Medical Genius Chapter 1197

 The Zheng family head hissed loudly, "Surnamed Lin, you are declaring war on our Ten Great Families!"

                "Are you sure you want to fight hard against our Ten Great Families?"

                "You've broken the rules of our Ten Great Families!"

                "This time, even if Nanba Tian comes back, he won't be able to say anything for you anymore!"

                Lin Mo sneered, "It's already this time and you still don't understand what's going on?"

                "It's not that I'm declaring war on the Ten Families, it's that you're declaring war on me."

                The Zheng family head's face changed, "Who has declared war on you?"

                Lin Mo said aloud, "What did you guys do when I fraudulently died?"

                "I have no grudges or enmity with you, but as a result, you joined forces with those five families and tried to swallow my construction company and swallow Xu's Pharmaceutical!"

                "Just who broke the rules first?"

                The Zheng family head was confused, as he suddenly remembered.

                It was true that they had started this incident first.

                At that time, they thought that Lin Mo was dead, so they wanted to swallow the construction company and Xu Pharmaceuticals to get a piece of the pie.

                Who would have thought that Lin Mo was not dead.

                Now Lin Mo was looking for them to settle the score, which really didn't count as breaking the rules!

                The Zheng family head gritted his teeth, "Then ...... then I apologize too ah."

                "You're still being so aggressive, what does that mean?"

                Lin Mo sneered, "Apologize?"

                "Heh, you have all come to my doorstep to cause trouble, and an apology is the end of it?"

                "If it was me who had come to your doorstep to cause trouble, would the Ten Families let me go?"

                The Zheng family head suddenly stuttered.

                "Now I'll give you a chance, roll over and kneel, and I can still keep your Zheng Family!"

                "Otherwise, I will simply exterminate your entire Zheng Family right now!"

                Lin Mo said in a cold voice.

                The Zheng Family's master's face swelled red, but he eventually obediently walked to the sidelines and fell to his knees.

                There was no way out, now that Lin Mo had the upper hand, he did not dare to say anything.

                The other family head, seeing the Zheng family head being tidied up like this, also immediately became honest and meekly went over to stand by the side.

                In the end, there were still the Li family and the Song family, the two most powerful of the ten families.

                Lin Mo looked at the time, half an hour had passed and people from these two families, both of whom had yet to come.

                Everyone was looking at Lin Mo.

                Cold smiles began to appear on the faces of Xu Yufang and the others.

                No matter how strong Lin Mo was, as long as the Song and Li families did not lower their heads, then Lin Mo would be failing to step on the ten families.

                After all, the other eight families together were not as strong as the Song and Li families.

                "Lin Mo, half an hour has passed and the Song and Li family heads haven't come yet!"

                "What did you just say?"

                "Oh, right, suffer the consequences?"

                "How are you going to make them bear the consequences?"

                Xu Yufang said in a gloomy voice.

                The Xu family all laughed out loud as well, as the Song and Li families didn't bow down, they had the strength.

                Lin Mo's expression was bland, "There's no rush, you'll know soon."

                He moved a chair and sat down in the courtyard, as if he was waiting for something.

                After a few more minutes, a few cars rushed to the entrance of the villa.

                A group of men got out of the cars, and the one at the head of the group was none other than the Prince.

                As he wiped the blood from his hands, he bristled and said, "Lin Mo, those four family heads, did they come to you?"

                "Why did you strike so quickly? I still want to talk to them!"

                Lin Mo smiled, "Prince, this is Guangyang City after all, give me some face."

                "I have to count my blessings between them and me."

                The prince waved his hand, "Got to."

                "You had a hand in saving this life of mine anyway, so I'll give you face."

                "Right, two more little toys for you."

                The Prince's men dragged two men covered in blood straight to the courtyard.

                These two men were none other than Song Ruize and Li Chengduo.