Medical Genius Chapter 1219

 The outskirts of Guangyang City.

                When Song Ruize got the news that Lin Mo had gone to Wu Zhai, he was so happy that he almost jumped up.

                "What a way to find a place to go!"

                "We were worried that we wouldn't find a chance, but to our surprise, this son of a bitch, has thrown himself into the net!"

                "Why didn't he stay in Guangyang City and go to Wu Zhai? This is self-destructive!"

                "In Guangyang City, we still have to be afraid of Nanba Tian and can't strike at will."

                "After going to Wu Zhai, humph, who else can protect him?"

                Song Ruize laughed loudly and wildly.

                The others were also full of excitement, and Li Chengduo even said excitedly, "Why don't we go to Wu Zhai too?"

                "I want to see him die in front of me with my own eyes!"

                Li Chengduo's proposal received the unanimous approval of several other house masters straight away.

                Next, they too immediately gathered their men and ran to Wu Zhai.

                Song Ruize even contacted the number one assassin, Qin Wuyi, and asked him to rush to Wu Zhai as well.

                This time, they had made up their minds that they would kill Lin Mo at Wu Zhai no matter what!


                In the early morning, the plane arrived at the airport, which was still thirty kilometres away from Wu Zhai.

                He Qianxue slept all the way on the plane, while Lin Mo was dragged by this Wu Xiong to chat all the way.

                This Wu Xiong seemed to be very familiar with himself and kept finding things to say to Lin Mo, which made him quite speechless.

                Lin Mo was not a fool, of course he could see that this Wu Xiong was here for He Qianxue.

                Wu Xiong talked all the way, telling almost all about his family and showing off his wealth, trying to attract He Qianxue's attention.

                Unfortunately, He Qianyue never even raised her head, not paying any attention to Wu Xiong.

                This situation made Wu Xiong a little discouraged and a little resigned.

                He knew that all those girls he had met in the past, as long as they heard about his family's situation, they all fell over themselves.

                How come this He Qianxue, didn't even look at him?

                As he watched the plane land, Wu Xiong suddenly had a plan in mind.

                He smiled and said, "Brother Lin, you are also going to Wu Zhai, right?"

                "Why don't we go together?"

                "It's still more than thirty kilometres from here to Wu Zhai."

                "I've rented a few luxury cars in advance, you guys can take our car there!"

                Lin Mo was just about to speak, when He Qianxue said straight away, "No need!"

                "We have our own car!"

                Wu Xiong couldn't help but stare, "You guys ...... you have a car?"

                "You guys rented a car too?"

                He Qianxue bristled, "What kind of car do you rent?"

                "I have friends coming to pick me up!"

                Wu Xiong suddenly realized, and then laughed lightly, "So that's how it is!"

                "But, pretty girl, let me advise you a word."

                "If you go to Wu Zhai, you'd better get a good car."

                "That way, you will be warmly received."

                "If you get a broken car to go there, the people there, they will think you are broke and won't take you seriously!"

                At this moment, a boy also came over and said proudly, "Our senior, Wu Xiong, just had someone arrange three Maybachs in advance."

                "Hey, our senior let you guys ride in our car, this is to take care of you."

                "You two, why are you so ungrateful?"

                Wu Xiong looked at He Qianxue with a smug smile on his face.

                Lin Mo was quite speechless, these people, they really had never seen the world.

                He Qianxue disdainfully brushed her mouth, "Three broken Maybachs, how dare you show them off?"

                These words instantly aroused the anger of several people around Wu Xiong.

                One of them was a girl who had always had a crush on Wu Xiong.

                Seeing Wu Xiong's attitude towards He Qianxue, she had always been jealous.

                Now when she heard He Qianxue's words, she immediately seized the opportunity and exclaimed, "Yo, according to you, the car that picked you guys up is even more powerful than a Maybach, huh?"

                "Then I'll have to see it!"

                Several other people also yelled along.

                Wu Xiong even looked at He Qianxue with a cold smile, in his opinion, He Qianxue was completely bragging ah.