Medical Genius Chapter 1213

 Song Zhilan took out a porcelain bottle and fed Lin Mo a small rejuvenating pill.

                With the small rejuvenating pill in his mouth, Lin Mo regained a lot of energy.

                He immediately stopped the bleeding for himself.

                Then, he hastily climbed up and sat down on the sofa in embarrassment.

                Just now, Song Zhilan had taken the medicine and put it back again, causing him to react instinctively.

                Song Zhilan hadn't noticed, but when she found that Lin Mo's expression was not right, she remembered that she seemed to have touched something she shouldn't have just now.

                Her face also flushed, but, looking at Lin Mo's embarrassed look, she smiled again.

                At this moment, she suddenly realised that this magnificent man had such a coy scene too!

                Seeing Song Zhilan's smile, Lin Mo was even more embarrassed.

                "Ahem, that, Miss Song, how about ...... how about taking your uncle to the hospital first?"

                "He won't be able to connect this arm, but this wound has to be treated!"

                Lin Mo said in a low voice.

                He could actually help Hu Yongwen connect his arm, but he was sick of the man and just didn't bother with such things.

                Song Zhilan immediately nodded and found someone to take Hu Yongwen away.

                Although Hu Yongwen saved his life this time, he would be in a lot of trouble afterwards.

                Even Song Zhilan didn't like him anymore after his affair with his mistress came to light.

                With another broken arm, he would probably have a hard time in the future.

                After seeing Song Zhilan leave, Lin Mo immediately glared at the tiger: "You kid, what were you doing?"

                "Why didn't you hold me up?"

                Tiger looked bewildered, "Brother, didn't the human Song hold you up?"

                Lin Mo said sharply, "Nonsense, people are a girl ah!"

                "This ...... is inconvenient!"

                Tiger: "Huh?"

                He was a little confused, Song Zhilan was once the number one beauty in Guangyang City, no matter how you put it.

                Such a beautiful woman is holding you in her arms, and you are still not happy about it?

                Lin Mo: "Ah what ah?"

                Tiger muttered in a low voice: "I thought you liked it!"

                Lin Mo: "Get lost!"

                Tiger shrugged his shoulders, and in his heart, he was even more impressed with Lin Mo.

                Facing a beauty like Song Zhilan and still being able to sit still, he was convinced that he couldn't do it anyway!

                Lin Mo rested for a little while.

                Although his medical skills were good, his wounds had just bled quite a lot, and this would take two to three days to recover.

                However, it was worth this bit of blood to successfully resolve the matter of the Crown Prince.

                After that, he went to the backyard, looking for the small gift left by the Crown Prince.

                Just as he reached the backyard, Lin Mo saw an iron cage placed here.

                In this iron cage, there was a corpse.

                Lin Mo recognised at a glance that this was Huang Liang's body.

                Only, this body, now, was nothing but white bones.

                The flesh and blood on the body looked as if it had been torn alive and eaten.

                Tiger looked creeped out even as he watched, "Brother Lin, this should have been fed alive to the dogs, right?"

                Lin Mo scratched his head, he didn't expect that the Crown Prince had really tortured Huang Liang to death ah.

                However, Lin Mo had no sympathy for Huang Liang at all.

                This person had tried to get him killed several times.

                Moreover, last time, he even tried to insult Xu Hanxia.

                To end up like this, he deserved it.

                After asking the tiger to dispose of the corpse, Lin Mo left with his hands folded.

                At this moment, in the outskirts of Guangyang, a group of people gathered together secretly.

                The man at the head of the group was none other than Song Rize of the Song family.

                Those other people were also those senior members of the six great families.

                Song Ruize's face was ironic as he said in a deep voice, "Everyone, Lin Mo has destroyed our hundred year old foundation."

                "This revenge can't go unanswered!"

                "I've already sent someone to contact the number one assassin in the Canton Province and have him kill that scum Lin Mo!"

                Hearing this, the people from the other five families were all surprised.

                The Zheng family head said excitedly, "The number one assassin in Guang Province?"

                "You're talking about the eight-faced Yan Luo Qin Wu Pardon?"

                "This person ...... Isn't this person all gone gold?"

                "You actually invited him out of the mountain?"