Medical Genius Chapter 1212

 With this move, Lin Mo caused everyone to freeze.

                Song Zhilan even widened her beautiful eyes and looked at Lin Mo with an incredulous expression.

                No one had expected that Lin Mo would stab himself so dryly.

                In this instant, her eyes went red straight away, and her heart felt as if something had grabbed it.

                If it was said that, before this, she had only admired Lin Mo.

                However, at this moment, she was truly sunk.

                This man, who was clear about right and wrong, who had love, righteousness and commitment!

                Who else in the world could compare to him?

                The prince was dumbfounded, he did not expect Lin Mo to be so dry.

                Looking at the blood spurting out from the wound, his brows slowly furrowed.

                This kind of pain, it wasn't something that an ordinary person could bear!

                Seeing that the Crown Prince didn't say anything, Lin Mo pulled the dagger out and directly stabbed at another spot.

                "This is the second stab!"

                With those words, Lin Mo pulled out his dagger again and was just about to stab down.

                At this moment, the Crown Prince suddenly stepped out and grabbed his wrist.

                The prince's eyes were like torches, staring deadly at Lin Mo.

                After a long time, the Crown Prince let out a long sigh, "Lin Mo, in my life, I have never been convinced!"

                "But this time, I'm convinced of you!"

                "Fine, for these two slashes of yours, this man's dog's life, I don't want it!"

                "But, if I keep your knife, I have to take something off this man!"

                "Men, remove his arm!"

                The prince's men rushed over and pinned Hu Yongwen to the ground, chopping off one of his arms with a stiff hand.

                Lin Mo didn't stop him anymore, a man like Hu Yongwen deserved a little lesson.

                As for Song Zhilan, she kept looking at Lin Mo in fascination, forgetting all about that uncle.

                As the prince watched Hu Yongwen's arm being cut off, the expression on his face finally soothed a little.

                He patted Lin Mo's shoulder, "Damn it, you son of a bitch, it's too bad that I didn't get to kill anyone tonight!"

                Lin Mo's wound was tugged, and the pain caused the muscles in his face to twitch.

                But he still grinned, "It's not like killing someone is a good thing."

                "Killing a few less would be a good deed."

                The prince waved his hand, "Get out of the way."

                "I'm not like you, if I don't like what I see, I have to kill."

                "Fine, I won't talk nonsense to you either."

                "This matter, it's settled."

                "I'm going back to Hai Cheng."

                "Whenever you go to Haicheng, just look for Laozi to play."

                "In that part of Hai Cheng, who dares to disrespect you, you tell me and I'll bring someone to dig up his ancestral grave!"

                When the prince finished speaking, he first laughed out loud himself.

                He patted Lin Mo's shoulder hard again, and his face was rare with more gravity: "Lin Mo, live well."

                "There are not many people who can make me admire them, don't let me down!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Don't worry, I'll definitely go to Hai Cheng to find you for a drink!"

                The Crown Prince laughed loudly and led his own men away.

                When he reached the door, the Crown Prince suddenly said, "Oh yes, go to the backyard."

                "I've left a little present for you."

                Lin Mo was surprised: "What gift?"

                The prince smiled without saying anything and led his own people away.

                Just as he left, Lin Mo was completely unable to hold on.

                His body swayed and he directly fell to the ground.

                With a startled cry, Song Zhilan hurried over and hugged Lin Mo in her arms.

                Tiger originally wanted to help, but when he saw the situation, he ended up not doing so.

                "Lin Mo, Lin Mo, how are you? Don't scare me!"

                Song Zhilan was crying with a sobbing voice.

                Lin Mo shook his head: "I ...... I'm fine ......"

                "It's just that I've lost a lot of blood and I'm a bit dizzy."

                "Tiger, take the porcelain bottle in my pocket and feed me a pill ......"

                Tiger wanted to make a move, but Song Zhilan snatched a step ahead and put her hand into Lin Mo's trouser pocket.

                This hot day, Lin Mo wears thin trousers.

                Song Zhilan put her hand inside and almost grabbed the root of Lin Mo's thighs, making Lin Mo almost faint.