Medical Genius Chapter 1210

 Wangjiang Garden, the basement.

                Lin Mo sat cross-legged beside the dan furnace and had been waiting for five hours.

                This was a Little Returning Pill that he had recently collected herbs to refine specifically for Nanba Tian.

                The Little Returning Pill had miraculous effects in healing injuries, and was the most miraculous of the pills inherited from his ancestors.

                Lin Mo did not know who Nanba Tian's enemy really was, but seeing Nalan Yong, he knew that Nanba Tian's enemy was not weak.

                Lin Mo could not help Nanba Tian now, much less stop him.

                The only thing he could do was to help him refine this Little Returning Pill, which would be a way to give Nan Batian some support.

                During these five hours, Lin Mo had not been idle either.

                He sat cross-legged and was also silently cultivating the Creation Skill.

                These few battles against people, Lin Mo had met experts like the Compulsion Zun Poison Spider and Fire Hua, and his strength itself had improved quite a lot.

                And in the battle with Nalan Yong, although Lin Mo was wounded, it had also brought him to the brink of a breakthrough.

                In the past few days, Lin Mo had a vague feeling that he was about to break through to the fourth level of the Creation Skill.

                Therefore, for the past few days, he had spent most of his time cultivating inside this basement as well.

                The Creation Skill was infinitely powerful, and if Lin Mo could break through to the fourth level, then his strength would definitely increase significantly.

                At that time, he wouldn't even need to take a Qi and Blood Pill to be able to fight the poisonous spider to a draw.

                If he took the Qi and Blood Pill, even if he met Nalan Yong, he would not be without a fighting chance!

                Lin Mo knew very well that only when he broke through the fourth level of the Creation Skill would he truly be able to stand at the peak of Guangyang City!

                Before Nanba Tian left Guangyang City, he had to break through to the fourth level in order to deal with the ten clans of Guangyang Province!

                After waiting for another half an hour, there was an aura of pills coming out of the dan furnace.

                Lin Mo exhaled gently, this furnace, the Little Returning Pill, had finally been practiced.

                He opened the furnace, and at the bottom of this furnace, there were more than thirty black pills, which were none other than the Small Returning Pills.

                Lin Mo took out ten of them and put them in a porcelain bottle, keeping them for himself.

                The others, he put away and took them to Nanba Tian.

                When Nanba Tian received these Small Returning Pills, he was also very grateful to Lin Mo.

                However, Lin Mo could see that the sorrow deep in Nanba Tian's eyes was still there.

                It was obvious that even after receiving these Small Returning Pills, he still did not have any hope for his future.

                As the two were chatting, Tiger suddenly called, "Brother Lin, the Crown Prince has struck again."

                After the matter with the Ten Families ended, the Crown Prince had stayed in Guangyang City, he still had to seek revenge on Song Zhilan's uncle.

                For safety's sake, Lin Mo had specifically asked Song Zhilan and her uncle Hu Yongwen to hide in Wangjiang Garden.

                Although the prince was fooling around, he did not dare to go to Nanba Tian's forbidden place to cause trouble.

                Unexpectedly, the Crown Prince had made another move, what was the situation?

                Lin Mo pondered for a moment, "Wait, I'll be right over."

                He hung up the phone and got up to bid farewell to Nanba Tian.

                He didn't say anything about this matter in front of Nan Batian because he didn't want Nan Batian to worry about this matter anymore.

                He had to solve the matter of the prince himself. Otherwise, the Crown Prince would make a comeback later when Nan Batian was gone!

                Nanba Tian could see what Lin Mo was thinking as he said softly, "I have already spoken to the King of the Southern Realm, Xue Lao Wu."

                "Let the young people settle their own affairs."

                "Whatever you want to do, just let it go!"

                Lin Mo didn't expect that before Nanba Tian left, he had helped himself solve such a big problem.

                If he wanted to develop in the south, he would always be unable to bypass the King of the Southern Realm.

                Once he had a conflict of interest with the King of the Southern Realm, then maybe he would have to go up against the King of the Southern Realm!

                With Lin Mo's current strength, he was definitely not a match for the King of the Southern Realm.

                If Nanba Tian helped him solve this problem, then he would be able to develop in peace.

                He took a deep breath and cupped his fist, "Thank you, Mr. Nan!"