Medical Genius Chapter 1209

 Nanba Tian was also shocked to learn of Barbara's identity.

                He couldn't help but feel emotional too.

                This time, if Barbarian hadn't arrived in time, they would have been in danger.

                Lin Mo first helped Nan Batian and Xiao Ke heal their wounds, and he himself took a few Small Returning Pills to recover some strength.

                "Mr. Nan, that Nalan Yong just now, who exactly is he?"

                Lin Mo said curiously.

                Nan Batian sighed, "That's one of my enemies."

                "You don't need to care about him in particular."

                "I'll take care of this person's affairs myself!"

                Lin Mo nodded, thinking that this should involve something Nanba Tian had told him about before.

                Nanba Tian sat on the sofa and sighed despondently, "This time, Nalan Yong has suffered such a great loss, I reckon he won't be able to rest in peace."

                "It seems that I'm afraid I'll have to leave Guangyang City early!"

                Lin Mo couldn't help but be surprised, "Why?"

                Nanba Tian: "This time, if I strike out against Nalan Yong, I will definitely incur the resentment of those of my enemies."

                "If I don't leave, then my enemies will come looking for me."

                "When that happens, I'm only afraid that it will drag you all down with it!"

                Lin Mo said with a straight face, "Mr. Nan, you've helped me so many times."

                "Your affairs are my affairs, there is no such thing as implicating or not implicating!"

                Nan Batian smiled, "Lin Mo, I'm grateful to you."

                "It's just that, my enemies are not as simple as you think."

                "Moreover, this is my personal matter, and it's not appropriate to involve too many people in it."

                "You remember what I said to you before, help me protect Bing'er, even if it's the best repayment for me!"

                Lin Mo looked at Nanba Tian's firm expression and knew in his heart that he would never let himself help him.

                In the end, Lin Mo could only nod helplessly.

                Nanba Tian stood up, "My current injuries will probably heal in less than a week."

                "I am going to leave Guangyang City after another two weeks."

                "Lin Mo, during these two weeks, you will take in all the forces in Guangyang City."

                "After I leave, you will be facing a great crisis, so you should be prepared."

                Lin Mo was surprised: "What crisis?"

                Nanba Tian: "The challenge from the ten great families of Guang Province!"

                "All these years, I've been sitting in Guangyang City, and the Ten Great Families of the province don't dare to get involved in it."

                "Once I'm not sitting here, then the Ten Great Families of Guangyang Province will definitely want to take advantage of the opportunity to come over."

                "If you are able to withstand the Ten Great Families of Guangyang Province, then you will have the qualifications to gain a foothold in Guangyang Province once and for all!"

                Lin Mo nodded slowly, in fact, his grudge with the Ten Great Families of Guang Province had been formed a long time ago.

                Once Nanba Tian left, he would indeed be facing a great challenge.

                However, since he had come to this point, then Lin Mo would not retreat no matter what!

                Over the next three days, there was a period of great chaos in Guangyang City.

                The original six families, including the Song Family and the Li Family, were driven out of Guangyang City in the midst of this chaos.

                Their original assets were forced to be sold at a low price so that the lives of those clan members could be saved.

                In this way, the pattern of the top ten clans in Guangyang City changed dramatically.

                Lin Mo and the four great clans joined together to redefine the new top ten clans in Guangyang City.

                Among them, the Xu family topped the list, becoming the first of the top ten families.

                And this was entirely because of Lin Mo's presence in the Xu family.

                The Fang family, the Zhou family, the Liu family and the Ding family, came in second and fifth respectively.

                There were also five new families that entered the top ten families.

                Among them, there was the Fan family.

                The Fan family was originally not weak, plus Fan Zhenliang had a good relationship with Lin Mo, so naturally they were chosen as one of the new top ten families.

                This new Top Ten Families could be said to have been introduced entirely by Lin Mo.

                Therefore, these new ten families were subservient to Lin Mo and obeyed his orders!

                Today, Lin Mo, in Guangyang City, was finally at the top of the heap, standing at the top of the heap.