Medical Genius Chapter 1218

 The group was led by a slightly more mature looking man.

                He was wearing a Rolex, which alone was worth half a million towards the top.

                From the moment he sat down, this man kept holding his forehead with the hand that was wearing the Rolex, putting on a deep look.

                That look and expression, as if he didn't care about everyone around him.

                He was sitting in the same row as Lin Mo, exactly across the corridor from He Qianxue.

                From the moment he came up, his gaze was constantly on He Qianxue's body.

                Although there were several girls with them.

                However, these girls were nothing compared to He Qianxue.

                Although He Qiuxue was not as good as Xu Hanxia and Song Zhilan, she was still a recognized school flower in the university town, so she was not comparable to these little girls.

                In addition, she wore a tight-fitting sportswear today, which completely outlined the curves of her body, and was enough to attract the attention of countless men.

                When this man looked at He Qianxue, his face was full of unconcealed amazement.

                And when he saw Lin Mo, he had a face of contempt and hostility.

                In his opinion, Lin Mo was dressed in the most ordinary way, so how could he have such a beautiful girl accompanying him?

                At this moment, a girl wearing hot trousers turned her head and said with a hopeful face, "Senior Wu Xiong, is Wu Zhai really that fun?"

                Hearing this, Wu Xiong coughed lightly and deliberately raised his voice, "That's for sure!"

                "That place, Wu Zhai, can be said to be the most fun place in the Southern Six Provinces."

                "I've been there a dozen times, and every time I've seen something particularly exciting."

                "As long as you take a trip to Wu Zhai, you're guaranteed to never forget it for the rest of your lives!"

                Wu Xiong deliberately raised his voice in a bid to attract He Qianxue's attention.

                Unfortunately, He Qianxue was always lying on Lin Mo's shoulder, as if she hadn't heard him at all.

                Wu Xiong was a little upset.

                His family was from a county below Guangyang City, and his father was the richest man in that county.

                In that county, he had always been able to call the shots and do everything.

                And this, in turn, had nurtured his domineering personality.

                Over the years, whenever he saw a beautiful woman, he would try to get her by all means.

                And when he had just come up and seen He Qianyue, he had already made up his mind that he would get his hands on this beauty no matter what!

                In order to attract He Qianyue's attention, he once again explained some things about the Wu Zhai side.

                Those men and women who had come with him were all filled with amazement as they listened.

                Even the other travellers around them listened with great interest.

                It was a pity that He Qianxue was always lying on Lin Mo's shoulder and did not even look at him, making him extremely angry.

                After a while, Wu Xiong could not hold back any longer.

                He pretended to knock an object to the ground and rolled it directly to He Qianyue's feet.

                He took the opportunity to smile at He Qianxue and said, "This beauty, excuse me, can you pick up the object for me?"

                It was so hard for He Qianxue to find a chance to be alone with Lin Mo, she just hated that they were the only two people left in the world, so that no one would bother them.

                And now, this group of people came up, chattering and making a lot of noise, making her already upset.

                But when Wu Xiong started to pick a fight with her like this, she was even more annoyed.

                She picked up the things on the ground and threw them at Wu Xiong, "Watch your things."

                "How old are you, you can't even hold a thing steady?"

                After saying that, He Qianxue once again plopped down on Lin Mo's shoulder, not giving Wu Xiong a chance to speak at all.

                Wu Xiong couldn't help but stare.

                He had originally wanted to take the opportunity to strike up a conversation with He Qianxue.

                Unexpectedly, He Qianxue didn't give him a chance at all.

                With an embarrassed face, he wanted to lash out, but in the end, he swallowed his anger.

                He looked at Lin Mo and suddenly had a plan and decided to start with Lin Mo.

                "Buddy, sorry for disturbing you guys."

                "Oh, right, where are you guys going?"

                Wu Xiong asked with a smirk.