Medical Genius Chapter 1199

 The Zheng family head said sharply, "How can you play Texas Hold'em like this?"

                "How can this ...... this be played?"

                "If this gets bitten by a snake, then you're dead!"

                "No, this, I won't play!"

                Lin Mo's face was directly cold: "Not playing? You can!"

                "As long as you hand over all of the Zheng family's property and take your Zheng family out of Guangyang City, then you can go!"

                The Zheng family head said angrily, "Impossible!"

                "Lin Mo, you want to swallow my Zheng family's property?"

                "You're dreaming!"

                "I'll die even if ......"

                Without waiting for him to finish, Lin Mo waved his hand straight away.

                Tiger rushed up, grabbed the Zheng family head by the neck, and pinned him to the ground.

                "Kill him!"

                "Also, bring someone to the Zheng family."

                "Tonight, either they hand over all the family's possessions and get lost obediently."

                "Or, let the Zheng family extinguish their clan!"

                Lin Mo bellowed coldly.

                Tiger immediately nodded, and without saying a word, he dragged the Zheng Family Master away.

                The Zheng Family Master struggled desperately, and it was obvious that he regretted it.

                However, he couldn't even speak as he was being choked by the throat.

                The remaining five family lords were all pale, but there was nothing they could do.

                Originally, with their strength, they did not fear Lin Mo at all.

                However, tonight, they helped Compass Zun and went to fight hard against the people of the 72 Dong of Miaojiang.

                In the end, Compose Zun was defeated miserably, and their people, too, suffered great losses and heavy casualties.

                Today, these six clans had little power to defend themselves at all.

                Otherwise, the Crown Prince would not have been able to capture Song Rui Ze Li Cheng Duo so easily!

                Li Chengduo said angrily, "Lin Mo, do you think you can cover the sky with one hand?"

                "Our top ten families, at most, have an inheritance of two to three hundred years."

                "Do you think you can make us completely exterminate our clans with a single word?"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice, "You can try and see if I have the ability to do so!"

                Li Chengduo opened his mouth, but in the end, not a single word could come out.

                They couldn't help it, they were defenceless now.

                The prince came over, "Aiya, can we play or not?"

                "Lin Mo, I've put my words down here anyway."

                "My cards are moved, these people, if they don't let me watch a good show, then I'll kill everyone in their family!"

                These five family masters, their faces changed again.

                This was a clear attitude from the prince to support Lin Mo.

                This time, it was even more impossible for them to fight Lin Mo ah.

                In the end, these five could only stiffen their heads and agree to play cards with Lin Mo.

                The prince was full of excitement.

                Lin Mo threw a pack of cards into the snake pile and said softly, "I know you guys don't dare to make the first move."

                "How about this, I'll give you guys a sample."

                Saying that, Lin Mo reached his hand in and took an ace of spades straight out.

                None of these poisonous snakes bit Lin Mo.

                These five people all looked dumbfounded.

                "Now, it's your turn!"

                Lin Mo looked at the crowd with a faint smile and pointed at Song Ruize, "Since the Song family is the head of the ten families, let's start with you first."

                The other four family heads all breathed a long sigh of relief.

                Song Ruize's face was blue and he wanted to retort.

                However, when the tiger walked over, he immediately became honest.

                Gritting his teeth, he tremblingly reached into the glass table and took out the outermost card.

                It was a small card, but to him it was as if he had been saved, at least the snake hadn't bitten him.

                Next, it was Li Chengduo's turn.

                Li Chengduo followed Song Ruize's example, but he was not so lucky.

                As soon as he reached in, a rattlesnake bit his finger, causing him to yell out in pain and immediately pull his hand back.

                But rattlesnakes are very poisonous.

                He looked at his blackened finger and was on the verge of collapse, pleading in a trembling voice, "Save me, save me ......"

                "Hurry up and take me to the hospital, hurry up and call an ambulance ......"

                Lin Mo smiled faintly and walked up to him: "What hospital to go to? I am the doctor, this kind of poison, I can cure it."

                "But, you have to pay for the medical expenses!"