Medical Genius Chapter 1207

 Nanba Tian's face was cold: "Nalan Yong, this is between you and me, it has nothing to do with other people!"

                "You let them leave, this matter, let's finish it!"

                It turned out that the middle-aged man's name was Nalan Yong.

                Nalan Yong glanced at Nanba Tian and laughed lightly, "There will definitely be an end to the matter between the two of us."

                "However, since they dare to stop me, then I have to fulfill them too."

                "Little fellow, do you know that there is a price to pay for standing up for someone at will!"

                As he laughed, Nalan Yong struck again, swiftly and extremely swiftly, attacking towards Lin Mo once again.

                Lin Mo gritted his teeth, bent his legs slightly, and gathered all his strength into his right fist.

                When Nalan Yong was about to rush in front of him, Lin Mo fiercely took a half step forward, stomping the ground with a loud roar as his right fist followed.

                Half-step Avalanche Fist!

                A sharp aura flashed in Nalan Yong's eyes, and he did not dodge as he struck Lin Mo with a hard punch.

                With this punch, Lin Mo took a step back, while Nalan Yong took half a step back!

                Everyone in the room was wide-eyed, and Nalan Yong was even more filled with incredulity.

                "Half-step Avalanche Fist? How could it be so powerful?"

                "What the hell did you ...... you do?"

                Nalan Yong sharply shouted.

                Lin Mo did not speak.

                He had quietly taken the Qi and Blood Pill when he retreated just now.

                Now, his strength had multiplied.

                Otherwise, how else would he have been able to force Nalan Yong back!

                When Nalan Yong saw that Lin Mo didn't say anything, he couldn't help but be annoyed, "Kid, I really underestimated you!"

                "However, this point of your strength is still not enough after all."

                "Today, I'll let you see the mastery of my Nalan family!"

                Nalan Yong roared, his left foot took a step to the left and stomped the ground fiercely, but his entire body lunged straight at Lin Mo's right side.

                This move was extremely fast as it struck from the east.

                Lin Mo had no time to think about it and could only rely on the combat experience in the jade pendant to resist.

                The two of them exchanged a dozen moves in an instant, and each time, Lin Mo was able to block Nalan Yong's attack.

                It had to be said that this Nalan Yong's strength was truly terrifying.

                Lin Mo had fought against Huo Hua before, and Huo Hua's strength was even slightly inferior to this Nalan Yong's.

                Even if Lin Mo had taken the Qi and Blood Pill, he was still far inferior in front of Nalan Yong.

                It didn't take long for the two to fight before Lin Mo was struck with a few slaps.

                However, this sparring match also made Lin Mo's combat experience gradually become richer.

                Although his strength was still inferior, Lin Mo was gradually able to find opportunities to counterattack in the midst of Nalan Yong's stormy attacks.

                Nalan Yong's face was full of astonishment, he did not expect that a person could gradually become stronger in the midst of such a battle.

                Lin Mo's martial arts talent was simply rare in his life.

                This, in turn, further aroused his desire to kill Lin Mo.

                Nalan Yong struck out even more swiftly and fiercely, completely aiming to kill Lin Mo.

                Nanba Tian sat on the ground, he was extremely injured and could not make a move at all.

                Xiao Ke rushed over twice, but he was kicked out by Nalan Yong, and now he also collapsed on the ground, unable to strike again.

                Finally, Nalan Yong seized the opportunity and sent Lin Mo flying with a palm strike.

                At that moment, Lin Mo also felt that the Qi and blood in his body was gradually declining.

                In other words, the effectiveness of the Qi and Blood Pill was almost over.

                When the effect of the Qi and Blood Pill was almost gone, he would be completely powerless to resist.

                Nalan Yong's face was full of triumph as he scored a hit.

                He looked at Lin Mo in a condescending manner, "Young man, with your strength and talent."

                "In a few more years, I'm afraid I won't be a match for you!"

                "It's just a pity that you don't have this opportunity anymore!"

                Nalan Yong said, directly raising his hand, ready to decapitate Lin Mo.

                Nanba Tian and Xiao Ke roared loudly and angrily, but Nalan Yong only laughed coldly and simply ignored them as he slammed his palm down.

                It was at this moment that a buzzing sound suddenly came from all around.

                A yellow cloud, descending from the sky, directly blocked this deadly strike from Nalan Yong!