Medical Genius Chapter 119-120

 Chapter 119

Xu Hanxia: "If you don't believe me, go check it out yourself!"

                "Yao Dong has now been fired from the bank, I only found out about it when I went to the bank to do business some time ago!"

                "I think it's because of Yao Dong's dismissal that Cui Yifan is deliberately setting up a trap against us!"

                Xu Jiangong was furious: "Cui Yifan is a bastard, I still think of him as a good person!"

                "I never thought that he would deliberately set up such a trap to harm me, I'm really blind!"

                Fang Hui, on the other hand, was filled with emotions, "Aiya, this time, it's thanks to Lin Mo!"

                "If it wasn't for Lin Mo, we would have been in big trouble!"

                "I say, husband, be nice to Lin Mo in the future, know what I mean?"

                Xu Jiangong nodded his head, "Of course, that's for sure!"

                Xu Hanxia was full of joy, she was also very happy to see her parents change their mindset towards Lin Mo.

                This matter of Cui Yifan, Xu Hanxia had already asked the company's legal affairs to follow up.

                This batch of astragalus was not used by Xu Pharmaceutical at all. Then, it was the responsibility of the material supplier.

                When the time came, Cui Yifan would not only have to refund the money, but would also have to pay a large sum of money in compensation.

                Xu Jiangong Fang Hui returned to the herbal company in high spirits.

                Huang Liang greeted him, "Mom and Dad, you're back?"

                "How did it go, did Sister Hanxia agree to the divorce?"

                "Shall I find a few people to clean up Lin Mo and make him divorce honestly?"

                If it was in the past, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui would definitely have praised him.

                However, this time Xu Jiangong Fang Hui's face was all chilled.

                "Huang Liang, what are you talking about?"

                "Lin Mo is your brother-in-law, that's our own family, how can you do such a thing to your own family?"

                "I'm telling you, be more polite to your brother-in-law in the future!"

                "Or else, you won't enter my Xu family's door!"

                Huang Liang was scolded and was at a loss.

                He used to be fine talking badly about Lin Mo in front of these two people, what was wrong with him today?

                He hurriedly went to find Xu Dongxue and finally enquired what had happened, and his face changed instantly.

                "This is trouble!" Huang Liang said urgently, "Mom and Dad have changed their attitude towards Lin Mo?"

                "In that case, wouldn't they approve of Lin Mo?"

                "If Lin Mo pats himself on the back or something, won't Xu's Pharmaceutical, too, be given to Lin Mo?"

                Xu Dongxue was also full of worry, she was originally not as favoured as Xu Hanxia.

                If the company was controlled by Lin Mo, how much benefit could she still get from the Xu family?

                Xu Dongxue said, "We have to think of a way to continue to put Mom and Dad at odds with Lin Mo!"

                Huang Liang slowly nodded his head, he was thinking the same thing.

                After pondering for a while, Huang Liang suddenly came up with a plan.

                "There's a way!" Huang Liang said joyfully.

                "What solution?" Xu Dongxue hurriedly asked.

                Huang Liang: "Tell those other small shareholders of the company about this time!"

                "Huh?" Xu Dongxue said urgently, "Are you crazy?"

                "Mom and Dad almost went to jail for what happened last time."

                "If we tell those small shareholders about this again this time, they'll be in an uproar, right?"

                Huang Liang smiled, "I just want them to make a scene!"

                "If they make a big fuss, Mom and Dad will definitely be thrown out of the company."

                "Lin Mo has made a great contribution this time, those small shareholders, they will definitely want Lin Mo to manage the company!"

                Xu Dongxue glared, "Then aren't you helping Lin Mo?"

                "By doing so, wouldn't you be giving the company away to him?"

                "Oh ......" Huang Liang laughed, "But what would Mom and Dad think?"

                "They worked so hard to build the company, and when they themselves are thrown out and Lin Mo becomes the owner of the company, will they be willing to do so?"

