Medical Genius Chapter 1205

 Xiao Ke couldn't help but stare, "What's so dangerous about this?"

                Lin Mo did not answer, but grabbed a glass bottle next to him and snapped this worm into it.

                Xiao Ke could really see that the insect seemed to have become even more ferocious inside this glass bottle.

                It violently hit the glass bottle with its head, only to hear a loud sound, the glass bottle was actually smashed directly.

                Xiao Ke's eyes widened, this tiny insect was so fierce?

                After the bug came out, it immediately lunged towards Xiao Ke's direction.

                This time, Xiao Ke did not dare to be careless anymore.

                He took a few steps back in a panic to avoid the bug's attack.

                At the same time, he grabbed another chair and smashed it hard on top of the bug.

                Under normal circumstances, with Xiao Ke's strength and the weight of the solid wood chair, it would have been enough to smash the bug flat.

                However, when the chair hit the bug, it seemed to have hit something extremely resilient and bounced straight back.

                The bug was not damaged in the slightest!

                Xiao Ke was dumbfounded, what kind of bug was this? What kind of bug is this?

                Seeing that the bug was about to catch up with him, at that moment, Lin Mo ran over.

                He was holding a cup in his hand, and he violently sprinkled the water from the cup onto the bug.

                Hearing only a stinging sound, Xiao Ke could only see the bug rolling and twisting on the ground as if it was in extreme pain.

                Moreover, the worm's body was rapidly corroding.

                Soon, the worm was completely corroded, turning into a puddle of pus that stank beyond belief.

                Xiao Ke stood by the side, dumbfounded as he watched all this, he was completely stunned by this scene.

                "What the hell is this ...... thing?"

                Xiao Ke couldn't help but ask.

                Lin Mo said in a deep voice, "This is the larva of the undead compulsion."

                Xiao Ke was surprised, "Immortal compulsion larvae?"

                He didn't know much about the stuff of the compulsion tribe.

                Lin Mo explained, "Immortal compulsion larvae, they are produced by immortal compulsions."

                "The undying compulsion, every year, will give birth to a larva."

                "The larva cannot grow into an undead compulsion, but it can possess some of the characteristics of an undead compulsion."

                "As you saw just now, this kind of parasite, is extremely powerful and, moreover, very difficult to kill."

                "Even if you use the sharpest knife, you will not be able to cut this it."

                "And this kind of thing, once it pounces on you, it will bore into your body and bite all of your organs and bowels."

                Xiao Ke drew a cold breath backwards.

                Luckily, Lin Mo had stopped him at that moment.

                Otherwise, if he had stepped on it, wouldn't he have been dead?

                "But this worm, inside Master Tian's body, how come it didn't bite through Master Tian's five or six internal organs?"

                Xiao Ke said in wonder.

                Lin Mo looked at Nanba Tian with awe on his face, "Master Tian is using his powerful internal force to block this undead compulsion larvae."

                "If it were an ordinary person, they definitely wouldn't be able to do it!"

                Xiao Ke immediately nodded his head, Nanba Tian's strength, that was beyond doubt.

                "By the way, what was the water you just sprinkled on it?"

                "How come this bug corroded all of a sudden?"

                Xiao Ke said in wonder.

                Lin Mo: "It's alkaline water."

                "The only nemesis of the undead parasite larvae is lye water."

                Xiao Ke's eyes widened, this was something he really didn't expect.

                Such a powerful thing had melted when it met lye water?

                Lin Mo shrugged his shoulders, "Therefore, under normal circumstances, a compulsion zun would not use an undead compulsion larva to attack people."

                "Unless one is completely sure that they can make this larva enter a person's body directly."

                "Otherwise, this larva, when it meets alkali, will melt, so where else can it attack a person?"

                "I think, Mr. Nan, should have been attacked by the compulsion djinn!"

                At this moment, Nan Batian also woke up quietly and said softly, "You're not wrong."

                "I was indeed attacked by the Compulsion Djinn secretly!"

                "Otherwise, this time, I would have been able to kill that person with my own hands!"

                Lin Mo was surprised, "Mr. Nan, who are you going to kill?"

                Before he could say anything, a sneering voice suddenly came from outside the door, "The person he's talking about is me!"