Medical Genius Chapter 1217

 Early the next morning, Lin Mo boarded a plane directly to Wu Zhai.

                This was the ticket he had asked Tiger to book for him in advance, specifically in the early hours of the morning, just in case He Qianxue followed him again.

                As a result, he had just sat down in the first class seat when a familiar voice came from next to him, "Brother Lin, good morning!"

                Lin Mo had a wake-up call and looked with wide eyes to see He Qianxue, wearing a tight-fitting sweatshirt, standing next to him with a smile on her face.

                He was dumbfounded, what was this?

                "Why are you ...... you here?"

                Lin Mo said blankly.

                He Qianxue was smiling, "Oh, I thought you were going to Wu Zhai today and was afraid I wouldn't be able to keep up with you, so I booked the earliest flight and was going to go over to pick you up."

                "I didn't expect that we two would be so lucky to meet on the plane."

                "It seems that it's all providential!"

                He Qianxue said, sitting down directly next to Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo was confused in his heart, and he knew that this was definitely not a coincidence.

                On the pretext of going to the washroom, he took out his mobile phone and called Tiger to ask him what was going on.

                Tiger was still asleep and said in a daze, "Oh, you mean Miss He?"

                "I booked her flight!"

                "What's wrong?"

                Lin Mo almost cursed out, it really was this stupid person.

                "What did you book her flight for?"

                Lin Mo said urgently.

                Tiger was puzzled: "Didn't you ask me to book it for her?"

                Lin Mo: "When did I say that I asked you to book her?"

                Tiger: "Miss He said so."

                "She said that you wanted her to show you the way, so she asked me to book a flight for her to come with you."

                Lin Mo: "When did I say such a thing?"

                Laohu: "Huh?"

                "You didn't say that?"

                "But Miss He said you did. ......"

                Lin Mo: "You believe everything she says?"

                "You've been drinking too much fake wine, haven't you?"

                Tiger was confused: "No way?"

                "Miss He lied to me?"

                "She ...... Why would she lie to me for no reason?"

                Lin Mo really wanted to slap this stupid bastard in the face.

                He hung up the phone and helplessly returned to his seat.

                Things had come to this point, and he had no choice but to take He Qianxue with him to Wu Zhai.

                As for He Qianxue, she couldn't hide the smugness on her face, as if she had won.

                She moved to Lin Mo's ear and whispered, "I told you, I definitely want to go to Wu Zhai with you!"

                "How about that? You can't get rid of me, can you?"

                Lin Mo was speechless for a while, "Miss He, why are you making a fool of yourself?"

                "I'm just going to buy some herbs and I'll be back in the afternoon."

                "How tiring it is for you to make this extra trip!"

                He Qianxue puffed out her chest, "I'll go if I want to, you don't care about me!"

                "If you get tired of walking, you can carry me on your back, I'm going to follow you anyway!"

                Lin Mo: "......"

                At this moment, the plane was getting more and more crowded.

                He Qianxue seemed to be a bit tired, so she simply leaned on Lin Mo's shoulder and closed her eyes to recuperate.

                Lin Mo reminded in a low voice, "You're getting sleepy, put the seat down and take a good rest ......"

                He Qianxue: "I don't!"

                "That's how I like it."

                After saying that, she simply hugged Lin Mo's arm, like an intimate couple.

                Lin Mo was incomparably embarrassed, yet there was nothing he could do but let her be.

                As a result, before He Qianxue could fall asleep, there was a noisy clamour from the doorway.

                Immediately afterwards, a group of men and women boarded the plane.

                The men and women were not too old, and were probably all in college.

                They were dressed in luxury clothes and were not ordinary people at first glance.

                The commotion of these people woke up the crowd on the plane who were still resting their eyes.

                Many of them frowned slightly and were quite displeased with them.

                However, these people were completely ignored.

                All sat down and still chattered away as if the plane was their living room.