Medical Genius Chapter 1200

 Li Chengduo's face changed sharply, he knew that Lin Mo was trying to blackmail him.

                However, he had no choice now.

                Bitten by a rattlesnake, if he didn't hurry to save his life, then he would be dead.

                "How much do you ...... you want for medical expenses ......"

                Li Chengduo said in a trembling voice.

                Lin Mo smiled and said, "Not much."

                "I only want thirty percent of your Li's group's shares!"

                Li Chengduo's eyes widened.

                The Li Group was the foundation of the Li family.

                The entire Li Group was worth over thirty billion.

                When Lin Mo opened his mouth and asked for 30% of the shares, that was almost tens of billions of dollars.

                "You ...... are crazy?"

                "This is not possible!"

                Li Chengduo roared.

                Lin Mo shrugged, "It doesn't matter."

                "If you don't want to, then keep lying here and we'll continue playing ah."

                Saying that, Lin Mo walked over to the table, "Who's turn is it? Go on!"

                Li Chengduo fell to the ground, he felt his whole arm go numb and his tongue was a little stiff.

                He knew that this was the result of the poisonous attack.

                If he didn't hurry to save him, this life, it would really be over.

                He hastily crawled to Lin Mo's side and said in a trembling voice, "Mr. Lin, Mr. Lin, I really know I'm wrong, I shouldn't have made an enemy of you."

                "This way, this way, I ...... will give you one billion, no, two billion!"

                "You save me! You save me!"

                Lin Mo shook his head.

                Li Chengduo was anxious: "Mr. Lin, I ...... only have so much money."

                "The shares of the Li Group, I really can't give it to you."

                "That share, it's the entire Li family, I can't do it alone!"

                Lin Mo: "Under your own name, you have thirty percent of the Li Group's shares!"

                "That thirty percent of shares is what you yourself can completely decide."

                "If you're not willing to give it, then cut the crap."

                "When you die, I will swallow Li's Group just the same!"

                Li Chengduo's face was pale, he finally knew that Lin Mo, this time, was determined to eat up their Li family.

                In the end, Li Chengduo compromised.

                He signed the agreement to transfer his shares, and Lin Mo relieved him of the poison.

                Li Chengduo sat beside him, his whole body nearly deflated.

                The other five family heads were all now filled with horror.

                They knew that what would happen to Li Chengduo was what would happen to them.

                Next, Lin Mo told them to continue playing cards.

                These people, like Li Chengduo, had been bitten by the snake and then Lin Mo forced them to hand over their family shares.

                They had no choice.

                Tonight, Lin Mo had the upper hand and the support of the Crown Prince, so they could only resign themselves to their fate.

                In the end, Lin Mo squeezed all six family heads dry and took all the family shares out of their hands.

                Even so, Lin Mo did not intend to let them go.

                He did not kill these six people directly, but when they left, he still put poison in their bodies.

                This chronic poison would kick in after half a month.

                By then, these six people would definitely die!

                Cut off the grass and eliminate the roots.

                This truth, Lin Mo had known from the moment the Lin family was slaughtered!

                Therefore, he would not leave any aftermath for himself.

                The Xu family were watching this scene from the side, and they were all dumbfounded.

                Lin Mo had completely robbed these six families of their shares by force.

                However, these six great families, which were once powerful and unrivalled in Guangyang City, did not dare to resist at all.

                The Xu family finally knew what kind of height Lin Mo had grown to today.

                This, at all, was beyond their imagination!

                Just as Lin Mo had said, after tonight, Xu Jiangong's family, would become the largest powerful family in Guangyang City.

                They would be above the Ten Families, and they would re-establish the rules of the Ten Families!

                The Xu family members were now simply regretting it.

                If, at the beginning, they had been kinder to Lin Mo.

                Then, they would have been able to stand at the top with Lin Mo now!

                Unfortunately, it was all too late to regret now.