closely and said loudly, "What, you're afraid of being exposed for lying and want to slip away?"

                "Heh, I still have to follow today to open my eyes."

                "I'd like to see what kind of car you're looking for that can be better than our Senior Wu Xiong's car!"

                Several other people also shouted, "That's right, today we have to see it clearly!"

                "How dare you say that Maybach is broken? I'd like to see what kind of car you can rent."

                "Come on, let's go together!"

                The crowd followed He Qianxue and Lin Mo.

                Wu Xiong sneered and followed behind, Lin Mo and He Qianxue were not wearing brand names, he felt that these two were just pretending to be fat with a swollen face.

                Therefore, he wanted to follow them and humiliate them properly.

                As he walked outside, Wu Xiong contacted the car rental company by the way and asked them to park the car at the airport exit.

                When he went out later, he would have all three Maybachs waiting at the exit, he wanted to make a show of it and show He Qianxue his vast financial power!

                However, the driver of the car rental company said with difficulty, "Mr. Wu, I'm really sorry, our car cannot go to the airport exit!"

                Wu Xiong couldn't help but be annoyed, "Why can't you come?"

                "I've been here a dozen times and every time I've rented a car, I've been able to get to the exit, why can't I do it this time?"

                Driver: "Mr. Wu, this time the situation is a bit special."

                "It's not that we don't want to go through, but ...... it's the airport exit side that's been cleared."

                "We can't get through!"

                Wu Xiong couldn't help but stare, "Cleared?"

                "Why is it cleared?"

                The driver: "I don't know."

                "Anyway, the intersection is blocked and many people in black suits are guarding the place, they don't look like good guys, so we don't dare to go through."

                Wu Xiong was a bit confused, what was this situation?

                Just then, the crowd had already walked to where the airport exit was.

                The girl from earlier jumped up and looked around, "Hey, didn't you say there was a luxury car to pick you up?"

                "Where's the car?"

                "Where's the limousine that's more powerful than a Maybach?"

                He Qianxue was also confused, this airport exit, it was empty, there was no one there, what was the situation?

                Just at that moment, a sound of a locomotive roaring suddenly came from the distance.

                Immediately after, a row of luxury cars drove straight over.

                At a glance, there were almost forty to fifty of them, all of them top-of-the-line luxury cars.

                At the head of the line, was a Rolls Royce.

                Behind it, there was a clear line of luxury cars. What Ferraris, what Lamborghinis, following inside the procession, it was dazzling to see.

                The most crucial thing was that on each side of the caravan, there were two teams of men in black suits, trotting along with the caravan.

                Wu Xiong and the others were all dumbfounded and completely shocked.

                Even though Wu Xiong's family was wealthy, he had never seen such a spectacle before.

                As the convoy drove to the exit, the two teams of men stood directly on either side of the convoy, as if they were two teams of guards.

                The door of the Rolls-Royce at the front opened and two men immediately greeted them, quickly spreading a red carpet all the way to the exit.

                Inside the Rolls Royce came a handsome young man with a bouquet of flowers in his hand and a smile on his face as he walked over with his head held high.

                When the girls around saw this young man, they couldn't close their mouths straight away.

                This, was simply the Prince Charming of dreams!

                And in full view of everyone, this young man walked straight up to He Qianxue's side.

                He handed the flowers in his hand to He Qianxue and smiled lightly, "Sister Qianxue, it's been a long time!"