Medical Genius Chapter 1214

 Song Rize had a smug look on his face, "That's right, it's the eight-faced Yan Luo Qin Wu Pian!"

                "It is true that he has washed his hands in gold, but he owed my Song family a favour in his early years, and he promised that he would do something for my Song family once."

                The crowd was suddenly enlightened.

                Li Chengduo was filled with excitement, "If Qin Wu Pardon really strikes, that Lin, the surname Lin, will definitely die!"

                "We should know that this Qin Wu Pardon, some years ago, was the third ranked expert in Guang Province."

                "Moreover, he is extremely good at the art of assassination."

                "If he ambushes in the shadows, he can definitely kill Lin Mo with a single blow!"

                Several other people were also filled with excitement.

                "However, Nanba Tian is still in Guangyang City."

                "Would Qin Wuyi, at this time, go and kill Lin Mo?"

                A family head suddenly asked.

                Several people all looked at Song Rize.

                Song Ruize sneered, "Don't worry, Nanba Tian won't be able to stay in Guangyang City for long."

                "He killed those few attendants of Nalan Yong, the Nalan family will definitely not let him go."

                "I reckon that in less than a month, he will have to leave Guangyang City!"

                "At that time, if we kill Lin Mo again, we will be able to make a comeback and return to Guangyang City."

                These few family heads were instantly filled with joy.

                Song Ruize said in a deep voice, "However, I still have something that I need your help with!"

                The several family masters immediately said, "Family Master Song, if there is anything, just give me an order."

                Song Ruize: "I know that you still have quite a few eyes of your own in Guangyang City."

                "I want you guys to keep an eye on Lin Mo's movements and report back to me at all times."

                "This way, we can give Qin Wu Pardon the best opportunity to attack and kill Lin Mo!"

                Several family heads nodded their heads, "That's no problem!"

                "This is all what we should do!"

                A cold smile wiped across Song Ruize's face, "Gentlemen, whether or not we can return to Guangyang City will depend on this one time."

                "I hope that we can work together and kill this evil bastard Lin Mo."

                "By then, when Nanba Tian leaves Guangyang City, this Guangyang City, will be our world, hahaha ......"

                The crowd all followed suit and laughed, their faces filled with joy.


                Wangjiang Garden.

                Ah Man was still living in the villa that Lin Mo had provided for her earlier.

                Nowadays, there were still many people from Miaojiang living in this villa, all of them were the lords of the 72 Dong.

                When Lin Mo passed by, he found the house full of people kneeling inside and outside, all of them Dong masters of the 72 Dong.

                Lin Mo was amazed, what was going on?

                He walked over, saw Sang Wu at the door and said in a low voice, "Lord Sang Wu Dong, what are you doing?"

                Seeing Lin Mo coming over, a group of companions bowed to him.

                Firstly, it was because Lin Mo had helped them find the Supreme Compound Mother, and secondly, it was because the Supreme Compound Mother had said that Lin Mo was the Holy King of Miaojiang.

                In their eyes, Lin Mo's status was then no different from that of the Mother of Companions.

                Sang Wu whispered, "Holy King, you've come just in time."

                "Can you help us persuade the Compulsion Mother to return to Miaojiang with us?"

                "Miaojiang is in chaos right now, and it is imperative that the Mother of Companions return to preside over the situation."

                Lin Mo finally understood what was going on.

                Although Ah Man was the Supreme Compulsion Mother, she actually had little affection for Miaojiang, so she was also unwilling to return to Miaojiang.

                And for these compulsion people, they were simply not willing to live outside the Hundred Thousand Mountains.

                Therefore, they all wanted Ah Man to return to Miaojiang.

                Everyone else also spoke up and begged Lin Mo, in their opinion, only if Lin Mo spoke would Ah Man listen.

                Lin Mo nodded, he also felt that Ah Man should go back to the Miaojiang frontier for a trip.

                It wasn't because he wanted Ah Man to go back to preside over the situation, but because the Supreme Compulsion Mother and the Golden Silkworm Compulsion, the only way to become the strongest was to be in Miaojiang.

                No matter what, she had to take a trip to Miaojiang to make the most of the Golden Silkworm Compulsion's ability.

                In this way, she could raise herself to the peak of her strength!