Medical Genius Chapter 1204

 Xu Jiangong Fang Hui, was also quite satisfied with this approach of Lin Mo.

                The original intention of the two of them was that it would be enough for Xu Dongxue to save her life, but they did not expect that Xu Dongxue would still have such a chance.

                The two of them thanked Lin Mo profusely.

                The next day, Fang Wude and the others spread the news of the selection of the new top ten families in Guangyang City.

                This news caused a great stir in Guangyang City.

                At the same time, some well-informed people were basically informed of what had happened on the first night.

                Those six families, having had nearly half of their assets swallowed by Lin Mo, did not dare to resist at all.

                Today, Lin Mo's status in Guangyang City was already second only to Nanba Tian, and could stand alongside Huang Yongfeng.

                Those six families were quite unhappy about the selection of the new top ten families, but they no longer had the strength to stop it.

                The battle they had helped Compass Zun in before had resulted in heavy casualties, so how could they still fight Lin Mo.

                That evening, Nanba Tian returned.

                A silence fell over Guang Yang City as everyone waited for Nanba Tian's reaction.

                And the first thing Nan Batian did upon his return was to announce to the public that he supported Lin Mo's decision to re-define the top ten families in Guangyang City!

                Upon learning of this news, Guangyang City was again in an uproar.

                With these words, Nanba Tian had completely fixed Lin Mo's position in Guangyang City!

                Those big families were now showing up, looking for Fang Wude and the others, wanting to become members of the new top ten families.

                Even, in order to enter the new Great Families, these lineage families, did not hesitate to pay quite a price.

                The Fang family, the Zhou family, the Liu family, the Ding family, have gained a lot from this selection, and can be said to have made a lot of money.

                And all of this was because Lin Mo gave them the opportunity.

                Therefore, the people of these four families could be said to have even more respect for Lin Mo.

                They were more and more glad that they had made the wise decision to side with Lin Mo, and they had all made a fortune this time.

                Ten o'clock in the evening.

                On the outskirts of Guangyang City, Nanba Tian's manor.

                Lin Mo, led by Xiao Ke, arrived at the penthouse where Nanba Tian lived.

                Just as he arrived at the house, Lin Mo's brow furrowed straight away as he caught a whiff of compulsion.

                He quickly rushed inside and found Nan Batian sitting cross-legged inside the house.

                His face was slightly pale, his forehead was covered in beads of sweat, and his body was trembling slightly, as if he was suffering great pain.

                Lin Mo's face changed, Nanba Tian was not lightly injured this time!

                Without saying a word, he quickly rushed over and first took out three small reversionary pills, allowing Nan Batian to take them.

                After that, he took out his own silver needles and performed the Creation Needle Technique, placing seventeen stitches on Nan Batian's body in an instant.

                After these seventeen stitches, Nan Batian could not help but let out a muffled grunt.

                In his chest, a small bulge gradually appeared, as if there was something alive struggling inside.

                Lin Mo took out his dagger and flicked it, piercing the bulge.

                With a stabbing sound, a hideous looking worm burst out of Nanba Tian's chest, opening its mouth and twisting and struggling desperately, as if it was trying to tear everything around it.

                Lin Mo stabbed a silver needle through, but the needle did not hurt the worm in the slightest, but rather stimulated its ferocity.

                The insect let out a hiss and unexpectedly opened its mouth to bite off the silver needle.

                Lin Mo frowned and without saying a word, he grabbed a pair of tweezers and clamped the head of the worm to death.

                Immediately after, Lin Mo stabbed the dagger into Nanba Tian's skin again and picked it with force.

                Next to him, Xiao Ke only saw that a bug, almost the size of his thumb, was picked out hard by Lin Mo.

                After the bug landed on the ground, it was still struggling and jumping, as if it was a nimble little snake, and quickly rushed towards Xiao Ke next to him.

                Xiao Ke directly raised his foot and stepped on it, seeing that he was about to step on the worm, but he was pulled away by Lin Mo.

                "Don't step on it, it's dangerous!"

                Lin Mo shouted lowly.