Medical Genius Chapter 1215

 Lin Mo walked into the inner room.

                Barbara was dressed in a red dress, sitting on the sofa.

                Her full head of hair was casually draped over her body.

                Underneath the gauzy red dress, a pair of white and slender legs were hidden.

                After awakening to the identity of the Supreme Compulsion Mother, even Barbara's temperament had changed a lot.

                In the past, she was just a naive little girl who had not yet entered the world.

                Now she had an inexplicable attraction in the way she moved her hands and feet.

                With a casual ruffle of her hair, it was as if she could tug at a man's heartstrings, making it impossible to resist.

                Lin Mo knew that this was the charm that the Supreme Compulsion Mother brought with her.

                When she saw Lin Mo coming, Barbara was immediately filled with joy.

                She jumped up from the sofa and directly jumped over to hug Lin Mo.

                "Brother Lin, you're here!"

                Feeling the warm body of the Supreme Compulsion Mother, Lin Mo was a little embarrassed.

                He avoided Barbara without showing any traces and lightly smiled as he told him his purpose.

                After hearing this, Ah Man's eyes reddened a little: "Brother Lin, you want me to go back to Miaojiang too?"

                "But, I don't like Miaojiang."

                "Don't you want Ah Man to stay by your side?"

                Lin Mo sighed, "Ah Man, I know, you don't have any good memories of Miaojiang."

                "But, that's all people's prejudice."

                "Besides, your mother was also from Miaojiang, wouldn't you want to bring her bones back to her roots?"

                "Moreover, you are now the Supreme Compassionate Mother of Miaojiang, the chief and spiritual faith of all Miaojiang people."

                "If you don't go back, Miaojiang will always be in chaos, and there is no telling how many companions will have to die as a result."

                "You have to go back and preside over the situation!"

                Ah Man remained very reluctant.

                In the end, Lin Mo persuaded her for a long time before she agreed to go back and stay for a while.

                When the people of the Seventy-two Dong learned that Lin Mo had convinced the Compulsion Mother, they were all overjoyed and thanked Lin Mo profusely.

                Sang Ho even directly invited Lin Mo to go to Miaojiang as well, so that Lin Mo and Barbara could have a double date.

                Lin Mo almost slapped this coarse man to death, this guy, he dared to say anything!

                "By the way, if Ah Man returns to Miaojiang, what about your parasites?"

                Lin Mo suddenly asked.

                The Golden Silkworm Compulsion would devour all the compulsions, and now that it was taking shape, it would devour all the compulsions in Miaojiang at any time.

                Sang Wu laughed, "Holy King, you only know one thing, but not the other."

                "The Golden Silkworm Compulsion will indeed devour all the compulsions, that is because, it is not easy for the Golden Silkworm Compulsion to grow and it needs to devour all the compulsions to replenish its nutrients."

                "However, if there is a mother compulsion to nourish the golden silkworm compulsion since, then the golden silkworm compulsion does not need to devour ten thousand compulsions."

                "Now that we have the Supreme Compassionate Mother, not only does the Golden Silkworm Compulsion not need to devour our parasites. Even, if we follow the compulsion mother, our own compulsions, too, can be greatly enhanced!"

                Lin Mo suddenly realized, no wonder the Golden Silkworm Companions hadn't devoured any other companions in the past few days, so it was because of this.

                And these things should be the secrets of Miaojiang, not even inside the inheritance of the jade pendant.

                With Ah Man convinced, the Miaojiang crowd did not stay in Guangyang City.

                They quickly packed up their things and set off that night, leaving Guangyang City.

                Before leaving, Ah Man went to see Dean Chen and his wife again to say goodbye to them.

                This couple, who were like parents to Barbara, and Barbara was quite sad to see them go.

                The Miaojiang crowd had just left Guangyang City when Song Ruize and the others got the news.

                Song Ruize was full of joy, "Great, even the compulsion mother has gone, Lin Mo is dead this time!"

                "Gentlemen, Qin Wuyi has arrived in Guangyang City."

                "You guys keep a close eye on him, during this time, when you find an opportunity, make sure to kill Lin Mo!"

                Several other family heads were overjoyed, and they were all filled with joy.

                Without Barbara's help, Lin Mo was equal to having one less big backer.

                If Qin Wuyi wanted to kill Lin Mo, it would be even easier!