                "Right now, the most crucial thing is to get mum and dad to continue to be on our side."

                "As long as mum and dad are on our side, we can get all these things back sooner or later!"

                Xu Dongxue came to a sudden realization.

Chapter 120

Next, Huang Liang found a friend and surreptitiously sent a message to the representatives of those few shareholders of the company.

                It didn't take long for these shareholders to gather together and run to Xu Hanxia's office again to make a scene.

                Xu Hanxia said no, but these shareholders still called Xu Jiankong Fang Hui over and made a fuss.

                In the end, as Huang Liang had predicted.

                The shareholders threatened to force Xu Jiangong Fang Hui to hand over the power of the medicinal herb company with the previous incident.

                Moreover, because Lin Mo had taken great credit in this matter.

                Plus the previous incident where Lin Mo recovered 300 million.

                These shareholders felt that Lin Mo was very capable and asked him to be the boss of this herbal company.

                This time, Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui were directly annoyed.

                The company that they both established with great difficulty, Xu Jiangong Fang Hui even had his business card printed and his name was changed to the owner of the herbal company.

                They had just flaunted it in their circle of friends, and then they were kicked out of the herbal company.

                However, it was useless for them to struggle any further.

                These shareholders would not give them face, and after some bickering, the two of them still had to leave the herb company in disgrace.

                Similarly, Huang Liang and Xu Dongxue were also driven out of the company.

                As for the Porsche that Fang Hui had just bought, it was left behind by the shareholders, saying that it was to be given to Lin Mo.

                Fang Hui was so angry that her eyes were red, having bought the luxury car and just posted it to her circle of friends not long ago.

                Many of her relatives, girlfriends and old classmates expressed their envy and clamoured to see her car.

                As a result, the company's position is gone and so is the matching car.

                When those relatives, girlfriends and classmates ask her about it, how will she answer?

                If the car is gone, won't it make people think she's a vain liar?

                Xu Jian Gong Fang Hui returned home with a stifled face, Huang Liang Xu Dong Xue arrived afterwards.

                "Dad, you said this messed up, what does it count!"

                "The company you two run, how come you let that Lin Mo be the boss?"

                "When did it become his turn to be the boss of our family's business?"

                Xu Dongxue shouted as she entered the door.

                "Shut up!" Fang Hui said, "This time, thanks to Lin Mo, otherwise, our family's business would have been ruined!"

                "From now on, you two, be nice to Lin Mo, understand?"

                Xu Dongxue looked annoyed, "Who am I to be nice to him?"

                "Don't you see what happened this time?"

                "Mom, from what you know about Lin Mo, he would be so kind to us?"

                "From the very beginning, this Lin Mo was after our family fortune."

                "Lin Mo is deliberately making such a show, in order to drive you and Dad out of the company!"

                "Then he will take control of the company and eat up the Xu family's assets little by little!"

                "See, now he's gotten his way. The company that you and Dad worked so hard to build is now his!"

                "What belongs to our Xu family is now going to be owned by an outsider!"

                These words caused Xu Jiangong and Fang Hui to frown at the same time, and they looked at each other.

                "Xue'er, what you said, is it true?"

                Xu Jiangong asked in a deep voice.

                Xu Dongxue bristled, "Dad, you can see for yourself."

                "In this incident, who actually gained and who lost?"

                "Haven't you noticed yet? Since the last incident, this Lin Mo has been pulling in those small shareholders little by little!"

                "Even my sister has been cheated by him, and now she listens to him on everything."

                "The medicinal herb company is now his too, our Xu family's properties may be swallowed up by him one day!"

                Xu Jiangong's face changed and he shot to his feet, "This beast is so sinister and cunning, I almost fell into his trap!"

                "No, I can't give him what belongs to my Xu family!"

                "Huang Liang, quick, take me to the company, I want to talk to your sister!"

                Huang Liang was secretly happy that he had finally brought this matter back.