Medical Genius Chapter 1191

 In full view of everyone, the poisonous snake wrapped itself around Barbara's wrist and leaned intimately against her.

                Following closely behind, all those poisonous insects that passed behind, also leaned intimately with Barbara one by one, without any intention of hurting Barbara at all.

                The Companions' eyes widened, this situation was something he had never dreamed of.

                No matter how much he let out a whistle and drove those companions, the result was the same.

                These parasites, not listening to his orders at all, all leaned intimately on Barbara's side, as if Barbara was their master.

                This situation shocked everyone in the room, no one had expected this result.

                Lin Mo's eyes widened as a scenario suddenly occurred to him in his mind.

                However, he couldn't believe it a little.

                If this was really the case, then Barbara would be too favoured by the heavens!

                After a moment of silence, the companions suddenly let out a hiss as he violently charged towards Barbara.

                These parasites were unwilling to harm Barbarian, and he intended to strike straight away to kill him!

                Lin Mo desperately tried to stop him and battled with the Compulsion Djinn.

                The companions exerted their full strength and beat Lin Mo back.

                "Surnamed Lin, can you stop me?"

                The compulsion zun let out a mad hiss, as if he was an enraged madman, knocking Lin Mo back step by step.

                Lin Mo held on with all his might, there was really still a considerable gap between his strength and that of the Compulsion Zun.

                Just then, a long whistle suddenly came from the distance, the sound rapidly approaching as if a person was coming in a frenzy.

                Compass Zun's eyes widened as he looked from afar, only to see a very tall person running swiftly.

                His face changed and he let out a low cry, "Fire Hua!?"

                Lin Mo breathed a long sigh of relief, Fire Hua had finally arrived!

                However, just at this moment, the Compass Zun fiercely gritted his teeth.

                With a large wave of his hand, he shouted angrily, "Stop him at any cost!"

                "If I fail, none of you will live!"

                Those from his own people below, as well as those from the six great clans, all rushed towards Fire Hua upon hearing these words.

                Huo Hua quickly arrived, but the hundreds of people completely rushed over and stopped him.

                Right now, these people of Compose Zun were completely making a last-ditch fight to trap the beast.

                Just as Compass Zun had said, if he failed, then none of these people, no one would be able to get through.

                They could only make a final desperate attempt!

                On Zun Zong's side, he opened his mouth and spat out a black crawling insect that was about half a foot long.

                This crawling insect was Zun Zong's original compulsion, the undying compulsion that Zun Zong had personally refined!

                The Compulsion Djinn threw the Immortal Compulsion towards Lin Mo, while he himself quickly pounced on Barbara.

                Lin Mo did not dare to be careless in the face of the Undying Compulsion.

                The Undying Compulsion was ranked second only to the Golden Silkworm Compulsion in Miaojiang, and its power was extremely terrifying.

                Lin Mo quickly evaded and dodged this Undying Compulsion.

                The compulsion zun, on the other hand, took advantage of this opportunity to quickly rush to Barbara's side.

                He was carrying a dagger in his hand, and his face was filled with a fierce expression.

                "The compulsions can't kill you, then I'll break your heart with my own hands!"

                "In this world, no one will be able to save you anymore!"

                The compulsion zun hissed and stabbed his dagger down fiercely.

                Lin Mo's heart was also hanging in his throat, but he simply could not go to the rescue.

                When he saw that the stab was about to hit Barbara's heart, suddenly, the group of Golden Silkworm parasites in the air swooped down.

                These golden silkworm parasites turned into a yellow cloud and blocked Barbara's body.

                The dagger of the parasites pierced on the yellow cloud, but not only did it fail to hurt Barbara, the dagger was directly bounced away.

                He stared at Barbara in disbelief, his eyes wide.

                At this moment, Barbara also finally opened her eyes.

                Her skin, quickly returned to snow white, and her eyes, too, were filled with a brilliant light.

                At this moment, all the people of Miaojiang all felt a palpitation in their hearts.

                The parasites in their bodies, including their native parasites, all rushed out and looked up in Barbara's direction.

                That feeling was as if they were kneeling down to worship their king!