Medical Genius Chapter 1192

 Seeing this scene, Lin Mo finally couldn't help but laugh out loud.

                "I know, I finally know!"

                "Ah Man, you're not the host of the Golden Silkworm Compulsion, you're the most favoured child of the heavens!"

                "Because, you are the unique, supreme compulsion mother of Miaojiang, not found in a hundred lifetimes!"

                Lin Mo wailed loudly and long.

                Hearing these words, all the people of Miaojiang froze.

                All of them looked straight at Ah Man, with incredible expressions on their faces.

                Even Zun Zong, at this moment, was completely dumbfounded.

                After an unknown amount of time, Sang Wu was the first to fall to the ground.

                His face was full of tears, his voice trembled and his body shivered with excitement as he hissed loudly, "Greetings to the Supreme Compulsion Mother!"

                With Sang Wu's action, the other 72 Dong people all woke up as if they were dreaming.

                Immediately, like Sang Wu, they all fell to their knees in excitement, kneeling in the direction of Barbara and shouting in a trembling voice, "Greetings to the Supreme Mother of Companions!"

                And that, wasn't the end of it!

                Even the people on the side of the Companions began to kneel one after another.

                They were just as excited, just as hissing, "Greetings to the Supreme Mother of Companions!"

                "Greetings to the Supreme Mother of Companions!"

                "Greetings to the Supreme Mother of Companions!"

                Inside the entire manor, only the hissing of the Miaojiang crowd echoed continuously in the air.

                This was the voice of everyone in Miaojiang from the bottom of their hearts, this was their most sincere kneeling worship!

                To Miaojiang, the Mother of Companions is the mother of everyone in Miaojiang, the supreme existence of Miaojiang.

                In the thousands of years of Miaojiang, there have been countless compulsion masters and kings.

                However, the only one who can be called the supreme is the Mother of Companions!

                The Mother of Companions is not found in a hundred lifetimes.

                However, once she appears, she is the master of all the people in Miaojiang!

                Lin Mo laughed loudly.

                He had previously only thought that Ah Man was the host of the Golden Silkworm Compulsion, and he was worried about Ah Man's future safety.

                Now he realised that his worries were all superfluous.

                The mother of the parasite was the most powerful in the world.

                According to the information inside the jade pendant, in the history of Miaojiang, the Mother of Companions had appeared a total of three times.

                Each time the Mother of Companions appeared, she became the strongest person in that era.

                No matter how the world changes, Miaojiang, where the Mother of Companions sits, is a place of worship for all tribes!

                Because the Mother of Companions is invincible!

                The Companions were trembling, and his face was filled with fear.

                He knew very well what would happen to him if he messed with the Mother of Companions.

                He looked at the kneeling Miao Frontier crowd and knew that his momentum was over.

                Gritting his teeth, he suddenly turned around, grabbed the undead parasite who was also kneeling next to him, and quickly ran away.

                This was so sudden that the crowd did not even have time to stop him.

                Only Huo Hua alone quickly chased after him.

                Lin Mo wanted to catch up, but the gap between his speed, and these two was still too great.

                At this moment, Barbara gradually regained her spirit.

                She slowly stood up, and the expression on her face was no longer the panic she had felt before, but instead, endless confidence.

                She stood in the middle of the crowd, slowly opening her hands and feeling the kneeling of the crowd.

                The golden silkworm parasites flew around her, as if they were a group of naughty children, playing around their mother.

                The thousands of parasites, too, were all surrounding Barbara, as if they had seen their mother, each jumping for joy.

                All the companions were dumbfounded.

                Ten thousand companions were coming to the court!

                Who had ever seen such a picture before?

                Even a compulsion daddy could only make hundreds of compulsions submit at most.

                Ten thousand parasites submitting?

                Not even a hundred parasites would be able to do that!

                This is the Supreme Mother of Companions!

                After a long time, Ah Man withdrew her arms.

                She stepped down from the stage and first helped Dean Chen and his wife untie the ropes on their bodies.

                Then, she walked up to Lin Mo and, amidst the attention of the crowd, she stretched out her arms and hugged him tightly.

                Tilting her head up and standing on tiptoe, her warm lips, kissed Lin Mo on the mouth.

                At this moment, she was no longer the spurned little beggar, but the Queen of the Hundred Thousand Mountains!

                She was, at last, able to muster up the courage to pursue the love of her heart.