Medical Genius Chapter 1194

 That night, Huo Hua left with the poisonous spider.

                Before leaving, the poisonous spider even threw a wink at Lin Mo: "Little handsome, when you get to Hai Cheng, remember to find sister to play!"

                "Sister will definitely keep you company!"

                Lin Mo was speechless, this poisonous spider, she really dared to say anything.

                However, in terms of beauty alone, the poisonous spider did not lose to any of the girls Lin Mo had seen.

                Although she was slightly older than Lin Mo, her beauty was enough to make up for it all.

                I'm afraid that any other man would not be able to stand such teasing.

                The prince did not leave, he remained in Guangyang City.

                When he was leaving, he instead gave Lin Mo a harsh word: "You won't be able to protect Song Zhilan."

                "If you don't want Song Zhilan to die, let her stay out of this matter!"

                Lin Mo was helpless, this matter, it was simply a dead end.

                Next, Ah Man had to accept the prostrations of the Miaojiang Companions, and could not leave for the time being.

                After packing up, Lin Mo went back to Wangjiang Garden first.

                The news of his fraudulent death had spread throughout Guangyang City, and Xu Hanxia had cried herself unconscious several times.

                Now that things were finally settled, he had to go see his wife first, no matter what.

                Back at the Wangjiang Garden villa, Lin Mo heard a brawl coming from inside from afar.

                Lin Mo took a closer look and saw that dozens of people were now gathered in the courtyard, most of whom were from the Xu family.

                Xu Yufang was standing at the front, with one hand on her waist, gesturing and shouting at Xu Jiankong and Fang Hui at the entrance.

                Behind them, the Xu family members were full of smugness and looked at Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui arrogantly.

                Xu Yufang scolded angrily for a while before finally pointing at Xu Jiangong and shouting, "Xu Jiangong, I ask you, do you agree or disagree with what I just said?"

                Xu Jiangong became anxious: "Big sister, you want me to give Xu Pharmaceutical to you and also give you the house in Wangjiang Garden, what ...... is the basis for this?"

                "Xu's Pharmaceuticals belongs to Han Xia, this house, it belongs to Lin Mo."

                "Who are you guys ...... to say you want it or not?"

                Xu Yufang said angrily, "Jian Gong, how exactly was Xu Pharmaceutical built, don't you know?"

                "If I hadn't funded it in the first place, how would there be the current Xu Pharmaceuticals, how would there be the wealthy life you all lead today?"

                "If it wasn't for me, you guys would probably still be farming in your hometown now."

                "That daughter of yours, she's probably working as a mistress somewhere, and she's still the chairman of the board and living in Wangjiang Garden? What are you dreaming of?"

                "I funded the establishment of Xu Pharmaceuticals, so it makes sense to give it back to me now, right?"

                "You guys made money from Xu Pharmaceuticals and bought this villa, I want it back, what's wrong with that?"

                Fang Hui was furious: "Big sister, that's so unreasonable of you!"

                "Xu Pharmaceutical, it's true that you funded the establishment of it in the first place."

                "But, we, Hanxia, paid for the shares of Xu Pharmaceutical, it's not like you gave them to us for free, so why should these be counted as yours?"

                "Besides, this villa in Wangjiang Garden was given to Lin Mo by Nanba Tian, the Heavenly Master, this has nothing to do with the Xu family either."

                "Who are you to make us give this villa to you guys?"

                Xu Yufang burst out in anger and directly threw a slap at Fang Hui.

                Fang Hui hurriedly dodged, and Xu Yufang was even more annoyed, pointing at Fang Hui and scolding her angrily, "How dare you dodge?"

                "What, now you don't even take me into account?"

                "Fang Hui, I'm telling you, this Xu family, it's not your turn to speak as an outsider!"

                "I'll put my words here today, if you don't hand over Xu Pharmaceuticals and this house, I'll make sure you don't get away with it!"

                The Xu family members also gathered around aggressively, looking as if they were ready to take action.

                Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were so scared that they were trembling.

                Just then, Lin Mo's cold voice came from behind, "Xu Yufang, you really don't have a long memory!"